How to love your body

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					How to love your body

A figure trick to make the most of your body

Fitted, tailored jackets, make the most of your waist, even if you don't have one.

Wiast-coats, and, little jackets are great for a petite frame, as they lend structure to your

figure, without swamping it.

If you have broad shoulders, were wide-legged tousers, or long floaty skirts to balance them.

Empire-line tops and dresses, work wonders for a problem tummy area, hiding a multitude of

sins, while you seem slim.

If you like wedge heels, wear them with wider-legged pants and flared skirts or dresses.

Skinny trousers and pencil skirts, make you bigger exaclty where you don't need to.

Don't try to hide your under oversized baggy clothing. It does exactly, the opposite of what

you want to achieve, and, you will look bigger than you are, sloppy and ungroomed.

Remeber you are a beautiful woman, so celebrate it!!

Create balance, between broad hips and a narrow top with garments that draw attention to

your shoulders, so your hips seem more in proportion. Choose boat-neck tops with a top in a

contrasting colour underneath.
If you are self-conscious about your hips being bigger, than your busts try wearing a

flattering, empire-line dress to draw attention to your small upper body, and skim over your

broader hips.

Halter-neck tops, flatter good shoulders, arms, and, draws attention away, from other

problem areas.

Big bold prints, work well when you are tall, but, should be strictly avoided if you are short.

Use scarves, there are so many beautiful colours, fabrics, prints and styles. Works magic

over the problem areas, like thighs and tummies.

A cropped jersey tied under your bust, forms a curve line, that fills out your breasts, making

them look bigger, if you need to.

Whatever you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and happy in it. There is nothing as

flattering, as lots of confidence.

A short neck could make your upper body appear bigger. Show more of your chest to create a

illusion of length. Go for a wide scoop neckline or plunging V-neck.

Watch the colours you wear, for top and bottom. Contrasting colours cut you in half, and

something to risk, only, if you are a super-model. Rather, wear shades of the same colour to

make the break less obvious.

For a top-heavy(V-shaped), figure choose a long floaty skirt to balance out your shape. It

will also, give a more feminine line, while elongating your body and making your bottom,

and top appear more in proportion.

Shoestring vests are a no-no, if you have flabby arms, then go for a snug T.shirt. There are

plenty of soft feminine tops with sleeves to hide your arms. Butterfly sleeves work wonders,

if you don't want a full sleeve.
If you feel a little under-endowed, a good paddes plunge bra is still the best way to get a more

ample cleavage.

Ruffles and detailing around the neckline, or chest, do nothing for a big bust. Flatter your

assets with crisp, clean lines intead.

Forget the diamonds, black is, and,, always will be a girl's best friend. It is stylish and

slimming, and, will take you anywhere. Make sure that there is no fluff on your clothes and

that you are well-groomed, add a touch of make-up to liven up your face against stark black.

Description: a way for women to dress and feel good