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					                                   TENDER NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION

Office of DGAFMS/DG-2S
‘M’ Block, Min of Defence
New Delhi-110001

         Sealed Tenders are invited by office of DGAFMS , Min. of Defence for and on behalf of the
President of India from manufacturers for the items and from reputed manufacturers/ Suppliers for the
supply of under mentioned stores:-
Sl.      PVMS No. &                          T/E             Qty        Time & Date fixed for                 Tender
No.      Brief Description of                No.                           opening of tender                   Cost

1.       280083N                    TE PV-54                   03Nos.             28.05.2004                 Rs.300/-
         Therapeutic Laser
         System of Helium
         -Neon mw & Infra Red 20W
         source with scanning and
         treatment Progm Facilities

2.       NIV/27/DG/7438                     TE-980(2)          01 No.              28.05.2004                Rs.300/-
         Platelet Aggregation

3.        NIV/04/DG/7823                     TE-904(4)         01 No.              28.05.2004                 Rs.500/-
         Multifunctional Vital
         signs Monitors 6-with
         Central Station

4.       NIV/25/DG/8128                      TE-725            01No.                28.05.2004                Rs.500/-
         Mobile C-Arm Based
         Digital Imaging System


1. Intending Tenders may obtain tender enquiry set from reception office of ‘L’ & ‘M’ Block of this
office on payment as shown for each item (non refundable) against Demand Draft from a Nationalized
Bank in favour of PCDA (HQ), New Delhi payable at New Delhi, between 1500 to 1600 hrs. Tender
will not be sold on the day of tender opening.

2. The Draft should be valid for at least six months and should not have been purchased prior to the date
of publication of this advertisement.

3. The Tender form are non- transferable and purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any offer at
any stage without assigning any reason thereof.

4. Tender must be submitted in prescribed form along with the requisite amount of earnest money
(EMD) as indicated in the tender enquiry. No exemption for submission of EMD is available to firm
registered with any agency. EMD will be returned to unsuccessful bidders only after purchase decision.
5. Two bid system will be followed. Tech Bid and Price Bid to be submitted along with all
certificates/documents as per instructions in tender sets. Incomplete and conditional tender will be

6. Representative of firms should always carry an authority letter from authorized Signatory of the firm
with seal. Authorized Signatory will only be eligible as per rules governing depending on type of firm
i.e. Pvt Ltd, PSU, Partnership firm etc for collecting tender sets.

7. Indian agent quoting imported store must submit valid DGS & D Registration for subject items along
with the tender, valid as on the date of tender opening failing which their tender will be ignored

                                                            Dy. Director General(Prov)
                                                            For DGAFMS
                                                            New Delhi-1100011
                                  INVITATION TO TENDER

Tele : 23092718                                               Raksha Mantralaya
                                                              Karyalaya Maha Nideshak
                                                              Sashastra Sena Chikitsa Sewa
                                                              'M' Block, New Delhi - 1

No.   _______________________________________                 Dated : _________________


      M/S    _____________________________________

Dear Sirs,

1.    On behalf of the purchaser (The President of India) I invite you to tender for the supply
      of stores detailed in the schedule.

2.    The conditions of contract which will govern any contract made are contained in
      schedule 'B' & 'C' of General conditions of contract for contracts concluded by Min. of
      Defence (Revised Nov., 1989). Any special conditions attached in this invitation in
      tender will also form part of the conditions.

3.    If you are in position to quote for supply in accordance with requirements stated in the
      attached schedule Form 'A' to this office. You must also furnish all the information called
      for as per annexure / questionnaires attached, along with your tender.

4.    All the tender documents duly filled in and signed are to be returned along with your

5.    The quoting firms must enclose photocopies of valid DGQA/DGS&D Certificate
      applicable indicating specific registration for the item quoted.

6.    Representatives of firm should carry ''Authority Letter'' from the Competent Authority of
      the firm to attend tender opening at the office of DGAFMS.

                                                                    Yours faithfully,

                                                                   (               )
                                                                 Jt. Dir. (Prov)/RPO/
                                                                Dy. Director (Supply)
                                                                 DG2S/Room No. 49
                                                       For & on behalf of the President of India.
                                                                         FORM 'A'
Full name & address of the tenderer and
case reference No. should be quoted in all
communication to this office.

