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					Report Abuse:

Domestic Setting…Local Adult Protective
Services @ county Dept. of Family & Children
                                                           Senior Adult Victims’ Advocate
Personal Care Home……. 404-657-4076

Nursing Home……...404-657-5728/5726

Long-Term Care Ombudsman…………
                  404-463-8383 or 1-888-454-5826

              SAVA Hotline

               (404) 657-5250
                  Georgia Department of Human Resources     A Helping hand for older adult
                  Division of Aging Services
                  Two-Peachtree Street, NW  Suite 9.398              victims of
                  Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3142
                                                           abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
      Brochure made possible through funding from the
           Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.
            What is SAVA
                                                                               Call SAVA…

The Senior Adult Victims’ Advocate (SAVA) program
provides services for adults, age 60 and over, who are
victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation by serving as a
liaison between victims, social service agencies and the           If you are at risk for abuse, neglect and/or
court system.                                                       exploitation.

SAVA provides an Information & Assistance Helpline,                If someone you know is at risk fro abuse,
Support, Mentoring, and Consultation.                               neglect and/or exploitation.

SAVA will coordinate with Adult Protective Services,               If you need assistance finding your way
Domestic Violence Shelters, Sexual Assault Programs,                through the social services system.
Long-Term Care Ombudsmen, Office of Regulatory
Services, Law Enforcement and the Court System to ensure           If you need assistance navigating the law
that if you are working with these entities, you will receive       enforcement and court systems.
additional services.
                                                                   If you need assistance with filing an application
SAVA will work with you to help you determine strategies to         for victims’ compensation.
reduce existing problems, eliminate current victimization and
prevent further victimization.                                     If you suspect a perpetrator is engaged in an
                                                                    alleged pattern of abuse, neglect and/or
SAVA will keep you informed about your legal case and               exploitation of senior adults.
assist you in maneuvering through the legal system.
                                                                   If you need additional information about abuse,
SAVA will provide you with ongoing support, such as:                neglect, and/or exploitation of senior adults,
    Telephone assurance,                                           age 60 and over.
    Assistance with court appearances, and
    Access to support groups.
                                                                         You deserve a life free from
Initial investigations of abuse, neglect and exploitation
                                                                       abuse, neglect and exploitation.
always begin with Adult Protective Services, the Office
of Regulatory Services or local law Enforcement.
Let us help you

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