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Tax Relief - IRS Tax Debt Help


									Tax Relief - IRS Tax Debt Help

Published By: taxdebtconnect. Published on June 11, 2009

For people belonging to the middle class, managing a tax debt problem has always been a challenge. The
circumstances become even worse when the debtors are unable to pay off their IRS taxes. In addition, it gets worse
when the IRS starts adding up penalties upon the outstanding tax amount. In such circumstances, one ought to think
about tax debt settlement alternatives to lead a stress free life, in addition to repaying the IRS tax debt. There are some
alternatives available for you to settle your IRS debt, which can be easily availed through the help of a good tax
professional. The options are discussed below:

Offer in compromis
Offer in compromise (OIC) is generally a contract between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service to
resolve the taxpayer's tax liabilities, and to pay less than the total IRS amount due.

Tax penalty standards
At times one fails to pay off the taxes on time, and IRS starts imposing penalties as well as fines to your net
taxable amount. Generally, these fines and penalties are not calculated without taking in to consideration the
individual's state of affairs, nor think about the reasons the debtor couldn't pay off the taxes in time. Any IRS
debtor can avail IRS tax relief if he or she has a valid reason to avoid the penalties.

IRS payment plans
It's the best possible alternative for people who are looking to avail IRS tax debt relief without affecting the
credit history or ratings. It provides a chance to reimburse the IRS debts in the form of flexible repayments
over a period. However, one needs to keep in mind that in most of the cases, the debtor might be paying all the
penalties and interest while redeeming the IRS dues.

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