                                                        Telegraph Address :
                                                        Telephone No. :
                                                        Telex :
                                                        Fax No. :
From :-

              Raksha Mantralaya
              Karyalaya Maha Nideshak
              Sashastra Sena Chikitsa Sewa
              'M' Block, New Delhi - 110001

1.            I/We hereby offer to supply the stores detailed In the schedule here to such
              position there of as you may specify in the supply order at the price given in the
              said schedule and agree to hold the order (offer) open till _____________. I/We
              shall be bound by communication of acceptance within the prescribed time.

2.            I/We have understood the instructions to tenderizers and General Conditions of
              Contract for Contract Concluded by Min. of Defence (Revised No., 1989) as
              contained in schedule 'B' & 'C' and have thoroughly examined Specification
              drawing or pattern quoted in the schedule here to and am / are fully aware of the
              nature of the stores required and my / your offer is to supply of stores strictly in
              accordance with the requirements.

3.            The following pages have been added to and form part of this tender ______

                                                                  Yours faithfully
                                                           SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER
Paste here Tender fee coupon
In case the tender was purchased                         Address ________________________
                                                            Dated : _____________________


                                                               Signature of the Witness and
                                                             Address __________________
NOTE : Strict compliance with part 4 of the invitation to tender is essential.




a)    Inspection Authority              :        DGSFMS, New Delhi or by the Controller,
                                                 CQA, Napier Road, Kanpur / Bangalore /
                                                 Pune / Dehradun.

b)    Inspecting officer                :        By Board of Officers OR by The Sr. QAO,
                                                 SQAE(GS/L) of the area concerned of his
                                                 authorized rep.

c)    Annual Maintenance Contract       :        Firm shall indicate the details about AMC for
                                                 5 years after expiry of Warranty / Guarantee
                                                 (i.e. spares inclusive and / or labour only).
                                                 They shall also indicate how many routine
                                                 visits per year shall be included.

d)    Availability of Spares            :        The Contracting firm shall confirm availability
                                                 of sparse parts for 5 years after expiry of
                                                 Guarantee / Warranty period.

e)    Maintenance Support Station       :        Indicate your Maintenance Support Station,
                                                 over the country.

f)    Installation / Demonstration        :        Installation and Demonstration shall be
      arranged by the contracting firm at the premises of ultimate consignees on intimation
      within a month. The firm shall liaise with interim consignee where ever applicable to get
      the details of ultimate consignees and indicate immediately on receipt of contract the
      pre-requirements for infrastructure, if any, for installations.

g)    Two Bid System                       :       I) All firms quoting for equipments should
      provide the tenders in two parts duly sealed i.e. one part containing technical bid
      including technical literature and product details and the second envelope containing the
      price bid including the price portion. Both the bids should contain complete and identical
      details of equipment. Both the envelopes be subscribed with full tender no. description
      of stores and the details inside i.e. Technical Bid or Price Bid. Both these sealed
      envelopes be put into another envelope and sealed with tender details and date of
      opening. All the envelopes should bear the name and address of the firm.
                                                                          Contd. ………………..2 /-
                                                 -2 -

i)      Price bid of technically acceptable offers would only be opened for which either the
        respective firm whose offers have been found acceptable would be invited over
        telephone. The same may be opened with display of the same in the notice board in
        case telephone message connot be passed on. Such price bid opening would be held
        on Tuesdays or Friday.

h)      Firms should quote the rate on 03 separate heads as main equipment must accessories
        and optional accessories in accordance with QR failing which your offer is liable for
        rejection. The following information will be given as under :

i)      Main Equipment Complete Configuration as per QR.

ii)     Must Accessories. UPS / CVT should be supplied with the equipment, if it is required for
        running the equipment.
iii)    Optional Accessories, if any as per QR.

iv)     Custom Duty Exemption Certificate shall be issued for imported stores. Firms should
        quote rates without including Custom Duty / or extra if applicable.

v)      Confirm specifically whether your equipment is Y2K Complaint.

vi)     Year of Manufacture of the equipment proposed to be supplied.

vii)    List of Institutions where installation of the equipment exist (enclosed copy of the supply

viii)   Enclose copy of valid ITCC and DGS&D/NSIC/DGQA Registration documents as
        applicable alongwith detailed agency agreement (Imported Item)

ix)     Year of Introduction of the equipment.

j)      Liquidated Damages shall be levied for delay in supplies as per Governing Rules.

