I cant believe it by dfhrf555fcg


									I can’t believe it. Why would someone want to do this to such a prominent member of
our community? He was such a lovely family man, what will his children do now?
Think about the children! How will they carry on now, without their father? They are at
such an impressionable age. This kind of thing can ruin a child forever … And think
about his poor wife, a widow at such a young age …

I can’t bear to think of it. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen here, in this community.
He was so well known all over the town / city / area. He always had time for everyone.
He made you feel that you were significant, you were somebody. He always had time for
everyone, he was always there for me. Whenever there was any community project, any
fundraising to be done, he was always there, paintbrush in hand. He could turn his hand
to anything … I just cannot believe anyone would harbour this kind of feeling to make
them do this … How could this happen here …

The whole community will be in shock now. This just won’t be believed. And what
about our school? Who will lead us now? The school will have to close. We all need
time to get over this. But how can we?

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