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league of california cities


									                                      League of California Cities
                                       2009 Board of Directors
Judy Mitchell           Mayor, Rolling Hills Estates                               President
Robin Lowe              Council Member, Hemet                                      1st Vice President
Jim Ridenour            Mayor, Modesto                                             2nd Vice President
Jim Madaffer            Former council member, San Diego                           Immediate Past President
Chris McKenzie          Executive Director

Stephany Aguilar        Council Member, Scotts Valley                              Monterey Bay Division (E)
Harry Armstrong         Mayor Pro Tem, Clovis                                      So. San Joaquin Valley Division (O)
Glen Becerra            Council Member, Simi Valley                                At-Large (09)
Bill Bogaard            Mayor, Pasadena                                            Los Angeles County Division (O)
Tony Cardenas           Council Member, Los Angeles                                At-Large (10)
Stan Carroll            Council Member, La Habra Heights                           At-Large (10)
Kansen Chu              Council Member, San Jose                                   Large City
Bob Combs               Planning Commissioner, Danville                            Planning & Community Dev Dept (E)
Tom Curry               City Attorney, Sonoma                                      City Attorneys Dept. (O)
Richard Dixon           Council Member, Lake Forest                                Orange County Division (E)
Dennis Downs            Fire Chief, Pasadena                                       Fire Chiefs Department (E)
Mike Doyle              Council Member, Danville                                   East Bay Division (O)
Jerry Dyer              Police Chief, Fresno                                       Police Chiefs Dept. (O)
Pat Eklund              Council Member, Novato                                     At-large (09)
Iya Falcone             Council Member, Santa Barbara                              Channel Counties Division (O)
Tony Ferrara            Mayor, Arroyo Grande                                       Mayors & Council Members Dept (E)
Robert Foster           Mayor, Long Beach                                          Large City
Marc Fox                Asst City Manager, Pittsburg                               Personnel & Emp. Rel. Dept. (O)
Alice Fredericks        Mayor, Tiburon                                             North Bay Division (E)
Dan Furtado             Council Member, Campbell                                   NLC (09)
Rod Gould               City Manager, Poway                                        City Managers Department (O)
Wendy Greuel            Controller, Los Angeles                                    Large City
Frank Hall              Council Member, Norco                                      Riverside County Division (O)
Terry Henderson         Council Member, La Quinta                                  At-Large (09)
Chip Holloway           Council Member, Ridgecrest                                 Desert-Mountain Division (O)
Ben Hueso               Council President, San Diego                               Large City
Kevin Johnson           Mayor, Sacramento                                          Large City
Joe Kellejian           Council Member, Solana Beach                               At-Large (09)
Ron Loveridge           Mayor, Riverside                                           NLC
Art Madrid              Mayor, La Mesa                                             San Diego County Division (E)
Sophie Maxwell          Supervisor, San Francisco                                  Large City
Larry McCallon          Council Member, Highland                                   At-Large (09)
Marsha McLean           Council Member, Santa Clarita                              At-Large (10)
Joyce Overton           Council Member, Clearlake                                  At-Large (10)
Tzeitel Paras-Caracci   Council Member, Duarte                                     NLC (09)
Jean Quan               Council Member, Oakland                                    Large City
Lisa Rapp               Public Works Director, Lakewood                            Public Works Dept. (E)
Ed Reyes                Council Member, Los Angeles                                NLC (10)
Shalice Reynoso         City Clerk, Buena Park                                     City Clerks Dept. (E)
Sepi Richardson         Mayor, Brisbane                                            Peninsula Division (O)
Vacant                                                                             Central Valley Division (E)
Mari Rodin              Council Member, Ukiah                                      Redwood Empire Division (E)
Janice Rutherford       Council Member, Fontana                                    Inland Empire Division (O)
Sedalia Sanders         Council Member, El Centro                                  Imperial County Division (E)
Marty Simonoff          Council Member, Brea                                       At-Large (10)
Bill Statler            Dir. Finance & Inf. Tech., San Luis Obispo                 Fiscal Officers Dept. (E)
Ashley Swearengin       Mayor, Fresno                                              Large City
Miguel Ucovich          Council Member, Loomis                                     Sacramento Valley Division (E)
Renee Zeimer            Asst to City Mgr, Walnut Creek                             Community Services Dept. (O)

 *E - elected in even numbered years; O - elected in odd numbered years.
**Number denotes end of term.

                                                                     G:\legisltv\ms\chris\board\brdlist05.doc; 7/1/09

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