k)      Tenderers will give complete break up of prices indicating various elements like cost of
        raw material, labour charges, overheuls margin of profit etc. wherever asked for.

l)      Guarantee : All quotes firms shall confirm guarantee of the equipment for 2 years o
        trouble free working from Date of Installation and undertake repairs if needed within 10
        days of intimation. They shall also indicate how many precautionary checks would be
        carried out during guarantee period including detailed preventive maintenance schedule
        with Tech. Bids.

m)      The tenderers shall deposit earnest money of Rs. ____________________ (Rupees
                                           ) in the form of Bank Deposit Receipt or Fixed deposit
        receipt or on any of the scheduled commercial Bank pledged in favour of President of
        India through office of DGAFMS, New Delhi. In case of backing out of the offer before
        acceptance, full earnest money shall be forfeited. The quotation without earnest money
        with Tech. Bids will be ignored straightway.

n)      The successful tenderer shall submit security deposit equal to 2.5% of the value of
        contract of Rs. 2.00 lakhs whichever is loss within 10 days of receipt of order.
                                                                         Contd. ………………..3 /-
                                             -3 -


a)   Tenderers who quote for imported stores are required to give complete break up of the
     prices indicating clearly ex-works principal's price their agency commissions. FOR part
     of shipment price, Net CIF value, custom duty, freight charges and margin of profit. The
     firms will also submit DGS&D registration / copy of valid agency agreement and
     Principals Proforma Invoice.

b)   Principals Proforma Invoice alongwith Agency Agreement Letter. If the Indian Agent is
     not already registered or awaiting registration with DGS&D. Principal's original proforma
     invoice should be submitted the details of services to be rendered by the agent /
     associate whether of general nature or in relation to the particular contract should be
     furnished. Registration with DGS&D for particular stores is must before order is placed.

     Tenders / quotations are to be submitted in duplicate. Each copy should be Identical in
     all respect i.e. number of pages Leaflets / Pamphlets Catalogue drawings etc. Each
     copy of tender / quotation should tied stapled separately and marked original, duplicate,
     triplicate. However tender enquiry document should be attached with original copy of
     tender / quotation.

4.   The price should be indicated in words and figures, Wherever Technical Bids and rice
     Bids are called for. Price Bids should be kept scaled separately superscribing the
     envelope ''Price Bid'' and Tender No. and Tender's Name and prices quoted should
     include all technical details and cost break up as per Tech. Bids.

5.   The tenderers should give a clear and guaranteed delivery period for completion of

6.   If it is desired to ask excise duly or any other charges extra the same must be
     specifically stated. In the absence of stipulation in the tender it will be presumed that the
     prices include all such charges and levied and no claim for payment of the same will be

7.   It is desired by the tenderer to ask for sales tax to be paid as extra the same must be
     specifically stated. In the absence of such stipulation in the tender it will be presumed
     that the prices quoted by the tenderers are inclusive of sale tax and liability for payment
     of sales tax will not develop upon the purchaser.

8.   For tenderes quoting sales tax extra, sales tax will; be paid to the seller at the rate at
     which it is liable to be assessed or has actually been assessed provided the transaction
     of sales is legally in order and it is payable as per the terms of the contract.

9.   Tenderes are required to answer all the questions mentioned in the schedule and
     should return the same duly signed and filled alongwith form 'A'.

                                                                       Contd. ………………..4 /-
                                              -4 -

10.   The purchaser may at his option require the contractor / tenderer to furnish a security
      deposit which shall be made before or after the acceptance of tender as per para 23 of
      general conditions of contract the contract concluded by Min. f Defence (Revised Nov.
      1989) (Schedule 'B' & 'C').

11.   The purchaser reserve the right to place order for any lesser / lower quantity than
      mentioned in the Rate Enquiry.

12.   The tendering firms shall note that the supplied will be made in accordance with the
      specification & packing mentioned in the schedule to tender.

13.   Custom Duty Exemption Certificate and connected documents if needed should be
      indicated clearly.

14.   The tenderer should state if they are registered with the approval of defence
      inspectorate for the item and the specifications as shown in the tender enquiry. In case
      yes, they must submit photostat copy of the same.

15.   The tender should enclose performance statement for the item for which tender enquiry
      has been issued specifically showing contract number date User's Name Value, D/P
      quantity supplied on time quantity supplied date, if any.

16.   The tenderers / tenderer who are unregistered with defence / untried should furnish, the
      following documents alongwith their quotation.
      a)     Latest ITCC
      b)     Name and full address of their bankers.

