palitana tirthyatra by lindash


The December Shibir is followed by a Tirtha Yatra, in which we visit holy
sites. We visit the sites of great temples, important sites in the lives of the
Tirthankars and Saints. This year we visited Palitana. This place has
witnessed tremendous spiritual achievements, such as the attainment of
Self-Realisation, Keval Gnan and even Nirvana or Moksha of numerous Souls.
Consequently, the vibrations at such sites are very pure and powerful.
Sadguru is a living tirth. It is a unique opportunity to conduct seva, puja,
darshan, chaityavandan (devotional rituals) along with Sadguru Bhagvan.
Param Pujya Bhaishree, Br. Vikrambhai, Br. Minalben, Br. Lalitaben, Br.
Vinubhai, Br. Bhupatbhai, Br. Deepakbhai and almost 72 mumukshus took
the benefit of this religious trip to Palitana and other near-by tirths from 1st
January to 4th January 2008.

1st January: Mumukshus left the ashram after lunch in 2 buses towards Dr.
Dhirubhai Panchali‟s house in Botad. Mumukshus of Botad gave a grand
welcome to Pujya Bhaishree and mumukshus. After having tea and snacks
we left for Ayodhyapuram. Here, a very beautiful temple is erected on a huge
ground. This temple contains a pratimaji (idol) of Lord Aadeshwardada. We
had our dinner after darshan and chaityavandan (communal worship).
Thereafter, we reached Palitana at 10 pm. We stayed in „Tharad Jayatsen
Vihar‟ Dharamshala for 3 days.

2nd January: After having breakfast, we started climbing the mountain of
Palitana at 8:30 am. Initially, everyone visited Taleti and performed
chaityavandan. Before climbing the mountain, Pujya Bhaishree spoke Navkar
Mahamantra and Uvasaggharam Stotra. As we touched this pious place, we
forgot the entire world. Br. Vikrambhai sang devotional songs in the entire
trip. On reaching Devi Padmavati‟s deri, all mumukshus began playing garba
with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. We worshipped Lord Aadeshwardada
and performed devotional rituals in the near-by temples. We also did puja of
the feet of Rayan. Pujya Vikrambhai sang stavans on worshipping God‟s idol.
Thereafter, we started descending the mountain.
In the night, Pujya Bhaishree took a story in His swadhyay (discourse). Pujya
Vikrambhai, Pujya Minalben, Atmarthi Kirtibhai and Atmarthi Dulariben sang
devotional songs and released our fatigue.

3rd January: At 6:30 am Pujya Bhaishree and some mumukshus went to
Rajula village to visit Atmarthi Rohitbhai‟s office. Br. Vinubhai, Br. Minalben,
At. Rohitbhai and all family members welcomed everyone lovingly. Here,
Pujya Bhaishree placed a small beautiful idol of Lord Chandraprabhu Swami
in an atmosphere of devotion and joviality. After snacks, we left for Pipavav
Bandar. It was a great opportunity to see this Bandar. From here we went to
Mahua Bandar. This place has a 2600 years old idol of Lord Mahavir. This
Pratimaji was made by Lord Mahavir‟s brother Shri Nandivardhan when Lord
Mahavir was alive. Here we took the benefit of chaitya vandan, puja of Lord
Parshvanath and lunch. Mahua is the birthplace of Netrisurishwar whose
footprints have been carved here. Thereafter, we went to Datha. Mirror is
used as the art form for the temple in Datha. It contains an idol of Lord
Shantinath. One experiences immense peace and pleasure on worshipping
the idol. Everyone took the benefit of aarti and mangal divo along with Pujya
Bhaishree. From here, we left for Talaja. It had 160 steps. “Gurukripa bal aur
hai, pangu giri chadh jai” - the grace and strength of Guru is such that even
a crippled person can climb a mountain. Despite physical fatigue, everyone
climbed up with true devotion and faith towards Satguru. Here, the mulnayak
is Lord Sumatinath Swami and outside there is an idol of Ratnachintamani
Parshwanath Bhagvan. In the night, we returned to Palitana and took the
benefit of swadhyay and bhakti.

4th January: At 9 am we worshipped Lord Dharmnath in Giriraj
Dharamshala. Beside this dharamshala, is a Swadhyay Hall of Param
Krupaludev. Here we sang stuti in front of Param Krupaludev‟s photograph.
Thereafter, we visited a derasar built near a dam. From here we left for
Hastgiri Tirth. This tirth is located at a height and is surrounded by natural
environment. It has a huge derasar with beautiful art. It is a suitable place
for sadhna. After performing all devotional rites, we returned to palitana.
After lunch one bus left for Sayla and the other left for Ahmedabad. We
reached Ahmedabad at 9 pm. Atmarthi Bharatbhai and mumukshus of
Ahmedabad welcomed Pujya Bhaishree with lots of reverence, devotion and
elation. After having dinner we reached the station and left for Mumbai.

Thus the 4 days ended amidst devotion, spirituality and jubilation as such
trips enables us to spend time in a relaxed environment with Param Pujya
Bhaishree and fellow seekers. We all were enriched to visit such pious places
and pay homage to Tirthankars along with our Sadguru Param Pujya

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