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					               Time Management is Self-management

        Time is a valuable and irreplenishable resource. We can‟t buy time; we
can‟t hoard time, no matter how wealthy we are. What we can do at the
maximum is that we can try to make best use of the time available to us. We
cannot save time in the sense we save money. If we want to save time, we have
to spend time. That is the paradox. We have to spend time prudently and
productively. We have to spend time efficiently. We have to learn to do things
faster. The time thus released has to be utilized productively. Thus we can
utilize our time maximum and that prevents wastage of time. In that sense only
we can say that we have „saved‟ time. We may or may not have other material
well beings. Rich or poor, each one of us has got only 24 hours a day and 60
minutes per hour. Nothing more nor less.

       Our life is a journey and the destination is not known to us. Human beings
have a limited time in this earth. Unfortunately this is not equal for everyone.
And more unfortunate is the fact that one does not know when one has to bid
adieu from this mundane world. Time management is thus a misnomer as time
as such is not within our control. Past is history. Future is mystery. Time
management means organizing one‟s activities and managing oneself. But the
art of management of time assumes importance to everyone with a purpose in
life. Life without any purpose or objective becomes worthless. Eating, living,
sleeping and procreating – even an animal does all these. Man must have
ideals. In fact, most of us have some ideals. We achieve them, set new ideals, as
we go along the journey of life. But very few of us write down our ideals or goals
in the form of a mission statement. Anything put in black and white or shared
with others will ensure some commitment from us to adhere to our mission

       There are some events over which we have control. Many other events
are uncontrollable. The easiest one that comes to one‟s mind is self-control. If
we cannot manage ourselves, we cannot manage others. If we cannot have self-
control, there is no point in talking about controlling others.

      This is similar to the beautiful quote „Serenity Prayer‟.

                  God! Let me accept the things I cannot change;
                       courage to make the changes I can;
                     and the wisdom to know the difference.

       Let us be organised. We must walk the talk. We must keep our words.
We must be punctual and prompt. When we have to do several chores, we tend
to forget some of them. In order to remember all, we may note them down in a
pocket scribble pad. We must prioritise the items in the list. Lest, the
unimportant items in the top of the list get undue priority. Urgency pushes back
the items that are important. Don‟t be a clock watcher but focus on the tasks
and priorities. This does not mean working longer, does not mean working
harder, but it does mean working smarter and more systematically.

       We must try to work smarter rather than harder. An example oft-quoted is
that when we are to cut a tree, we must take breaks to sharpen the axe.

       There must be a place for everything and everything should have a place.
We can avoid clutter and save a lot of search time. Search time is a sheer
waste. Our life is a battle between order and disorder.

       We have seen that time must be spent productively. Now the question
arises as to what is productive purpose and what is unproductive purpose? This
needs a very elaborate discussion and hence for the sake of brevity, it is suffice
to say that there must be value addition in what we do.

      We should live every day as if it is our last day on earth. It is said,
“Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a Promissory Note. Today is
cash.” Let us make use of the present day to the maximum.

      We should not procrastinate. Procrastination means postponing. This
bad habit steals away our time.

        Every one of us may not be like Isaac Newton or Edison. That is to say
that all cannot be expected to extraordinary things. But certainly the rest of us
can do ordinary things extra-ordinarily well. We shall try for excellence. Try for
excellence where the subject matter warrants excellence.

      Thinking is said to be the hardest activity in the world. That is why many
people do not resort to that. We must think. We must think big.

       In our society, we have been taught that day dreaming is a waste of time.
Day dreaming is said to be bad. We all know the story of the glass-ware seller
and his day-dream to marry the princess. We abhor and dismiss day dreaming.
But there is an old Spanish proverb which says, “ If you build no castles in the air,
you build no castles anywhere.” It has been found that controlled day dreaming
is an absolute must for successful people. It is called planning. We must have
ambitions. And ambitions and planning are some sort of dream only. Planning
provides you the opportunity to think and organise things in the order of their
importance. Planning reduces unproductive activity to the minimum.

      Throughout our life, we should be learning. It is not for appearing for an
examination. Learning expands our knowledge.
        We must learn to live and to love. We have so much responsibilities in
our life‟s different roles. Each one of us has many a role such as a
father/mother, brother/sister, husband/wife, employer/employee, son/daughter
etc. We must do justice to each of the role we have to play. There must be a
balance in everything and every role we have to play. If you want a different life,
you will have to spend your time differently. You can‟t expect different results, if
you keep on doing the same thing, the same way, again and again.

       Television has many educational and quality entertainment programmes.
But there are many programmes that simply waste our time and leave a negative
influence in our minds. TV is a good servant but a poor master. If we sit before
the TV for hours together, it is criminal waste of time. TV is aptly called the idiot
box. Watch select programmes and news. Reduce TV watching time.

     We must be free from the six great vices viz. Lust, anger, avarice, greed,
jealous, and pride.

     Let us be humble and humility is the hallmark of great people. Compassion
and empathy are the other great virtues. We must learn to put ourselves in the
shoes of other persons. We must learn to understand the viewpoint of others
before insisting on our point.

        We must have contentment. “I was weeping that I did not have a good
pair of shoes, until I saw man without feet”.

       We must develop a proactive and positive mindset. Some people always
see the darker side of things. This sort of negative approach narrows down our

      We only have one chance to spend time with our children when they are
young. If that opportunity is not taken, tomorrow will be too late.

       If you ask a person in the deathbed about his wish, it is most unlikely that
he would say that he has to dispose off some files on his office table. His answer
would be that he would like to spend time with his family. He might even regret
that when he was well, he did not spend time with his family. Let us build
relationships. Let us build emotional bondage with our dear and near.

       We learn by doing things. We tend to commit mistakes. That is why it is
said that wise people learn from their mistakes. Wiser people learn from the
mistake of others too.

      If wealth is lost nothing is lost; if health is lost something is lost. But if
character is lost, everything is lost. Let us try to bring up our children with good
character. Let us set examples.
       Stress is a mental situation when one is unable to cope up with the
demands on him. Some amount of stress is required to keep us alert and active.
But too much of stress does harm and that may result in various diseases
including heart attack and even death. We must learn to manage stress also.

       „We must learn to live, love, learn and to leave a legacy. We must leave
this earth as a better place than that we inherited.‟

        Life management starts from managing oneself. We must have a purpose
in life. Life without a purpose is only existence. Animals exist. Human beings

       Life management is a ticklish issue. Why should one manage oneself?
When there is decency and decorum discipline will be there. When discipline is
there, disorder will not be there. In that situation the question of management
does not arise. It is automatic and becomes a way of life.

       All the above principles might sound too structured; but organising one‟s
life needs some amount of disciplining. We will like it because it is all self-

       Our Vedic literatures, epics and old scripts contain everything as to how to
manage and live life. The present day‟s management literatures are only
explaining those points in a different language and with present day‟s examples.
Let us keep our ears and mind open to all. Mind is like a parachute. It works
only when it is open. Let noble thoughts come to us from every direction.