17.   Transit Insurance : The purchaser will not pay separately for transit insurance and the
      supplier will be responsible for till the entire stores contracted to arrive in goods
      conditions at destination. The consignee, will as soon as possible, but not later than 45
      days of the day of arrival of stores at destination notify the supplier of any loss / damage
      that may have occurred during transit.

18.   Successful tenderer / tenderers are advised in their own interest to submit stores for
      inspection well in time before expiry of delivery period stipulated in the contract in order
      to ensure inspection and release of inspection note in time and to enable them to deliver
      the stores by the due date.

19.   Withdrawal of any slab rates after opening the tender will render the entire offer invalid.

20.   OPTIONAL CLAUSE : The purchaser reserve the right to place order on the successful
      tenderer for additional quantity upto 25% of the quantity offered by them at the rates

      a)     Tenderers are bound to accept the orders for additional quantity under this clause
             of orders are issued at the time of placement of the contract or during the
             currency of the contract.

      b)     If different rates for specific items of stores or slab rates are quoted, the tenderer
             shall supply the additional quantity in respect of each quoted by him for these
             items at these slabs.
                                                                           Contd. ………………..5 /-
                                              -5 -

21.   The successful tenderers are required to attach a certificate alongwith their bill while
      claiming payment form their statutory auditor / managing director that excise duty being
      charged in the bill is not more that what is payable under the provision of the relevant
      act/ order and that excise duty has actually been paid. No refund has been obtained in
      respect of the reimbursement of excise duty made to him.
      This certificate is not necessary when excise duty is not payable / applicable in terms of
      the contract.

      In case where only a portion of the stores ordered is tendered for inspection at the fag
      end of the delivery period and also in case where inspection is not completed in respect
      of the portion of the stores tendered for inspection during the delivery period.

      The purchaser reserves the right to cancel the balance quantity, not tendered for be risk
      and expense of the contractor with out any further reference to him, if the stores
      tendered for inspection during or at the fag end of the delivery period are not found
      acceptable after carrying out the inspection, the purchaser is entitled to cancel the
      contract in respect of the same at the risk and expense of the contractor, if, however,
      the stores tendered for inspection are found acceptable the purchaser may grant an
      extension of the delivery period subject to the following conditions :

a)    The purchaser has the right to recover from the contractor under the provision of clause
      - 2 (8) of the general conditions of the contract (Schedule B&C) liquidated damages of
      the stores which the contract or has failed to delivery / within the original delivery period
      fixed in Acceptance of Tender.

b)    That no increase in price on account of any statutory increase in or fresh imposition of
      customs duty, sales tax or on account of any other tax or duty leviable, in respect of the
      store specified in the acceptance of tender, which takes place after date of deliver
      period stipulated in the acceptance of tender shall be admissible on such of the said
      stores as are delivered after the date of delivery stipulated in the acceptance of tender.

c)    That notwithstanding any stipulation in the contract of increase in price on any other
      ground, no such increase which takes place after the original date of delivery stipulated
      in the acceptance of tender shall be admissible on such of the stores as are delivered
      after the expiry of the original delivery period stipulated in the acceptance of tender.

d)    That nevertheless, the purchaser shall be entitled the benefit of any other decrease in
      price on account or reduction or remission of customs duty, excise duty, sales tax or on
      account of any other tax or duty or on any other ground as stipulated in the price
      variation clause which takes place in the acceptance of tender during currency.

                                                                         Contd. ………………..6 /-
                                             -6 -

e)    Contractor shall not dispatch the stores till such time as an extension in terms of para 22
      (a) to (d) above is grated by the purchaser and accepted by the supplier. If the stores
      are dispatched by the supplier before an extension letter an aforesaid is issued by the
      purchaser ad the same are accepted by the consignee, the acceptance of the stores
      shall be deemed to be subject to the conditions (a) to (d) set out in para 22 above.

f)    Liquidated damages shall be levied for delay in supplies.

