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More coffee drinkers than ever enjoy newly discovered health benefits;
 Caffe Sanora® a cut above with more antioxidants than green tea
University lab testing shows premium organic Caffe Sanora coffee has more
antioxidants in one cup than other premium Arabica coffee and most green teas

Austin, Tex. – (February 2007) – Java lovers of America unite: American adults now
drink almost as much coffee as soft drinks, according to the National Coffee Association.
The trend is due partly to new research on the health benefits of coffee, as well as an
abundance of new products. One of the hottest new healthy coffee products on the market
is Caffe Sanora (, a rich and robust organic gourmet coffee
loaded with antioxidants – more than most green teas and significantly more than other
coffees in its class. There‟s nothing added to give Caffe Sanora the antioxidant boost – a
patented roasting process allows the beans to retain most of the antioxidants lost in
traditional high-heat roasting.

One of the foremost experts on antioxidants agrees that Caffe Sanora‟s organic coffee is a
cut above the rest. “While there is a lot of talk about the many newfound health benefits
of coffee, and that coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, the fact is that traditional
roasting methods destroy most of the antioxidants in the green, unroasted coffee bean,"
says Dr. Joe Vinson, PhD Chemist at The University of Scranton and an expert in the
field of antioxidant research. "Caffe Sanora's patented Healthy Roast process actually
retains most of these healthy compounds. In our laboratory testing, a cup of Caffe Sanora
delivers all of the health benefits of coffee, plus the added bonus of being very high in
antioxidants – higher than green tea in fact!”

Studies show that antioxidants help fight free radicals which break down the body‟s DNA
and are believed to contribute to aging and many degenerative diseases. Unroasted
(green) coffee beans are a rich source of beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols.
Unfortunately, to make coffee, green beans must be roasted at high temperatures, which
destroy most of the antioxidants. Utilizing the exclusive HealthyRoast Process, a
patented roasting method, Caffe Sanora retains more of these natural antioxidants in the
final brewed cup than other premium Arabica bean coffee.

“There have been a number of studies published recently pointing to health benefits
resulting from frequent coffee drinking. These benefits are due in large part to the
antioxidants found in coffee. Now that Americans are learning coffee is not unhealthy,
and since it‟s becoming known as a source of antioxidants, the all-important question –
doesn‟t all coffee have antioxidants? – begins to surface,” said Loretta Zapp, CEO of
Caffe Sanora. “Yes, but Caffe Sanora has much more. Due to the HealthyRoast process,
Caffe Sanora is able to preserve the naturally occurring antioxidants in its coffee beans
delivering a solid serving of antioxidants in just one cup of coffee. Plus, it‟s organic* so
coffee lovers need not worry about harmful chemicals or pesticides, and it tastes great!
Professional tasters, or „cuppers,‟ give Caffe Sanora very high marks.”

Caffe Sanora is available in light, medium and dark roasts, in whole bean or ground
(including espresso grind), and in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. Pricing is
consistent with other premium gourmet coffees. Caffe Sanora is available in select health
food stores, conventional grocery stores, and via the company Web site

Caffe Sanora‟s organic gourmet antioxidant coffee products include:
    Caffe Sanora Organic Breakfast Blend
    Caffe Sanora Organic House Blend
    Caffe Sanora Organic Dark Roast
    Caffe Sanora Organic Espresso Roast
    Caffe Sanora Organic Decaf House Blend

For more information, please contact 1-512-732-8300 or visit

*according to independent Third Party USDA Certified Labs
healthy coffee:
organic gourmet coffee:
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