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Waverley Borough Council adopted its Corporate Plan 2008-11 in February 2008. This report highlights progress against the themes
and priorities set out in the plan.

This report currently uses key indicators from the most recent complete performance data – which largely relate to Quarter 3 (October –
December) 2008/09. In some cases Quarter 2 data has been provided. Full performance indicator reports are considered quarterly by
Overview and Scrutiny and the Executive. Some indicators are not available as they are collected on an annual basis only, or will be
reported as part of the bi-ennial Place Survey results – expected February/March 2009.

         Good progress / expect             Limited progress / more work               Poor progress / currently
        to achieve target by
                                           needed to achieve target by
                                                                                      unlikely to achieve target
                                                                                       by 2011
                                                                                                                    ?      data not

1) ENVIRONMENT – Protect and enhance Waverley’s unique mix of rural and urban communities.

Priority                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                                 On target?
1a) Provide a high        Milestone progress:                                                                          Current Position
quality and realistic set
of policies to address                                                                                                       
                           Report considered by Executive in January 2009 to approve ‘Topic Papers’ for              Likely to achieve?
                               consultation to inform the Core Strategy preferred options.
pressures in the
Borough by formulating
                          Future actions:                                                                                    
                           Officers currently in discussions with Government Office for South East (GOSE) and
and adopting the Local
                               will report a proposed revised Local Development Scheme (LDS - sets out the            Revised LDS to be
                               timescales and milestones for producing the Local Development Framework) to the        considered by the
Framework Core
                               Executive in March 2009.                                                               Executive in
Strategy by December
                                                                                                                      March 09.

Priority                      Key Measures and Milestones                                                                On Target?
1b) Ensure that, by April     PI Ref   Description              What is good    07/08       Q3       Quarterly               Current
2011, Waverley is among                                         performance?    Full Year   08/09    Target                 Position:
the 25% best performing                Processing of planning                                                                  
councils in England for
the quality of its planning
                                       applications: Major
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                51.16%      66.67%   60%                   Likely to
service by:                                                                                                                 achieve?
 Achieving a level of
  performance that
                                      Processing of planning
                                      applications: Minor
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                  58.14%    47.33% 65%                        
  places us among the                 applications
  top 25% of Councils in              Processing of planning                                                             Currently not
  England for the time
  taken to provide
                                      applications: ‘Other’
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                  78.74%    74.12% 80%                  meeting this
                                                                                                                         year’s targets
  decisions on planning       Top Quartile Performance for District Councils for 2007/008 was:                           (Government
  applications.               Major applications – 79.1%    Minor applications – 83.7% ‘Other’ applications – 91.8%      minimum

Priority                       Key Measures and Milestones                                                                     On Target?
 Reducing the
  proportion of appeals
                                      Planning appeals
                                                                  Lower is better 38.2%        13.0%     34%                  targets) in
                                                                                                                               speed of
  upheld against Council              Satisfaction of applicants                  Satisfaction survey to be sent with all      processing
  planning decisions to        LPL                                Higher is
                                      and agents with the                         decision letters from early 2009 to assess   applications.
  25% by April 2010.           002                                better
                                      WBC Planning service                        satisfaction ratings.
 Concentrating on what        Milestone progress:                                                                             Improvement
  is important to Planning       Planning service has been reviewed and restructured. Area planning committees have           needed to
  Service customers,                been introduced.                                                                           improve to
  such that we achieve           Improvement plan in response to current performance submitted to Executive (as part of       attain top
  satisfaction ratings that         performance report) for information December 2008.                                         quartile
  place us among the top                                                                                                       performance
  25% of Councils in                                                                                                           by 2010/11 –
  England for this                                                                                                             improvement
  measure.                                                                                                                     plan in place.

                                                                                                                               has improved.