23.   a) Payment : 80% payment will be released by CDA (HQ), New Delhi against receipt
      of stores in full and good conditions by consignee. The receipt be signed by a opening /
      inspection board or an officer detailed by the Commandant / CO of the unit and itemwise
      details of the stores received be indicated. The itemwise receipt be countersigned by
      CO/Comdt. of ultimate consignee of store value is over 10 lakhs.

      b) Balance 20% payment against proof of satisfactory installation and performance
      report from Board of Officers inspecting the stores after installation. CRV from
      consignee and furnishing of Performance Bank Guarantee of 10% of value of contract
      valid till expiry of warranty / guarantee period.

      c)   Paying Authority : The Controller of Defence Accounts, (HQ), New Delhi - 11.

      security deposit and performance guarantee bond as under :

A)    After the acceptance of tender is issued by the purchaser's the supplier shall furnish a
      contract performance bond / security deposit from a Nationalized Indian Bank which
      should reach purchaser within 30 days from the date of issue of Advanced Acceptance
      of Tender for an amount equivalent to 2.5% of the value of the contract as per relevant
      clause of Acceptance of Tender.

B)    The performance guarantee bond for 10% value of the acceptance of tender if it is
      placed with you valid till expiry of warranty / guarantee period alongwith 20% bills.

C)    If the supplier having been called upon by the purchaser of furnish SD failed to furnish
      the same with in the period provided it shall be lawful for the purchaser to cancel the
      contract, or any part then of and to purchase of the authorize the purchaser of the stores
      at the risk and cost of the contractor and in that event the provision of clause - 12 of
      General Condition of contract concluded by, Min of Defence (Schedule B&C) shall apply
      as for as applicable.

D)    On performance and completion of the contract in all respect the performance
      guarantee bond and SD will be returned to the supplier without any interest on
      submission of No Demand Certificate on prescribed format as applicable.

E)    The purchaser shall be entitled and it shall be lawful on his part to forfeit the
      amount of the security deposit in whole or in part in the event of any default
      failure of neglect on the part of the supplier in the fulfillment of performance in
      all respect of the contract under references or any other contract with the
      purchaser or any part thereof to the satisfaction of the purchaser and the
      purchaser shall also be entitled to deduct from the amount of the
                                                                            Contd. ………………..7 /-
                                                   -7 -

      performance guarantee bond and loss or damage which the purchaser may suffer or be
      put by reason of or due to any act or other default, recoverable by the purchaser from
      the supplier in respect of the contract under reference or any other contract and an
      either of the events aforesaid to all upon the supplier to maintain the amount of the
      performance guarantee of at its original limit by furnishing fresh bank guarantee of
      additional amount provided further that the purchaser shall be entitled to recover any
      such claim from any sum then due or which at any time the after may become due to the
      supplier under this or any other contract with the purchaser.

F)    The security deposit shall remain in full force and effect during the period that would be
      taken for satisfactory performance and fulfillment of in all respects of the contract i.e. till
      final acceptance of the goods / equipments by the consignee and shall in the first
      instance be valid upto 28 months after the date of last delivery of the goods contract to
      be purchased provided that before the expiry of the date of validity of the performance
      guarantee bond the supplier on being called upon by the purchaser form time to time
      shall obtain from the guarantee bank extension of time for validity thereof for a period of
      six month, on each occasion, the extension of extensions aforesaid, executed on non
      judicial stamp paper of appropriate value must reach the purchaser at least thirty days
      before the date of expiry of the performance guarantee bond on each occasion.

G)    As and when an amendment is issued to the contract the supplier shall with in fifteen
      days of the receipt of such an amendment furnish to the purchaser an amendment to
      the security deposit rendering the same valid for the contract as amended and upto
      twenty four months beyond the extended delivery date.

H)    The security deposit and / or any amendment there to shall be executed on a stamped
      paper of requisite money value in accordance with the laws of the country.

I)    The performance guarantee bond and or any amendment there to shall remain in full
      force and effect to fully indemnity, the purchaser against all losses incurred by the
      purchaser during guarantee period stipulated in guarantee / warranty clause.

J)    The purchase at his discretion may allow reduction in value of performance guarantee
      bond produced for that portion of the goods that have been successfully delivered,
      installed and used without defects for the said warranty period.

25.   Condition of Contact : General Condition of Contract for contract concluded by Min. of
      Defence (Schedule B & C) (Revised Nov. 1989) and the special condition given in this
      tender enquiry will also be applicable.

26.   In so far as contracts concluded by DGAFMS are concerned, General Conditions of
      contract for contract concluded by Ministry of Defence may please be read with the
      following changes :

                                                                          Contd. ………………..8 /-
                                              -8 -

Sr. No.                                  Clause No.                      Change
1.                                       2 (c)               Please find DGAFMS in the six
                                                             after the words ………………….
                                                             ……………. Acknowledgement
                                                             due to ……………………………
2.                                       13 (a)        In line 5, please note that endorsement /
                                                      transfer pledging etc. should be in favour
                                                        of Director General AFMS, New Delhi.

