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					  Circuit - Raj/02:Kota with Bundi &Jhalwar (3 nights) -Sawoi Madhopur (2 nights)


  Kota – Sawai Madhopur                              100 kms

  Recommended Access – By Train

  Mumbai – Kota

                                                                              Days Of Run
          Train Name            Origin        Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
                                                                              MTWT F SS
      SWARAJ EXPRESS MUMBAI CENTRAL 06:45               KOTA JN     21:47     Y NN Y Y NY
      GOLDENTEMPLE ML MUMBAI CENTRAL 21:25              KOTA JN     11:30     Y YY YYYY
      PASCHIM EXPRESS BANDRA TERMINUS 11:35             KOTA JN     02:10     Y YY YYYY
      BCT JP EXPRESS  MUMBAI CENTRAL 18:50              KOTA JN     08:43     Y YY YYYY
      JAIPUR SUPERFAS BANDRA TERMINUS 15:45             KOTA JN     06:45     Y NN Y NY N
      AVADH EXPRESS   BANDRA TERMINUS 22:40             KOTA JN     15:05     Y NN Y NY N
      +DEHRADUN EXP BANDRA TERMINUS 22:25               KOTA JN     18:55     Y YY YYYY
      FZR JANATA EXP  MUMBAI CENTRAL 07:25              KOTA JN     02:45     Y YY YYYY
      MARU SAGAR EXP *VASAI ROAD      21:15             KOTA JN     10:15     Y NN NNNN

  Sawai Madhopur – Mumbai

                                                                                     Days Of Run
   Train Name          Origin            Dep.Time     Destination     Arr.Time
                                                                                 M   T W T F S S
JP BDTS SPL       #SAWAI MADHOPUR         22:55        BORIVALI         13:53    Y   N N Y N Y N
SWARAJ EXPRESS    *SAWAI MADHOPUR         02:31     MUMBAI CENTRAL      19:00    N   N Y Y N Y Y
GOLDN TEMPLE ML   *SAWAI MADHOPUR         13:15     MUMBAI CENTRAL      06:05    Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y
PASCHIM EXPRESS   *SAWAI MADHOPUR         22:15        BORIVALI         14:24    Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y
AG KRANTI RJDHN   *SAWAI MADHOPUR         20:39     MUMBAI CENTRAL      10:15    Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y
JP BCT SUPFAST    *SAWAI MADHOPUR         16:15     MUMBAI CENTRAL      08:00    Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y
MARU SAGAR EXP    *SAWAI MADHOPUR         12:40       VASAI ROAD        03:35    N   N N N Y N N
JP BDTS SUP EXP   *SAWAI MADHOPUR         22:55        BORIVALI         13:51    N   N Y N Y N Y
AVADH EXPRESS     *SAWAI MADHOPUR         09:35        BORIVALI         04:05    N   Y N Y N Y Y
AVADH EXPRESS     *SAWAI MADHOPUR         09:35        BORIVALI         04:05    Y   N Y N Y N N

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Kota is today one of the prosperous town of Rajasthan due to Kota Stone
Manufacturing units around it and is home of the famous Kota 'doria' sarees
made in small villages around the city.

Sight seeing within Kota

Chambal Garden     A beautifully landscaped garden at the Amar Niwas. Its
                   lush surroundings make it a popular picnic spot offering
                   enjoyable boat rides.
Haveli of Devtaji  The beautiful Haveli of Devta Shridharji is located in the
                   middle of the busy market. The haveli is noted for its
                   splendid frescoes and rooms ornate with lovely wall
Jag Mandir         Amid the picturesque artificial lake of Kishore Sagar
                   constructed in 1346 A.D. by Prince DherDeh of Bundi,
                   stands the enchanting little palace of Jag Mandir. Boat-
                   rides can be enjoyed in the lake. The Keshar Bagh
                   famous for its royal cenotaphs lies in the vicinity.
Kota Barrage       A part of the irrigation canal system on the Chambal
                   River, this beautiful setting is ideal for outings and
                   evening strolls.
Other Places Worth Kansua Temple with a four-faced Shiva Lingam, Bhitria
Visiting           Kund, Adhar Shila, Budh Singh, Bafna Haveli and Yatayat
Rao Madho Singh    The old 17th century Kota Fort Palace is a vast complex
Museum             of buildings, halls, temples and courtyards
Government         Housed in the Brijvilas Palace near Kishore Sagar, the
Museum             museum displays a rich collection of rare coins,
                   manuscripts and are representative selection of Hadoti
                   sculpture. Especially noteworthy is an exquisitely
                   sculptured statue brought here from Baroli.


