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        Bill Processing

          Fall Semester Orientation
                 August 2009
                                     The Process

1. Advisement                               3. Bill Processing
 Review Class Schedule (on–line)
 Prepare Tentative Schedule                   Reviewing bill
 Making appointment with advisor              Processing bill
 Participating in Advisement                  Direct Deposit (overage)
 Having Advisement Hold removed

                                            4. Additional items
2. Registration                                ID Cards
  Accessing PIN                                Parking Decal             Email /Passwords/ Accounts
  Computer Registration                        Holds
  Reviewing Class Schedule                     Writing Portfolio
                                               Pacer Print
Academic Advisement
• Advisor        • Math Placement
  Assignment       Exam

• Advisement     • USCA Bulletin
  Appointment       (found on-line)
Good Lists & Bad Lists
• President’s List

• Dean’s List

• Probation List

• Suspension List
• You have attended Degree/Major session
• Review Schedule of classes

• Pay special attention to courses with labs
• Select alternate courses

• A few more things - Fall Registration Guide
   –   Session Deadlines (drop/add)
   –   Fall Refund Table
   –   Academic Calendar
                                  UNDER 300 LEVEL OPEN CLASSES LIST
                                                               FALL 2009
SCHCDE           DEPT          CRS       SECT       TITLE                      CRED        DAYS        TIME                         PROFESSOR

471009            ASUP        A110        004       Emerging Leaders              2           W        2:30-3:40                    Kladivko

472109            ASUP        A110        005      Emerging Leaders               2            T       12:15-1:30                   Samaha

472019            ASUP        A110        006      Emerging Leaders               2            TH      1:40-2:55                     Massee

467419            AFYS        A101        501      The First Year Seminar 1                  TTH       12:15-1:30                    Foote

467429            AFYS        A101        900      The First Year Seminar 1                  TTH       9:25-10:40                    Osbon

467439            AFYS        A101        903      The First Year Seminar 1                  MWF       8:00-8:50                     Simmons, K.


4644709         ACHM          A101        002      Intro to Chemistry             4         TTH         10:50-12:05                   Steinhaus

                                                                                             TH         8:00-8:50                     Steinhaus

                                                                                            TH          9:00-10:40                    Steinhaus
4644719         ACHM          A101        003      Intro to Chemistry             4         TTH         12:15-1:40                    Fetterolf

                                                                                             M           1:00-1:50                    Pariyadath

                                                                                             M           2:00-3:50                    Pariyadath

468829          AMUS          A101        001      Voice I                        1-2        TO BE         ARRANGED                    Field
       Class Schedule
Class Schedules are found on-line on the
  Registrars Home Page

Department Acronym page:
• (Schedule Codes; Course Title; Section; Time)
Click specific Course:
• (Professor; Seat Availability)
Advisement Form/Hold
• Participate in the course selection
  process with your advisor
• White copy is for your records
• Yellow copy remains with your
• Pink copy to Penland 108
  (Academic Success Center) or B&E
  238 (to remove advisement hold)
Registration Methods

• Faculty Desktop Registration

• VIP (Visual Information
  – B&E 238; Penland 109; any
    VIP Registration
• Go to a computer in B&E 238
• Find USCA Home page
• Go to VIP (top of home page)
• Login and begin
        (Personal Identification Number)

• Each student has a four-digit Personal
  Identification Number (PIN). PINs are required
  to logon to VIP to access grades, registration,
  appointment times, and fee payment. All new
  students will have a provisional PIN
  assigned. This provisional PIN is a randomly
  generated four-digit number and needs to be
  claimed by the student. The provisional PIN can
  be claimed by the student by providing a
  positive method of identification.
    Set your PIN         (0n-line process)

• Go to USCA Home Page
• Go to VIP Login (click top of Home
• Go to New Student User (on right
  side of VIP Login Screen – under
  Login Help)
• Click New Student User (takes you
  to “SET YOUR PIN” page)
        Set Your PIN
• After you successfully complete this online
  process, you will receive the provisional PIN at
  the email address provided on your application
  for admission or your USCA email address.
• If you can not obtain your PIN after completing
  this process, individuals in the Registrars
  (Records) Office will be available to assist you in
  the Registration Center in B&E 238 or their
  office in the Penland Building 109.
         VIP          (Visual Information Processing)

