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									Council Member at Large Position Description

TITLE OF POSITION: Council Member at Large

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: The Council Member at Large serves the association by
performing whatever duties are required of them as members of a Council or Task Force.
Specific duties will be defined by the Council or Task Force Chair. In addition, the Council
Member at Large will have full rights of participation and voting on any Council or Task Force
to which they are appointed.

Active predoctoral members of the Association may be appointed to serve as members of the
Association’s Councils or Task Forces without holding a position that makes them an ex officio
member. Council Members-at-Large will be appointed by the newly elected Executive
Committee immediately following Annual Session. Appointees will have seven days to accept
their appointment and to forward to the Central Office a letter from their Dean indicating that
they are in good academic standing.

The Executive Committee may not appoint more than four (4) Council Members-at-Large
without approval from the Board of Trustees to increase the number of appointments.

The term of duty for each Council Member-at-Large will be from the date of their appointment
until the close of the following Annual Session.


Funding is provided for required meetings. The Council Member at Large is expected to be
present for the entire duration of each required meeting.

1.       Must attend the Spring and Fall Leadership Conferences.


1.       Must hold current ASDA membership throughout the term of office.

2.       Must demonstrate dedication to ASDA goals and objectives and be willing to effectively
         execute the duties and responsibilities of the position. Must possess expertise of value to
         a Council or Task Force.

3.       Must be able to attend all required meetings.

4.       Must be able to function effectively as a team leader, to accomplish goals through
         consensus building and to complete projects by working cooperatively with other leaders
         and staff.

5.       Must be able to complete assignments and responsibilities by the established deadline


1.       Correspondence: Any external business correspondence that states a policy or position of
         the Association, requests funding or other assistance, or otherwise represents the views of
         the Association, must be reviewed by the Executive Director prior to distribution.

2.       Expense Reimbursement: Refer to Funded Leader Travel and Expense Reimbursement

3.       Confidentiality: The Council Member at Large should observe confidentiality as
         circumstances warrant. The deliberations that occur at meetings must be held in
         confidence, so that all participants may feel comfortable in expressing opinions and
         discussing all items of business.


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