27.   Rectification Clause : In the event a store is given back to the manufacturer for
      rectification of defects are attended to immediately without loss of time so that store can
      be re-inspected however it should be noted that the manufacturer will not be entitled to
      dispose off that stores which is given for rectification but not rejected, without prior
      permission of the Inspector.

28.   Pre - inspection by the contractor - Manufacturer / Contractor must satisfy themselves
      that the stores are in accordance with the terms of the contact and fully confirm to the
      required specification by carrying out a thorough pre-inspection of each lot before
      actually tendering the same for inspection to the inspecting officer nominated under the
      terms of the contract. A declaration by the contractor that necessary pre - inspection has
      been carried out on the stores tendered will be submitted alongwith challan. The
      declaration will also indicate that method followed in carrying out pre-inspection showing
      the features checked/ tested and will have the test certificate attached to the challan /

      If the Inspecting Officer finds that pre-inspection of the consignment as required above
      has not been carried out the consignment is liable for rejection.

29.   Guarantee / Warranty Clause : Except as other provided in the invitation to the tender
      the Contractor / Seller hereby declares that the goods, stores, articles sold / supplied to
      the purchaser under this contract shall be of the best quality and workmanship and new
      in all respects and shall be strictly in accordance with the specification and particulars
      contained / mentioned in the contract.

      The Contractor / Seller hereby guarantees that the said goods / stores / articles would
      continue to confirm to the description and quality aforesaid for a period of 02 years from
      the date of installation / acceptance of the said goods / stores / articles to the purchaser
      and not withstanding the fact that the Purchaser (Inspection) may have inspected and or
      approved the said goods / stores / articles, be discovered not to confirm to the description
      and quality aforesaid or not giving satisfactory performance have deteriorated and the
      decision of the purchaser in that behalf shall be final and binding on the Contractor /
      Seller to rectify / replace by the acceptable goods / stores / articles or such portion which
      is found to be defective by the purchaser within a reasonable period not exceeding 03
      months or a may be allowed by the purchaser in this description on the mentioned
      warranty period shall apply to the goods / stores rectified replaced from the date of
      rectification / replacement there otherwise the to be defective by the purchaser

                                                                       Contd. ………………..9 /-
                                                 -9 -

      Contractor / Seller shall pay to the purchase such compensation as determined by the
      purchase, as may arise by reason of the breach of the warranty herewith contained.

      i)     Warranty to the effect that before going out of production for the spare parts they
             will give adequate advance notice to the purchaser of the equipment so that the
             later may undertake the balance of the life time requirement.

      ii)    Warranty to the effect that they will make available the blue prints of drawings of
             the spares if and when required in connection with the main equipment.

      iii)   Uptime warranty of 95% shall be guaranteed for equipment items and ensured by
             contracting firm / supplier, Penalty shall be imposed for down time guarantee /

30.   Packing & Marking : Best trade packing will be accepted subject to the approval of the
      Inspecting, the contractor will be responsible to ensure that the packing offered is worthy
      of withstanding the rigourous of road rail journey and will arranged for the free
      replacement of the breakage enroute. The left end of the package shall be marked with
      the Inspection Note No. and dated in addition to other markings.

      Note : The store shall be supplied in packed conditions unless otherwise specified.

31.   Advance Sample Clause : Two advance sample should be submitted to the controller
      of CAQ (GS), Kanpur for test and approval prior to the commencement of bulk
      manufacturer from the those firm who have not supplied the stores earlier, if advance
      sample clause is given elsewhere in the contact.

32.   Condition of Acceptance : The entire consignment is liable to be summerily rejected
      by the Inspecting Officer, if the challan are not accompanied with pre-inspection
      certificate / declaration / test reports or on examination for any sample drawn from any
      portion of the consignment, it is found that the sample does not confirm to the
      contractual requirement.

      NOTE : The following clauses are required to be confirmed : -

a)    The supplying firm shall give guarantee for a period of two years of trouble free
      performance of the equipment from the date of final inspection and handing over. Any
      defect noticed during the warranty period will be rectified free of cost. Free replacement
      of the parts which may be having nay manufacturing defects and which are defected
      during the two years from the date of handing over of the equipment in working over.