•   Register for classes
•   Retrieve grades or unofficial transcript
•   View & print current schedule, exam schedule or bill
•   Review fees and financial aid
•   Obtain registration appointment times
•   Update your address
•   Change your PIN
•   Invoke privacy indicator
•   Access Carolina Cash Account
     Bill Processing
• Everyone (even if you owe no
  money) must process their bill
• Check your bill carefully
• Process your bill (on-line or in
  Penland 114) by August 19th or
       Method of Payment
• Through VIP
   – Debit and Credit Cards MasterCard; Discover;
     American Express (convenience fee of 2.5% of outstanding tuition
     and fee charges)

   – eChecks     ($2 convenience fee)

• In Person (Penland 114)
   – Cash
   – Check
   – Tuition and fee payment plan

• By Mail
   – You can process your bill by mail. Send check with
     bill to USCA Business Services, 471 University
     Parkway, Aiken, S.C. 29801.
    Other important details
                                     • Holds: International;
•   ID’s (Penland 109)                 Immunization; fees
•   Parking Decal                      or fines
•   Email Policy;                    • Transcript
    Usernames; Passwords               Evaluations
     – • Writing Portfolio
•   Direct Deposit required • Pacer Print
    for overage checks               • Bookstore (Pacer
USCA Email Account
• Once accepted as a student at USCA, you are
  assigned an email account. Your email account will be
  the primary method used by faculty and staff to
  communicate with you. So it is very important that you
  start using your USCA email account immediately.

• Once established, your email is easily accessible from
  the USCA home page

• Go to CSD Helpdesk on-line (New Students)
Usernames & Passwords

    USCA & USC
When should you use USCA vs. USC
    USCA username                           USC username
• Used to log on to all campus            • Primarily used for Blackboard
  computers: in computer labs,              access:
  library, Writing Room, etc. Used
  for email. Your email address is          (
  your username followed by and can be checked
  by going to and
  clicking the email link at the top of
  the page
Need help with your USCA
  username or password?

•    Visit the Help Desk (dial HELP on
     campus or (803)641-3391 from off
     campus). The Help Desk is in
     room 238 of the Business &
     Education Building.
•    (
       Email Key Points
• The most important thing to remember is that you will
  almost always be using your USCA username. Most
  students only use their USC network usernames to log on
  to Blackboard and nothing else!

• Your USCA professors and administrative offices
  communicate with you via your USCA email address, so
  you must check this account! If your email address
  doesn’t end in then you are not using the
  correct address. Visit the Help Desk if you have
  questions about this!
add funds to the Pacer print on line ( VIP) with a credit/ debit card only. To add funds with cash or checks students must come to our office.

                                                                 Pacer Print
                               Part of your technology fee allows all students to
                                 have 100 single-sided or 200 printed pages if
                                 you use the double sided feature each
                                 Fall/Spring semester
                               Carolina Cash
                                 When you have used your 100 page allotment
                                 you will have to add money to your ID card
                                 (Carolina card) in the form of Carolina Cash.
                                        – You may add funds to the Pacer Print on line      (VIP)
                                          with a credit/debit card only. To add funds with cash or
                                          checks students must go to the Business Services
                                          office – Penland 114.
         Your USCA ID card
•   Smile, you have made it; have your ID made in the Records
    office, Room 109 in the Penland Building.

•   Uses of your ID......
          Identification / Access to buildings / Meal Plans/ Pacer
    Print -CAROLINA CASH /(also called CAROLINA CARD)

•   Future uses of your ID:
         Vending machines, meals, bookstore purchases
Bookstore (Pacer Shoppe)
for books and supplies

• Bookstore is located in the
  Student Activities Center (SAC)
Need Additional
Information  ????
 Marshall Davis (Director of Academic Advisement)
 – Penland 108 C

 Randy Duckett (Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services)
 – Penland 101 E

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