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					Course Fee: There is no course Fee

Participants are expected to make their own arrangements to reach the program
venue. Hyderabad is well connected by air, rail, and road. Participants arriving at
International Airport should take a prepaid taxi to reach the Academy. Those
traveling by train should alight at Secunderabad or Hyderabad railway station. City
transport service is available to reach the Academy. Bus route No.95R from Koti               National Agricultural Innovation Project
opposite to Osmania Medical College is the most convenient service as it plies                     Learning and Capacity Building
through the Academy Campus. Other routes 94R, 94H from Koti can be used to                                 (L&CB) Project
reach Rajendranagar bus stop (about a kilometer away from NAARM) from where
auto rickshaws can be hired to reach the Hostel. The participants may also hire
auto rickshaws directly from the Railway Station. Participants are advised to make                    MDP Workshop on
their return journey reservations at their end before leaving for Hyderabad.                 Policy and Prioritization, Monitoring
                                                                                               and Evaluation (PME) Support to
Last Date for Receipt of Nominations: August 10, 2009
                                                                                           Consortia-based Research in Agriculture
                                                                                                 August 31- September 05, 2009
Nominations through proper channel may be sent to

Dr B.S. Sontakki                                                                                          Course Directors
OIC Training Cell                                                                                          S. K. Nanda
National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar,                                        S.K. Soam
HYDERABAD – 500407
Phone: 040-24581327 (O) Fax: 040-24015912

Nominations may also be sent electronically by accessing nominations forms from
our website Participants are advised to depart for
Hyderabad only after receipt of PARTICIPATION CONFIRMATION LETTER
from Programme Directors.

Further information on the programme please contact:

Dr S.K. Nanda / Dr. S. K. Soam                                                        National Academy of Agricultural Research Management
Programme Directors                                                                               Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 407
NAARM, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500 407                                                      
Fax: 040-24581453; 040 - 24015912; Tel 040-24581341, 24581348
E-mail: or
Background                                                                            Andragogy
         Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation efforts are critical issues in               The course will provide an excellent opportunity to know theoretical logic and
management of agricultural research and development (R & D). In times of fiscal       empirical application of various PME techniques and their analysis. Discussion on emerging
constraint, more emphasis is placed on accountability and programme                   issues and need for integrated approaches, will also be conducted. The course will consist of a
effectiveness. PME is a management tool that can be used to validate                  blend of lectures, discussions and exercises. Normally, the sessions would be from 0930 hours
programme existence and adjust research agenda for enhanced effectiveness             to 1615 hours. However, the sessions are likely to be extended on account of group work and
especially in case of public agricultural research system. PME is an integrated       discussion.
approach. It should incorporate the viewpoints of clientele, policy-makers,
researchers and donors to address the societal goals. Otherwise conflict
remains in priority setting, resource allocation, and accountability. Public and                The programme is primarily targeted for the senior level scientists involved in PME
private support to research will depend largely on efficiency issues and ability to   activities of approved NAIP Consortia projects and In-charges of PME cells of ICAR Institutes
reckon with multiple objectives, ranging from food security to sustainability,        and SAUs.
poverty alleviation, gender issues, export, etc. The PME of agricultural R & D
projects is critical when the intended R&D has multiple outcomes. Hence, it is        Participant Selection
essential to equip the scientists of National Agricultural Research System with                 Maximum intake for the programme is 25 participants. As per the eligibility criteria,
techniques of PME.                                                                    participant selection would be based on first-cum-first basis. Selection of candidates is a matter
Objectives                                                                            of discretion of the competent authority at NAARM. Participants’ nomination from their
                                                                                      respective heads of organizations does not entail confirmed participation in the programme. A
 To sensitize the participants to the O&M reforms for consortia-based                formal confirmation letter indicating the selection of candidates will be sent by us a week after
  research policy, priority setting, monitoring and evaluation as envisaged in        the last date for receipt of nominations. Selected participants are expected to bring their project
  NAIP.                                                                               documents for sharing PME experiences with other participants and also for group exercises.
 To orient the participants to the concepts and description of PME of
  Agricultural R&D                                                                    Duration and Venue
 To equip them with major techniques of PME in different areas of                             This is a weeklong programme scheduled from August 31 to September 05, 2009
  agricultural research and development                                               (both days inclusive). The participants are expected to arrive latest by the evening of August
 To discuss empirical studies and to synthesize experiences in application of        30, 2009 and can leave after 1700 hrs on September 05, 2009. The programme will be held at
  PME techniques                                                                      the National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad –
 To bring together the viewpoints of researcher, administrator and donor to          500 407, A.P. The programme is fully residential.
  make PME effective and rewarding
                                                                                      TA/DA, Boarding and Lodging
                                                                                               The Traveling cost, lodging and boarding expenses, etc. of the selected participants
   PME in Agricultural R & D – Overview                                              will be met out of the grant from the Learning and Capacity Building Project of NAIP. All
   Planning consortia research for maximizing value across production-               participants will be reimbursed to and fro travel fare for the journey to Hyderabad on production
    consumption chains of various sectors                                             of journey tickets and a certificate for travel by the shortest route. The TA and DA payment will
   Business planning and development: Framework of strategic thinking                be made as per their entitlement of class of travel and as per NAIP/ICAR norms.
    towards gains in productivity, quality, profitability and innovation in           Accommodation will be provided at the Academy's Scientists Home on twin-sharing basis. Bed
    agriculture                                                                       tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner will be served in the hostel. Local participants will
   Project design and management: Identifying and prioritizing opportunities         be provided lunch and inter session tea. Participants are requested not to bring any family
    for designing research projects, project management                               members along with them.
   Knowledge management and sharing