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                                   MOVEMENT ORDER

01.    GS No. _________ Rank _________Name ___________________ Unit
_____________________________ will proceed on permanent posting  to
_________________wef __________________2004 (FN).
02.    Authority      :

03.    Date of Departure                    :
       Date of SOS                          :
       Date of SORS                         :

04.    He has been granted _____ days leave in conjunction with joining time.

05.  He has been issued with AC/Ist/2nd Class Railway Warrant bearing No. __________
CASH TA sanction from ________________ to _________________.

05.    He is in possession of his Identity Card No ___________ and personal book No

06.  In case of any difficulty en-route, he will report to MCO/MP, Station Master or nearest
GREF unit for assistance by producing this movement order.

07.    Service matters will not be discussed with unauthorised persons.

08.    He will observe anti-malaria precautions.

09.    On arrival at destination, he will report to _______________________________,

09.    He has been paid upto and for __________________ at the following rates :-

       a) Basic Pay   :                            b) DP          :
       c) DA          :                            d) CCA         :
       e) HRA         :                            f) WA          :
       g) FPA         :                            h) TPTA        :
       j) CEA         :

10.   His balance in IRLA as per QSA for Q/E 11/2003 is Rs. _____________ and as per
IRLA Register is Rs. __________

11.    Monthly deductions :-

       a) GPF Subs :                               b) GPF Refund:
       c) CGEGIS :                                 d) Festival Ad :
                                                   (Bal Rs.         to be recovered at your end)
       e) CGHS        :

12.    Demands :-

       a) TA/DA Advance :                          b) Pay Advance         :
       c) Festival Advance Bal :

       Note : GBF subscription for the year          has been recovered from the individual.


13.    Leave details/credit upto 30 June 2004 are as under :-

       a) EL _____ days      b) HPL ____ days         c) CL ____days d)   RH ________

14.    He has not availed LTC for the year 2004 and his NRS for LTC is ________________

15.    He is not living with family in Govt married accommodation.

16.    He has been paid HRA _______________

17.    His next increment falls due on ________________

18.    He is not involved in any court of inquiry, vigilance/disciplinary/court cases.
19.    His ACR/ICR for the year period from ___________ to ___________ has been initiated
and reviewed by the IO/RO at this Dte.

21.    a) His date of appointment is            :
       b) His date of birth is                  :
       c) His medical category is               :
       d) His blood group is                    :
       e) On attaining the age of 50/55years/30 years of service his case for review has been
       initiated    and     forwarded        to…-………vide   letter   No…………-………........
       dated..Extension granted................
       f) He has acquired the specialisation in job : Nil

Particulars and address of NOK       :

21.    Clearance certificate has been obtained from the individual.

22.    Special skill                        :

No. 10101/DGBR/        /Coord ’A’                   Signature         :
Headquarters                                        Name              :
Dte General Border Roads                            Rank              :
Seema Sadak Bhawan                                  Designation       :
Ring Road, Delhi Cantt
New Delhi – 110 010
     May 2004


1.     Individual concerned             -     As Movement Order
2.     HQ 48 BRTF (GREF),C/O 99 APO
3.     DGBR/IRLA
4.     DGBR/QM
5.     DGBR/T&C
6.     GREF Records, Dighi Camp, Pune-15
7.     PAO (GREF), Adm Block, 2nd Floor, GREF Centre, Dighi Camp, Pune-15
8.     Office Copy

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