Priority                      Key Measures and Milestones                                                                  On Target?
1c) Contribute to             PI    Description                   What is good    07/08       Q3        Quarterly           Current position
tackling climate change
                                    Percentage of household
                                                                  performance?    Full Year   08/09     Target
 Working with partners
   to increase the
                                    waste sent for reuse,
                                    recycling and composting
                                                                  Higher is
                                                                                  39.18%      tbc       40%                    Likely to
   recycling rate to 45%      NI    Residual household waste      Lowers is
                                                                                  427         tbc       115.7 kg
   by April 2010 (i.e. the
   percentage of waste
                                    per household (kg)
                                    % of CO2 reductions from
                                                                  Higher is       New national indicators introduced for
   generated in               185   Local Authority Operations    better          2008/09. Data currently being

Priority                    Key Measures and Milestones                                                                    On Target?
  Waverley that is                Air Quality - % reduction in                    collected to report the first year’s     Likely to achieve
  recycled or               NI    NOx and PM10 emissions         Higher is        baseline data by June 2009.              current year’s
  composted) and by         194 through Local Authority’s        better                                                    recycling target of
  April 2015 to ensure            estate and operation                                                                     40%.
  that this rate increase   Milestone progress:
  on a year by year           Climate change initiatives held in 2008 include:                                            Stretching the
  basis to at least 55%;              o Green Travel Week                                                                  recycled %
  and                                 o Energy saving week                                                                 beyond current
 Achieving year on                   o Introduction of new waste bins throughout The Burys                                levels may require
  year improvements in                o Installation of a gas condensing boiler with solar-powered pre-warming facility.   a ‘step change’ in
  the Council’s carbon
                              A car share scheme for staff will be launched in March 2009.                                the service. The
  footprint from April
                              Set a target to reduce business mileage by 5% in 2009/10.                                   Council has a
                              Highlighted by Waste Improvement Network as one of the Top 20 Councils with the             clear policy
                                 lowest waste arising per head in 2007/08.                                                 commitment to
                                                                                                                           introducing a food
                                                                                                                           waste collection
                                                                                                                           as soon as it

                                                                                                                           Climate change
                                                                                                                           impact can be
                                                                                                                           assessed once

Priority                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                                        On Target?
1d) Safeguard the         PI Ref   Description                What is good     07/08       Aug –     Target                    Current
cleanliness of our                                            performance?     Full Year   Nov                                position
physical environment by                                                                    08/09
ensuring that, by April           Improved street and
2009, Waverley is
among the 25% best
                                  environmental cleanliness Lower is better
                                  – litter
                                                                                           10%       12%                     Likely to
performing councils in            Improved street and
England for litter and    NI
                                  environmental cleanliness Lower is better
                                                                                           25%       35%                         ?
                          195b                                                Indicator
graffiti levels.                  – detritus
                                  Improved street and
                                  environmental cleanliness Lower is better 3%
                                  – graffiti
                                                                                           1%        2%                     National
                                  Improved street and                                                                        marking
                                  environmental cleanliness Lower is better 1%
                                  – fly-posting
                                                                                           0%        0.5%                   figures not
                          Top Quartile benchmarking figures will not be available until late 2009. This information was      available.
                          previously collected at BV199, but is now weighted differently according to land use so the year
                          on year figures are not comparable.

Priority                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                   On Target?
1e) Provide a major       Milestone progress:                                                                Current position
boost to the wellbeing of 
the Farnham area with
                               The Council resolved to grant planning permission in October 2008 with
                               decision likely to be issued on completion of S106 agreement in February                 
the delivery, by               2009.                                                                             Likely to
December 2011, of the      Negotiations with Crest Nicholson underway regarding start dates on site.           achieve?
improved East Street
redevelopment.            Future actions:

Priority                   Key Measures and Milestones                                                  On Target?
                            Preparing the site – including compulsory land purchase
                            S106 agreement                                                             Good progress has been
                            Development agreement                                                      made moving this project
                                                                                                        forward, for example by
                                                                                                        securing planning
                                                                                                        permission for the site.