                                                                      Contd. ………………..10 /-
                                              - 10 -

b)     Warranty Clause : The stores supplied against this indent shall be deemed to have a
       warranty of the contractor against defective material, workmanship and performance for
       a period of 02 years from the date of final acceptance by the consignee to be defective,
       the same will be replaced immediately with serviceable stores by the contractor free of
       charge at the site with in 90 days.

c)     Free routine servicing will be carried out by the firm for a period of two years from the
       date of handing over of stores.

d)     The firms will make available full engineer support package (ESP) including essential
       maintenance and recommended spares for maintenance of the equipment for 05 years
       after the warranty period. List of each items will also be supplied.

e)     The following set of documents in respect of the above mentioned equipment are also
       required to be supplied by the firm.

           Literature                                      Distributions

i)     Operating Instructions             !        With each equipment- 1 set each
ii)    Wiring Diagram                     !        Inspecting Authority - 1 set
iii)   Maintenance Service                !        Inspecting Offier    - 1 set
       Manual                             !        AFMSD, Pune          - 1 set
iv)    Part list indicating cost          !        DS 2 (EME) ESP Cell - 1 set



i)     Technical Bid : In duplicate consisting of technical details bringing out clearly in a
       separate sheet the deviations in specification if any from that of tender enquiry
       specifications and also clause by clause compliance of specification alongwith
       commercial terms and conditions and all tender documents. No deviation other than
       those mentioned in the separate sheet will be permissible or binding. Technical Bid
       should contain EMD as applicable in clause - 1 (e).

ii)    Price Bids : In duplicate showing only item-wise price as per technical bid and as
       stipulated in detail in clause - 4 above in a separate sealed cover inside the main cover.
       The prices should be indicate din words and figures both.

                                                                       Contd. ………………..11 /-
                                             - 11 -

Latest models should be quoted

i)    Price bids and technical bids should be separate sealed covers duly superscribed. Both
      the bids should be in duplicate. Both these sealed bids should be put in another
      envelope (main cover) duly sealed and mentioning following informations.

Tender No. ______________________________________________

Date and time of opening ___________________________________

                                         Signature of Tenderer …………………………………..

                                         Name (Block Letters) …………………………………..

                                         Capacity in which
                                         Tender is signed ………………………………………..

                                         Address in Full …………………………………………..


                                         Dated :                     (SEAL)

Jt. Dir. (Prov)/R.P.O./
Dy. Director (Supply)
DG-2S/Room No. 49
For & on behalf of the President of India.

Tele. : 3018318
                            CERTIFICATE OF REPRESENTATIONS

"I,   Shri   /   Smt.     …………………………….                  Authorized    representative     of    M/S
………………………………..                  who    have   quoted    against   DGAFMS      DG    2S   TE    No.
……………………… for item ………………………………………….. hereby certify that M/S
…………………………………….. will not make any representations after a period of 30 days
from the date of tender opening and no representations will be made after price bids have been
opened on any aspect of the aforesaid Tender Enquiry".

Date :
                                          Signature of the authorized signatory / Rep.
                                                 (Name in BLOCK CAPITALS)

The certificate will be submitted along with technical bids.

No representations on any aspect of Tender Enquiry especially on QR shall be entertained
after 30 days from the date of opening of tenders.

DGAFMS will not be responsible for any delay occurring due to Postal Service.

Tenders which are incomplete or conditional in any manner will be rejected.

Tender documents will be perused as per the check list issued to the BOO.

Against one Tender Enquiry Set, a firm can submit only one proposal which matches closest to
the QR.

All tenderes will submit a copy of the supply order for the subject item from any hospital /
organization received most recently by them along with the price bid.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is to be quoted, both for labour only and comprehensive

DGAFMS reserves the right to reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof.
                            TENDE INQUIRY COMPANION SHEET
Please read the notes carefully
a)    It is compulsory to submit this companion sheet with all tender documents. Tender
      documents will be considered incomplete in the absence of this sheet.
b)    All columns must be filled with affirmative, negative or NA (Not Applicable) answer.
c)    Firm will offer only one model which meets QR most closely.
d)    The requirements stated will be final except in case of unexpected change.