Kota Dussehra
Significance : More than 75 feet tall effigies of the demons Ravana,
Kumbhakarana and Meghnath are burnt on Dusshera day to symbolize the
victory of good over evil.
Attraction : Villagers gather here dressed in multicoloured clothes to offer
prayers to Lord Rama and to celebrate his victory over Ravana. The Dussehra
festival here is marked by a glittering procession, which attracts thousands from
the surrounding villages. Prominent artists from all over the country are invited to
participate in cultural programmes that enthrall the huge audience with their
performances. The fair lasts for about a fortnight around first half of Octobe r
Excursions from Kota

Jhalwar (87 kms)
Jhalawar has rocky but water-laden verdant landscape, unlike much of
Rajasthan. With some exquisite pre-historic cave paintings, massive forts, thickly
wooded forests and exotic wildlife variety, Jhalawar boasts of rich historic as well
as natural wealth.

Sight seeing in Jhalawar

1.Buddhist Caves and Stupas : The ancient Buddhist caves located in the
village Kolvi. A colossal figure of Buddha and the carved stupas are the most
impressive structures in the caves

2.Government Museum – Jhalawar : One of the oldest museums of Rajasthan
established in 1915 AD, it has a fine collection of paintings, rare manuscripts,
idols and beautiful statues of Lakshminarayan, Vishnu, Krishna, Ardhanarishwar
Natraj and Trimurti.

3.Jhalawar Fort : The impressive fort in the centre of the town presently houses
the Collectorate and other district offices. Some exquisite paintings and mirrors
on the walls of Zanana Khas' are of particular interest. Permission to see these
paintings can be obtained from the offices located here.


1.Chandrabhaga Fair : The Chandrabhaga Fair is held every year at
Jhalarapatan 6-km from Jhalawar in the month of Kartik (October-November).
The river Chandrabhaga runs here and is considered holy by the people residing
in this part of Rajasthan. The fair, attracts devotees who bathe in the holy waters
at this spot, which is known as Chandravati.

2.Gagron Fort : The impressive fort, built over several centuries (8th to 14th
century AD), stands witness to many great battles and is surrounded by the
tranquil waters of the Ahu and Kali Sindh rivers on the three sides. A beautiful,
mausoleum of Sufi Saint Mithe Shah just outside the fort is the venue for an
annual colourful fair held during the month of Moharram.

Bundi (39 kms):
Bundi is a tiny picturesque town. Bundi is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on
three sides and is circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways.
Interesting monuments including impressive medieval forts, palaces, havelis,
temples with beautiful stone idols and 'chattris' with carved pillars, along with a
picturesque lake in the heart of the town, add to its charm. Bundi is very famous
for its intricate carvings and murals.
Sightseeing in and around Bundi

1.Bundi Palace: This is a fine example of the Rajput architecture, housing some
of the superb Bundi murals

2.Chhattar Mahal Or Palace Of towers : Of special interest in the palace is the
'Hazari Pole' or 'Gate of the thousand', the Naubat Khana, the Hathi Pole with its
old water clock and the Diwaan-e-Aam.

3.Chitrashala : A pavilion and a gallery of miniature murals embellish the palace.
Elaborate colourful paintings on the walls depict scenes from the 'Ragamala' and
'Raaslila' - the Radha-Krishna story.

4.Eighty Four Pillared cenotaph : Memorial with 84 pillars in a single cenotaph
along with a Shivlingam.

5.Kshar Bagh : An ancient garden near the Shikar Burj with beautiful 'chhatri' of
the Kshar Bagh. (Prior permission required for visit.)

6.Nawal Sagar : Visible from the fort is the square artificial lake of Nawal Sagar
broken up by islets, a temple dedicated to Varuna, stands half-submerged in the
centre of the lake.

7.Phool Sagar : The 20th century palace, with an artificial tank and picturesque
gardens. (Prior permission of Secretary is required for a visit.)

7.Ranlji-Ki-Baori : It is 46 m deep stepped well with some superb carvings on its
pillars and a high arched gate built in 1699 AD by Rani Nathavatji.

8.Ratan Daulat : Built by Rao Raja Ratan Singh, it is a very interesting structure
forming a stable for nine horses and a HatiaPoi. (Prior permission required for

9.Shikar Buri : The royal hunting lodge set amidst the lush surroundings.