                                                                                                        However, Waverley needs
                                                                                                        to be realistic about the
                                                                                                        developers’ ability to
                                                                                                        deliver within target
                                                                                                        timescales in light of the
                                                                                                        current national economic

Priority                        Key Measures and Milestones                                                        On Target?
1f) Work with locality-based    Milestone progress:                                                                Current position
Partnerships, including
Hindhead Together,
                                 Hindhead Together ‘concept statement’ considered by the Executive in May 2008.
                                 Ongoing implementation of Farnham Park Historic Restoration Plan and ten year
Farnham Park and the                                                                                                  Likely to
                                     Management Plan.
Surrey Hills Partnership,                                                                                             achieve?
                                 Surrey Hills Partnership consultated on draft Surrey Hills AONB (Area of
supporting them to deliver
robust and sustainable
                                     Outstanding Natural Beauty) Management Plan took place Autumn 08.                   
plans for the future of those
sensitive areas.                                                                                                      Work with
                                                                                                                     partners on-

Other progress / achievements under this theme:

   Introduced fixed day waste collection system in response to customer feedback.

   Improved the % of alleged breaches of planning investigations actioned within 8 weeks from 57% in 2007/08 to 85% in Quarter 2
   Improved the % of complete Building control applications registered and acknowledged within 5 working days from 72.8% in
    2007/08 to 81.85% in Quarter 2 2008/09.
   New car parking strategy, considered by Executive December 2008, supports other forms of transport e.g. cycling, and encourages
    drivers of cars with low emissions with discounted parking permits.

2) IMPROVING LIVES – Improve the quality of life for all, particularly the more vulnerable in our society.

Priority                        Key Measures and Milestones                                                                 On
2a) Improve the uptake of       PI    Description                      Good      07/08       Q2      Quarterly
services among vulnerable       Ref                                    perform   Full Year   08/09   Target                 Current
and excluded communities                                               ance?                                                position
 Increasing, from April
                                      Number of IN2 Passport to
                                      Leisure cards issued
                                                                       is better
                                                                                 647         215     163                     
  2008, the year-on-year                                                         Q2          Q3
  uptake of IN2 Passport to                                                      08/09       08/09
  Leisure scheme                      Take-up of Benefits in target                                     Target is           Likely to
                                      groups – number of pensioners                                                         achieve?
  subscribers by 5%.
 Focussing on intelligence-
                                LI                                       Higher
                                13a receiving housing or Council Tax is better
                                                                                   5244       5368
                                                                                                        increase             
  led work to increase the            benefit.                                                          take-up
  year-on-year uptake of              Take-up of Benefits in target                                     Target is
  Housing and Council Tax             groups – number of people in
  Benefits by 2% in target
                                13b low-income families receiving
                                                                         is better
                                                                                   840        1274
                                                                                                        increase   
  groups (pensioners and              housing or Council Tax benefit.                                   take-up
  low-income families) from     Milestone progress:
  April 2008.                     Overview and Scrutiny completed a major review of day centres, including benchmarking
 Working with the voluntary         and comparisons with other authorities, which was considered by the Committee in
  sector organisations that          September 2008.
  Waverley supports, (and         Launched the ‘Don’t Lose Your Home or Business’ project in October 2008 in response to
  most notably our Citizens’
                                     the economic downturn – 106 enquiries had been received by 9 January 2009.
  Advice Bureaux, day
                                  Launched Waverley Community Partnership funding scheme of around £670,000 with a
  centres for the elderly and
  locality-based youth               new assessment process.
  services) to ensure that,       Set up support service to help community organisations find additional funding.
                                Future actions:

Priority                         Key Measures and Milestones                                                                         On
  from April 2008, there is a         IN2 rebrand and full relaunch early 2009.
  year on year increase in            Working with the day centres to improve service delivery and help secure future funding.
  the number of people                Collect usage figures from the organisations we fund via internal link officers.
  assisted by these services.

Priority                        Key Measures and Milestones                                                                On Target?
2b) Enhance the                 Milestone progress:                                                                         Current position
accessibility of Waverley
Borough Council payments
                                 Review of cash collection facilities undertaken and considered by Corporate
                                     Overview and Scrutiny Committee in June 2008, and the Executive in October
services by undertaking a            2008. The Council approved changes that will improve customer choice,
comprehensive review of              increase payment outlets in the Borough from 4 to over 50, and save over              Likely to achieve?
cash collection facilities by
April 2008 and
                                     £100,000 per annum.                                                                           
                                Future actions:
implementing key adopted
recommendations by April             Alternative payment receipting service to be put in place at outlets across the      Review completed.
2009.                                 Borough.                                                                             Initial
                                     Godalming cash office to close at 2pm from 1 April 2009 onwards.                     recommendations
                                     All cash offices to close by 1 April 2010 with introduction of increased number of   will be implemented
                                      payment outlets (52) across the Borough.                                             by April 2009.