For DG -2 Group office only
Companion sheet will be checked by Rep. Of the section for compliance and availability of all
documents for qualifying to take part in procurement procedure before permitted to open price

1.   Tender Inquiry No.

     Quantity No:
     Accounting Unit : No.
2.   Standard Item / eqpt (Standard means the eqpt will perform
     expected functions with standard accessories which are
     part of the eqpt and quoted for)
     Model No
     Name of standard accessories included to be stated clearly
     with complete description
     Technical-Bids and Price-Bids should be mirror image
     except that price will be quoted only in price bids
3.   Specification : As per Q/R
     Please enter the serial number and nomenclature as per
     your brochure and the price in Indian Rupees in the
     following manner for each QR point.
     Submit foreign currency exchange rate from State Bank of
     1. Catalogue No Name Quantity:
4.   Last Selling Price: Price at which you have offered the item
     to DGAFMS/DGHS Govt. of India/AIIMS/Other Govt.
     Hospitals/ Private Hospitals along with copies of supply
5.   Validity of the Tender (Should be at least 9 months from
     submission. Due to any reason there is delay in purchase
     decision Firm should extend validity one month before
     expiry on their own)
SR.   ITEMS                   REMARKS
6.    Name of
      Address of
      manufacturer with
      Pin Code,
      telephone, Fax, e-
      mail details
7.    Country of Origin
8.    Model catalogue/
      Identification No
      Year of introduction
9.    Indian Agent
      (Address, Pin code,
      Tele number, Fax,
      e-mail details)
10.   Foreign Principals
      Proforma Invoice
      (To be attached
      with price bids)
11.   Agency agreement
      & validity (should
      be valid for at least
      9 months. This
      should clearly
      indicate services to
      be provided.
12.   Production capacity
      to be indicated with
      technical bids.
13.   Pollution Control
      Board Certificate to
      be enclosed with
      tech bids where
14.   Willingness to
      submit for
      inspection by
      Inspecting authority
      Inspection by
15.   FOB price
16.   FAS Price
17.   % of Agency
      Comms. inc./extra.
18.   CIF Price
SR ITEMS                      REMARKS
19. After issuing CDEC &
    NMIC / LA other
    duties like CVD /
    SAD has to be paid
    by the firm and
    claimed on producing
    proof of payment
20. Inland Freight to
21. Excise duty @ the
    rate of
22. Sale Tax @
23. Clearing charges if

24. Handling charges
    (Labour charges)
25. Octroi: Indicate
    whether octroi
    charges are required
    for or not. Charges
    will not be paid, but
    exemption certificate
    will be issued.
26. For destination price
27. L/C to be opened in
    the name of
28. Are you willing to
    accept the payment
    in INR as per the
    conversion rate on
    the date of placement
    of order?
29. Installation charges if
    any or free?
30. Number of years on
    guarantee / warranty
31. AMC (Rates to be
    quoted separately
    and as % of FOB),
    1st year
    2nd year
    3rd year
    4th year
    5th year
SR ITEMS                       REMARKS
32. Exchange rate as on
    -------- Certificate
    from SBI enclosed.
33. Guarantee 95%
    uptime guarantee.
    For downtime penalty
    will be deducted from
    Performance Bank
34. Payment Terms: 80%
    on receipt of goods at
    consignee's end
    against item-wise
    certificate signed by
    Comdt/CO/OC and
35. 20% after satisfactory
    installation and
    inspection certificate
    from Board of
36. Delivery period
    offered and
    guaranteed of ---------
    months failing which
    LD clause would be
    operational at 2% per
    after expiry of original
    DP is acceptable to
37. Are you willing to
    make available
    spares (Quote list of
    spares) for 10 yrs
    after warranty
38. Training
    India / overseas
    Cost of boarding &
    Number of persons
    for whom trg is
39. Whether rates are
    firm and final?
40. Total cost with AMC
SR ITEMS                     REMARKS
41. The Optional
    Accessories beyond
    QR. being offered by
    us.(We certify that
    eqpt will meet all
    functions as per QR
    without these optional
    (a) Free
    (b) Payment
    (Srl No., Name, Qty,
42. ESP package with
    technical literature
43. EMD furnished
44. Firms agrees on for
    submission of 10%
    performance bank
    guarantee, valid for
    entire duration of
    warranty / guarantee
    drawn on State Bank
    of India or
    Government owned
    bank in India
45. DGS&D
    licence / agency
    agreement certificate.
    (Imported Store)
    (Imported Store)
47 ITCC/STCC with tech

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