10.Sukh Mahal : Summer palace on the Sukh Sagar Lake amid the lush
surroundings of a beautiful garden.

11.Taragarh –Bundi : Built in 1354 AD, the fort is one of the most impressive
forts of Rajasthan. Perched on a thickly wooded hill is a marvellous white fort,
with a huge reservoir, which once supplied water to the palace.


Kajli Teej : Teej festival is celebrated all over the state. Kajli Teej of Bundi is
different in several ways- while Teej is celebrated on the third day of the month of
Shravana, in Bundi it is celebrated on the third day of the month of Bhadra
.Though the main function of Teej is held only on two days, the celebrations
continue upto Janmashtami, which marks the birth of Lord Krishna

Sawai madhopur (2 nights):
Sawai Madhopur is known as the access point for Ranthambhore National Park
known for its Tiger Safaris.

About Ranthambhore (27 kms)
One of the most popular parks with tiger sightings at its best, a photographers’
dream come true, dotted with lakes and ponds around which the wildlife
abounds, predators and prey enact their day to day drama.

The 410 sq.kms. park is covered with belts of dry deciduous forests with ancient
banyans and pipal trees which open into large areas of grassy meadows.

The three major lakes, Rajbaugh, Milak talao and Padam talao attract a variety of
migratory birds. The lakes are covered with pink lotuses on which the sambar
deer often feed. The grassy edges are frequentd by chitals, wild boars and other
ongulates. The Marsh crocodiles bask on the shores, the Tigers are often on the
prowl at the peripheries.

The park is studded with small covered pavilions,ancient summer palaces and
crumbling guard posts that bear mute testimony of Rajput Kingdomsand battles
long forgotten. Imposingly looming above the Nationalpark is the Ranthambhore
Fort, in itself a major tourist attraction.

Wlidlife Species:Tiger, Leopard, sloth beer, Marsh Crocodile, sambar, Chital,
Nilgai (blue bull), Wild boar, Chinkara, Jackals, Hyeana, Peafowl, Tree Pies,
Parakeets, Robins, Painted storks, Sandpipers, and Plovers. (Total 300 species
of birds).

Ranthambhore National Park is opened from 1st October to 30th June

Short Itinerary
Day 01-Arrival Sawai Madhopur(Ex New Delhi/Mumbai/Kota). Check in. Lunch,
Afternoon Safari to Ranthambhore National Park in Jeeps/Canters. Evening
tea/coffee with cookies, Wildlife film followed by Dinner
Day 02- Early morning wake up call with Tea/Coffee Depart for a Safari into
Ranthambhore National Park. Breakfast will be served after the safari . Lunch
Evening Bird watching along the periphery of the Resort, Evening Tea/coffee ,
Wildlife movie , Dinner
Day 03- Wake up call with tea/coffee , Visit to Ranthambhore Fort, Breakfast.
Departure for Sawai Madhopur to connect train to Delhi/Mumbai.
Off the Beaten Track

Haveli Braj Bhushanjee – www.nivalink.com/havelibrajbhushanjee is located in Bundi at a
distance of 39 kms from Kota and 210 kms from Jaipur.

This Haveli have been converted into a Heritage Hotel since last 10 years. There are 17
Rooms attached with toilet having hot and cold running water, Cable TV . Few rooms have
very nice Palace view, especially at night when the palace is illuminated. All the rooms
have been renovated in such a way that the atmosphere of the old architecture is not

The rooms have been traditionally decorated and few rooms have some of the finest Bundi
School Painting (murals) one can see in this region. Every room and toilet have windows
with colour glass.

For dining Haveli's Darikhana is being used as dining hall . One can enjoy local vegetarian
meals in a traditional atmosphere. Haveli also arranges picnic lunch near fort and country

Bhadrawati safari lodge (www.nivalink.com/bhadrawati) , is 35 km from Swaimadopur
City on the Banks of magnificent Chambal River. It is set in absolute virgin country side
surrounded by Meena Tribe villages.

Once a private game reserve of Maharajas of Jaipur Ranthambore Tiger reserve is unique
as it is dominated by ruined battlements of Ranthambore Fort.

Wild life includes Tiger, Panther, Cara-Cal, Hyna, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Alligators, Various
species of Deer and a rich bird life.

A wooden roof cottage facing river Chambal with six rooms with individual verandah and
attached western style bathrooms.10 Deluxe Swiss cottages with attached bathrooms. Five
bamboo cottages with Kelu roof and attached western style bathrooms