Priority                       Key Measures and Milestones                                              On Target?
2c) Improve the Waverley       Milestone progress:                                                           Current progress
Training Services offering by:
 Expanding the coverage of        Business case to develop Central/Southern/Eastern base                          
  its e2e (Entry to                 considered, based on Connexions data. Review of Waverley
  Employment),                      Training Services (WTS) and new business plan agreed by                  Likely to achieve?
  apprenticeship and
  schools work, such that it
                                    Executive in December 2008 – immediate recommendation to
                                    consolidate service in Farnham under new contract arrangements                  
  is accessible to all of the       with Learning & Skills Council.
  Borough’s communities,        Performance figures for 2007/08 academic (August – August)                 Executive agreed WTS
  This will include work            received and being validated – to follow. Performance figures for    business plan in December
  during 2008 to develop a          2008/09 will be available late 2009.                                  2008, which identified that
  business case for an extra Future actions:                                                            the current economic climate
  base to serve the Eastern     Opportunity to pursue alternative locations for service provision to    was not the time to expand
  part of the Borough.              be considered in 2009/10.                                            the service geographically.
 Improving outcomes by
  securing at least 5%                                                                                    Final student completion
  additional performance                                                                                  data to follow. Indication
  against each year’s targets                                                                            that recession may lead to
  for the number of student                                                                              fewer ‘completions’ due to
  completions.                                                                                             fewer opportunities to
                                                                                                          progress to employment.

Priority                    Key Measures and Milestones                                                            On Target?
2d) Strengthen existing     Milestone progress:                                                                     Current position
relationships with all of
Waverley’s town and
                             Haslemere Healthcheck completed and published October 2008.
                             Cranleigh Healthcheck review undertaken. Publication due early 2009.                        
parish councils              Godalming Healthcheck (led by Godalming Town Council) undertaken and draft
(including Market Town           findings published November 2008.                                                     Likely to
Healthchecks, Parish         Quarterly meetings with all Town and Parish Councils active.                             achieve?
Plans and partnership
working) by April 2009
                             Beacon Hill regeneration project completed November 2008. Sustainable community
                                 partnership in place.
                             Frensham and Cranleigh Village Design Statements approved by Executive May
                                                                                                                    Work on-going.
                            Future actions:
                                                                                                                   Need to consider
                             Target in Planning Service Plan for 2009/10 to achieve 2 further Parish Plans each   how the success
                                 year.                                                                              of this work will
                                                                                                                     be measured.

Priority                    Key Measures and Milestones                                                            On Target?
2e) Embrace the             Milestone progress:
Council’s statutory and      Equality Impact Assessments in place across all services and completed for budget     Current position
community leadership
roles by delivering a
                                 setting process for 2009/10.
                             Corporate Equality Scheme published for consultation January 2009.
minimum Level 2 by          Future actions:                                                                            Likely to
March 2009, and Level                                                                                                  achieve?
                             Report to Executive in March 2009 on progress in achieving Level 2.
3 by March 2011,
against the Equality
                             Focus on this priority needs to be sustained to achieve Level 3 by March 2011.              
Standard for Local
Government.                                                                                                           On target to
                                                                                                                   achieve Level 2 by
                                                                                                                      March 2009.

Other progress / achievements under this theme:

   Supported the creation of the Waverley Disability Forum and the preparation of an action plan.
   Social Inclusion Strategy approved July 2008.
   Improved benefits service by offering face to face interviews to assess claims.
   Launched a shared Domestic Violence service with Guildford Borough Council
   Built in ‘I’m a Councillor, get me out of here’ and ‘Councillors’ Question Time’ as part of the regular civic process involving young
   Major review of Careline service considered by Executive December 2008, to bring together two different services into one single
    service which will bring efficiency savings and benefits for both customers and Waverley.
   Offering the Certificate in Equalities to all staff. The aim is for all staff to have completed the qualification by March 2011.
   Smooth introduction locally of the governments new concessionary fares scheme - over 17,000 new passes issued timely and
   Commendations for two projects which had close Waverley involvement: The Taste Youth Cafe in Cranleigh and the Haslemere
    Food Festival.
   Successful campaign against the closure of BT payphones, working closely with the Town and Parish Councils
   Successful community engagement in the campaign against the closure of post offices in the area
   Completion of the Beacon Hill Regeneration project with the Haslemere Initiative and the Beacon Hill community with funding from
   Major review of the work undertaken by the day centres in partnership with the day centres and users

