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					         Richard Montgomery High School Pathways
Richard Montgomery has four basic pathways that lead to graduation. They are:
    The Career and College Preparatory Pathway
    The Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) Pathway
    The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program Pathway
    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Pathway

The Career and College Preparatory Pathway
At Richard Montgomery High School, we offer a variety of career and college preparatory
opportunities. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, participation in programs and
internships connected to ROTC; the Fire Training Academy; and the MCPS Cooperative Work
Experience (CWE) program in which students combine academic courses with jobs for which
they earn elective credits.

The advantages to students of participation in the career and college preparatory pathway at
RMHS are numerous. In each of the combined academic and career-oriented programs available
in this pathway at RMHS, students participate in activities that prepare them for further college
study and post-graduation career training. In addition, these activities both teach them to use
state-of-the-art technology in their program of choice and duplicate job settings found in the real
world. This is particularly true of the many Edison programs that place students in internships in
area businesses. The Edison programs that have articulation agreements with Montgomery
College also enable students to earn college credit while still in high school. Finally, like the AP
pathway, the career and college preparatory pathway is extremely flexible. Students can mix
honors, on-level, and AP courses in their academic programs, while enjoying an equally wide
range of choices in the career and technology programs Thomas Edison High School and the
county offer.

In addition to the career and technology programs offered at Thomas Edison, there are also
programs available to RMHS students at individual school locations elsewhere in Montgomery
County. The programs available can be roughly divided into five career “clusters” that reflect
local, state, and regional economic development and industry profiles. The five major career
clusters identified by Montgomery County Career Connections are as follows: Arts, Media, &
Communications; Business Management & Finance; Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction,
Transportation, & Technology; Health, Bioscience, Environmental & Natural Resource Systems,
and Consumer, Hospitality, Tourism, & Human Resources. Within each of these five major
career clusters, numerous programs are offered to MCPS students as program “completers” both
at Edison and elsewhere around the County. In some instances when a student needs to spend
part of the school day in a program located on another campus, MCPS provides the necessary

transportation. For more information about Career & Technology Education in Montgomery
County Public Schools, visit

The Honors/ Advanced Placement Pathway

Students who complete Honors and MYP courses in grades 9-10 typically follow one of two
pathways: (1) they apply and are accepted to the IB Diploma Program or (2) they enroll in
Advanced Placement Course in their areas of strength for grades 11 and 12.

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program was created by the College Board in 1955 for the
purpose of exposing American high school students to college-level courses and material.
Through their involvement in AP courses and the opportunity to show their mastery of college-
level material by taking AP exams, RMHS students may earn college credit, advanced standing,
or both in many colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

Since 1978, RMHS’s AP program has grown into one of the most successful in the United
States. Students may choose from among 33 AP or advanced level courses.

The following Advanced Placement classes will be offered for the 2009-2010 academic year:

Studio Drawing              Statistics                          European History
3-D Studio Art              Calculus AB                         U.S. History
Computer Programming 3      Calculus BC                         World History
English 11                  Music Theory and Composition        Micro Economics
English 12                  Biology                             Macro Economics
Chinese                     Chemistry                           Psychology
French                      Physics                             Govt., U.S. and Politics
Spanish Language            Environmental Science
Spanish Literature          National State and Local Govt.

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

Based on the international success of the IB Diploma Program, the International Baccalaureate
Organization established the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 1992. While the Middle Years
Programme serves as an excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Program, the two programs are
separate and independent. The MYP is a five year academic program for academically able and
motivated students aged 11-16 years. The Julius West/ Richard Montgomery MYP was the first
of its kind to be authorized in the state of Maryland (June 2003). Our MYP is a five year
program that begins in Grade 6 at Julius West Middle School (JW) and ends in Grade 10 at

Richard Montgomery High School (RM). Each year, approximately one-third of the students
from our feeder middle school, JW, continue with the MYP at Richard Montgomery. All Grade 8
students may choose to continue in MYP for the final two years of the program. Students
selecting this option, however, need to understand that they are making a commitment to the