3) LEISURE – Improve and support opportunities for all to take part in sport, recreation and culture

Priority                       Key Measures and Milestones                                                           On Target?
3a) Enhance the                Milestone progress:                                                                     Current position
environment for leisure and
recreation by:
                                £9.1m improvement scheme approved February 2008. Surveys of Leisure
                                    Centres to assess what works need to be done completed December 2008.                     
 Implementing major            Regular user groups held at each Leisure Centre                                           Likely to
  improvements to the          Future actions:                                                                             Achieve?
  Council’s leisure centres,
  in line with the timetable
                                National benchmarking against other centres now forms part of the
                                    management contract. The first visits will be completed January/February
  set out in the approved           2009.
  Leisure Strategy                                                                                                   Improvement project
                                Contractors shortlisted for improvement work detailed tender process will take      underway.
                                    place February 2009.

Priority                       Key Measures and Milestones                                                           On Target?
3a) Enhance the                PI    Description                  What is good     07/08       Q2      Quarterl
environment for leisure and    Ref                                performance?     Full Year   08/09   y Target        Current position
recreation by:                 Lle   Satisfaction with WBC         Higher is         57%       Awaiting results of
 Achieving satisfaction       1a    sports and leisure facilities better           (06/07)      Place Survey.                ?
  ratings for Waverley’s       Milestone progress:
  leisure centres that, by       Regular user groups held at each Leisure Centre
  April 2009, place us         Future actions:                                                                       Awaiting satisfaction
  among the 25% best             National benchmarking against other centres now forms part of the                  / benchmarking data
  performing councils in            management contract. The first visits will be completed January/February         – Place Survey
  England                           2009.                                                                            results awaited.

Priority                           Key Measures and Milestones                                                          On Target?
3b) Support the on-going           Milestone progress:                                                                    Current position
development of a first class
infrastructure for sport in
                                    23 Waverley clubs currently have Clubmark accreditation. 11 have gained
                                        accreditation since September 2008. Waverley is the best performing                     
Waverley, by assisting at least         Borough in Surrey.
8 more independent sports                                                                                                Likely to achieve?
clubs to gain Clubmark
accreditation by April 2011.                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                         2011 target already

Priority                Key Measures and Milestones                                                                     On Target?
3c) Support             PI        Description              What is good       07/08       Q3 08/09   Quarterly            Current position
improvements in the
health of our
                                  Adult participation in
                                                           performance?       Full Year              Target
populations by                    Sport and Active
working to increase               Recreation (Collected                           2008/09 (April – March) will be        Likely to achieve?
                        NI 8                               Higher is better
the total number of
people in Waverley
                                  by Sports England in
                                  rolling Active People
                                                                                    reported November 2009.
who participate in                survey)
regular physical                  Total number of visits                                                                Leisure centre visits
activity (3 x 30                                                                                                        have increased from
minutes per week) by
                                  to Waverley leisure
                                  centres per 1,000
                                                           Higher is better     7188        2774        2238                 2007/08.
1% per annum from                 population.
April 2008 onwards.                                                                                                        Awaiting Active
                                                                                                                           People survey

Priority                                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                 On Target?
3d) Deliver improved play opportunities   Milestone progress:                                                            Current
for children and young people across       Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at Holloway Hill completed and in use.           position
the Borough by implementing the key
actions of the Waverley Play Strategy,
                                               Official launch will be May 2009.
                                           Lottery funded position delivering play and activity days in 3 targeted        
to include by April 2009:                      areas of the Borough.
 Establishing new and improved play       Over 9’s play area installed at Snoxhall Fields in Cranleigh.               Likely to
   areas in Cranleigh, Farncombe and      Future actions:                                                               achieve?
   Farnham Park
 Installing a new Multi-Use Games
                                           New MUGA at Broadwater Park, designed in consultation with local
                                               young people, to be installed by April 2009.
   Area in Holloway Hill Recreation        Farnham Park Play Area has been highlighted for improvement 2009/10.
   Ground, Godalming                                                                                                  Most actions
                                           Encompassing Youth Strategy will be completed in 2009.
 Delivering new play and activity days                                                                                on target or
   in targeted areas of the Borough.                                                                                  programmed.

Other progress / achievements under this theme:
 Completed the new Museum of Farnham garden classroom, which utilises significant amounts of partnership funding.

4) SUBSIDISED AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Work for more subsidised affordable housing to be built, and to
manage Council housing well.

Priority                Key Measures and Milestones                                                                   On Target?
4a) Tackle the issue of Milestone progress:                                                                             Current position:
the affordable housing
shortage in Waverley by
                         Report considered by Executive in July 2008, investigating formal and informal
                             options for introducing Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPD) (in light of new                     
introducing                  guidance from the Government) requiring 40% affordable housing on relevant
Supplementary                sites or an interim approach.                                                                   Likely to
Planning Guidance, by    Work currently on hold, in light of the current recession.                                         achieve?
December 2008, to
seek a minimum 40%
                        Future actions:
                         Policies to secure affordable housing to be included in the Local Development
level of affordable
                             Framework (LDF) Core Strategy.
housing in                                                                                                            Work to introduce SPD
developments of 15                                                                                                    on hold in light of
units or more.                                                                                                        G’ment guidance and

                                                                                                                      Affordable housing will
                                                                                                                      be addressed as part
                                                                                                                      of LDF Core Strategy.

Priority                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                                     On Target?
4b) Demonstrate, by the   PI Ref   Description                  What is good   07/08            Q2        Quarterl
time of Waverley’s                                              performance?   Full Year        08/09     y Target
Autumn 2008 Housing                                                                               83% in 2008.             Current position
                                   Local Authority Tenant’s
Inspection, to on-going
improvements in the
                                   satisfaction with landlord
                                                                Higher is
                                                                               (06/07 Result)
                                                                                                  Top quartile in
                                                                                                 06/07 was 85%
                                                                                                                                
quality of our services            services
                                                                                                (District Councils)

Priority                    Key Measures and Milestones                                                             On Target?
 Achieving a ‘Good’
                                    Overall tenant satisfaction
                                                                Higher is        New                                Likely to achieve?

  score of 2 stars in the
                                    with the repairs service
                                    they received.
                                                                better           Indicator
                                                                                           96.90%     97%
  Inspection; and                   Tenant satisfaction with                                                        Inspection result as
 Scoring within the
  25% best performing
                                    the repairs service they
                                    receive – emergency.
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                           98.51%     98%            good as can be
                                                                                                                      expected given
  councils in our                   Tenant satisfaction with                                                          current level of
  comparator group for
  tenant satisfaction
                                    the repairs service they
                                    receive – urgent.
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                           98.80%     97%              resources.

  with both                         Tenant satisfaction with                                                         Achievement of 2
  Management and
  Maintenance of their
                                    the repairs service they
                                    receive – routine.
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                           97.07%     97%            stars will not be
                                                                                                                       possible until
  accommodation                                                                                                        Decent Homes
                            Milestone progress:
                              Result of Housing Inspection October 2008 was 1 star with uncertain prospects for         targets are
                                 improvement. Recommendations from inspection being implemented and                 achieved, which is
                                 incorporated into Housing service plan for 2009/10.                                 not possible with
                                                                                                                    the current level of

                                                                                                                    Tenant satisfaction
                                                                                                                      has improved.

Priority                    Key Measures and Milestones                                                                 On Target?
4c) Work with               PI Ref   Description                What is good   07/08       Q2       Quarterly              Current
contractors to ensure                                           performance?   Full Year   08/09    Target                 position
that, by April 2009,
Waverley has achieved
                                     Percentage of responsive
                                     repairs completed within
                                                                Higher is
                                                                               90.27%      94.72%      95%                   
a 25% improvement in                 Waverley’s target times.