       All honors level academic classes (therefore, successful participation in some GRADE 8
        GT classes/GT clusters is highly recommended)

       Completion of the MYP Personal Project, an independent research project guided by the
        Areas of Interaction

       Completion of 15 Community and Service hours in each year (Grades 9 and 10)

       A summer orientation before entering Grade 9
Like the IB Diploma Programme, the MYP is academically rigorous and promotes intercultural
understanding and interdisciplinary study. However, the MYP offers schools the flexibility to
follow locally established curricula, while transcending those curricula by infusing and
supplementing them with five perspectives known as the Areas of Interaction. The Areas of
Interaction distinguish the MYP from either the IB Program or a more traditional course of study
and can best be understood as themes which are repeatedly woven throughout the academic
subjects. They include: Approaches to Learning; Environments; Human Ingenuity; Health and
Social Education, and Community Service. As a result of the interweaving of these five
perspectives throughout the traditional academic subjects, students come to see the complex
interrelationships between subjects that have traditionally been taught in isolation. In its dual
emphasis on interdisciplinary study and responsible global citizenship, the MYP follows a
pedagogical approach more typical of European than of American middle and high schools.

The advantages of the MYP to students are several. The student who completes Levels I-III
(grades 6-8) of the program will be better prepared to enter challenging academic courses at the
high school level. For those who continue in Levels IV and V of the program (grades 9 and 10),
the MYP will continue to offer the enrichment of traditional subjects with the Areas of
Interaction, as well as to foster critical thinking and research skills and responsible international
citizenship. While participation in the MYP in grades 9 and 10 does not guarantee entrance into
the IB Diploma Program, it serves as an excellent preparation for those students who may be
admitted to the Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12. The MYP will also prepare students to be
highly successful in the AP Program offered at RM should they choose that pathway in their
junior and senior years.

All students who continue in the MYP in high school will be eligible for an MYP Record of
Achievement. The Record of Achievement will indicate a final grade, based on international
standards, for each of the eight MYP subjects in which the student has attained the expected
level of achievement. In order to also be eligible for an MYP Certificate, students must attain the
expected level of achievement in all eight MYP subjects as well as the Personal Project.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Pathway

In 1968 in Switzerland, the International Baccalaureate Organization established a common
program of studies for students attending international schools throughout the world. In addition
to being motivated by practical considerations, international educators were also motivated by an
idealistic vision: they wanted to give students an academic experience that would foster critical
thinking, global awareness, and intercultural understanding.

The IB Diploma Program is a program of studies for academically gifted and committed students
aged 16-19 who are interested in pursing a rigorous pre-university course of studies. The
Magnet IB Program at RMHS was established in 1987, where it has become one of the most
successful programs in the United States.

There are two ways in which students gain admission to the IB Diploma Program.

Pathway 1:

Students apply in grade 8 to enter the Magnet IB at RMHS in grade 9. During this highly
competitive, countywide process, approximately 800-900 students apply for 100 seats in the
program Students who enter via this process enroll in the following pre-IB courses for their
freshman year. The full IB Diploma Program does not begin until grade 11.

Pathway 2:

This pathway to the Magnet IB at RMHS is open only to students already enrolled in RMHS in
grade 10. After students complete an application process that includes an application form,
teacher recommendations, an MCPS transcript, and an admissions test, qualified students are
selected to join IB in grade 11. Invited students then attend an IB Summer Acceleration Program
at Richard Montgomery to help prepare them for the content and the level of academic
expectation in IB courses.

Students successfully completing the program earn an MCPS diploma, a Maryland Certificate of
Merit, and the internationally recognized IB Diploma. Due to its reputation for rigorous
assessment, the IB Program is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the world. In past
years, students from RMHS have received as much as 60 credit hours and/or advanced standing at
institutions of higher learning, in addition to access to some of the nation’s more prestigious
colleges and universities.     For more information about the IB Diploma Program, visit