Priority                     Key Measures and Milestones                                                                       On Target?
the number of housing               Percentage of responsive                                                                      Likely to
repairs carried out on a            repairs completed within                                                                      achieve?
right-first-time basis and
within the Council’s
                                    Waverley’s target times:
                                    Emergency (4hrs or
                                                                  Higher is
                                                                                    93.27%       89.12%       96%                   
target response times.              24hrs)
                                    Percentage of responsive                                                                         25%
                                    repairs completed within
                                    Waverley’s target times:
                                                                  Higher is
                                                                                    87.45%       94.45%       95%                target set
                                    Urgent (3-7 days)                                                                          before baseline
                                    Percentage of responsive                                                                       known.
                                    repairs completed within
                                    Waverley’s target times.
                                                                  Higher is
                                                                                    97.48%       98.91%       95%                Target may
                                    (30 days)                                                                                     need to be
                                    Percentage of responsive                                                                     reviewed in
                                    repairs completed right
                                    first time.
                                                                  Higher is
                                                                                                 85.58%       70%             light of current
                             LHM6 is collected through satisfaction survey sent to all tenants receiving day-to-day repairs.
                             Future Actions:
                              Continue to work with main repairs contractor to develop a more efficient and effective
                                  repair order and payment process.

Priority                   Key Measures and Milestones                                                               On Target?
4d) Fully evaluate the     Milestone progress:                                                                        Current position
business case for a
‘Special Purpose
                            Business case for ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ considered by New Subsidised
                                Affordable Housing Special Interest Group and reported to the Executive November
Vehicle’ – a means by           2008. Concluded that business case not viable in current financial climate.
                                                                                                                     Likely to achieve?
which the Council could
itself develop new
                            Resolved that a Local Delivery Vehicle company would be set up, but would remain                
                                dormant until a business case and risk assessments are developed for its use at an
affordable housing for
                                appropriate time. ‘Waverley Initiatives Ltd’ in process of being set up and            Business case
rent or sale. If proved
viable, the Council             registered with Companies House.                                                     considered. Future
would aim to deliver its   Future actions:                                                                           business cases for
first completed property    Develop business cases for Waverley Initiatives Ltd as appropriate.                     Waverley Initiatives
by April 2010.                                                                                                            need to be
                                                                                                                       highlighted and
                                                                                                                        considered to
                                                                                                                      deliver affordable

Other progress / actions under this theme:

   Produced a Homelessness strategy in July 2008
   Completed a comprehensive double glazing programme on our Council properties.
   Launched a campaign leading other local authorities calling for urgent and significant changes to the Government’s HRA subsidy
   Carried out a review of our sheltered housing service.

5) VALUE FOR MONEY – Ensure all our activities are customer-focused and provide good value for money

Priority                 Key Measures and Milestones                                                                           On Target?
5a) Act as prudent       PI    Description                    What is good     07/08       Q3         Annual                     Current
guardians of the         Ref                                  performance?     Full Year   08/09      Target                    position
Council’s finances to          Value for Money – total net
achieve a balanced and
                               value of on-going cash
                                                                Higher is         New        Target for 2008/09 submitted to
sustainable budget by          releasing value for money                                                                        Likely to
April 2011.              179                                    better            Indicator    Audit Commission - £930,000      achieve?
                               gains that have impacted
                               since the start of the year.
                               Percentage of Council Tax
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                  98.87%     88.70%      99%%        
                                                                                                                                On target
                               Percentage of NNDR
                                                                Higher is
                                                                                  99.89%     88.20%      99.3%                  despite
                         Milestone progress:
                           On target, despite current financial pressures, to achieve balanced budget with no
                              dependency on reserves April 2011. 2008/09 budget included £250k from reserves
                              (reduction of £350k). Projection for 2009/10 budget includes £70k from reserves (further
                              reduction of £180k).
                           Major efficiencies achieved in 2009/10 budget including realignment of income budgets to
                              reflect prudent projection of the continuation of the recession.
                           Audit Commission judged Waverley’s financial management and reporting as ‘performing

Priority                  Key Measures and Milestones                                                                            On Target?
5b) Demonstrate our       PI     Description                     What is good   07/08            Q3       Quarterly                Current
commitment to             Ref                                    performance?   Full Year        08/09    Target                   position
excellence by achieving                                                                          Awaiting results of Place
overall satisfaction
                          LI 4
                                 Satisfaction with the overall
                                 service provided by the
                                                                 Higher is          50%          Survey, carried out                  ?
ratings for Waverley’s                                           better                          September – December              Likely to
services that place us           Council.                                       (06/07 result)
                                                                                                 2008.                             achieve?
among the 25% best              Avoidable Contact – the                                          To be collected via sample
performing councils in    NI    proportion of customer                       New                 surveys February 2009.               ?
England.                                                     Lower is better
                          14    contact that is of low or no                 Indicator           Results to feed into Customer
                                value to the customer.                                           Care Strategy SIG.              Awaiting
                                Number of Level 3 (CEx)                                                                          place survey
                          LI                                                 New                                                 results and
                                and Ombudsman                Lower is better            12        -              -
                          1a                                                 Indicator                                           national
                                complaints received.
                          LI    Total number of complaints                   New                                                 bench-
                                                             -                          65        -              -               marking.
                          1b    received.                                    Indicator
                                % of complaints responded Higher is
                                to within target time        better
                                                                             68%        94%       75%                           Performance
                                Complainant satisfaction                                                                         responding
                                with the way in which their  Higher is       New        Annual indicator – to be                 to complaints
                          LI1d                                                                                                   has greatly
                                complaint has been           better          Indicator reported at year end.
                                handled.                                                                                         improved.
                          Future actions:
                            Customer Services Special Interest Group established late 2008 to review/improve
                               Customer Service.
                            Participatory budgeting – spring 2009.

Priority                          Key Measures and Milestones                                                                On Target?
5c) Maintain a ‘Good’ score       Milestone progress:
(3 or above) in the Audit          3 score maintained in 2008/09 Value for Money Assessment by the Audit Commission.         Current
Commission’s annual Value          Use of Resources Scores now all at Level 3 – ‘performing well’ ( an improvement from      position
for Money assessment.                  2007/08) covering:
                                            Financial Reporting
                                                                                                                              Likely to
                                            Financial Management
                                            Financial Standing
                                            Internal Control                                                                    
                                            Value for Money

Priority                      Key Measures and Milestones                                                                    On Target?
5d) Ensure that, by the       Milestone progress:                                                                              Current
end of 2009, annual                                                                                                           position
                                   On target to achieve over 85% spending on the latest approved capital budget, based on
capital spending is at
least 85% of the                    Capital monitoring statement December 2008.                                                  
approved budget on both            Report considered by Executive in September 2008 ‘recycled’ around £100,000 of capital
General Fund and                    savings to high priority schemes.                                                         Likely to
Housing Revenue                                                                                                               achieve?
Account programmes,
and maintain this level of                                                                                                       
performance thereafter.

Priority                   Key Measures and Milestones                                                                    On Target?
5e) Keep residents         Milestone progress:                                                                              Current
informed about the          Relaunched Waverley’s residents magazine ‘Making Waves’, with different editions              position
services for which they         tailored to different areas of the Borough and introduced a campaign-based approach to
pay, so that, by                publicity and communications.                                                                    ?
December 2010, at least     By adopting a campaign-based approach to communications, Waverley is improving                Likely to
80% of residents in             communications activities to ensure they are more customer focused as specific             achieve?
Waverley feel that the
Council is doing enough
                                messages are tailored towards the identified target audience.
                            Audit Commission judged Waverley’s annual financial report as being excellent.
to keep them briefed        New Council Tax leaflet introduced February 2008 giving comprehensive information on
about service delivery                                                                                                      Awaiting
                                services and performance.
developments,                                                                                                                 place
                            Awaiting place survey results to establish how well informed residents feel and whether
performance and cost.                                                                                                        survey
                                they feel the Council is providing Value for Money.

Other progress / actions under this theme:
 Launched our improved website and enhanced accessibility to the web through the ‘Wireless Godalming’ project – a first for a
    market town the size of Godalming.
 Adopted a customer care charter.


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