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					                                                             KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA: : PRABHATNAGAR : : GUNTAKAL
                                                          C.C.A.ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR 2009-2010(PRIMARY SECTION)
Dear Parents,
Kindly note down the schedule of activities given below. Contact the House Master for enrolment of your ward’s participation in different activities.
                                                                             Tentative dates of CCA competitions
Sl.No          Date                                   Item                             Participant’s        Classes eligible           Instructions to students/parents
                                                                                        particulars                                                 (Remarks)
01      17.04.2009            Allotment of Houses& selection of Captains
02      24.04.2009            English Calligraphy                                   Open to all         I to V
03      26.06.2009            Drawing                                               Open to all         I to V                    Bring colour pencils, sketch pens or crayons
04      03.07.2009            SUPW Creative Work                                    Open to all         I to V
05      10.07.2009            Group song                                            Selection           Group wise                Maximum participation is: 06
06      17.07.2009            English poem Recitation
                                                                                    Selection           Group wise
07      07.08.2009            English Essay writing                                 Open to all         II to V

08                             Science Activity                                      Group wise          III to V                 02 students from each group

        28.08.2009                                                                                                                20 Dictation words will be tested.
                               English words Dictation                               Individual          I & II

09      04.09.2009             Hindi Calligraphy                                     Open to all         I to V
10      11.09.2009             Hindi Recitation                                      Selection           Group wise
11      09.10.2009             Solo Song                                             Group wise          ABC
12      16.10.2009             English Story Telling                                 Selection           I to V
13      23.10.2009             Memory Retention Test                                 Selection           ABC                      Prepare at home
14      30.10.2009             Maths Quiz                                            Practice
15      06.11.2009             Maths Quiz                                            Selection           III to V
                               Multiplication Tables tellilng                        individual          I & II
16                             Poster writing                                        Group wise          III To V                 Select good slogans.
                               English Pledge                                        Individual          I & II

          14.11.08               Fancy Dress competition                                Open to all         I to V                 Negative characters are not allowed
          (Children’s Day)
17        27.11.2009             English Drama                                          Practice                                   Maximum participation is 08
18        04.12.2009             English Drama                                          Group wise
19        11.12.2009             Group dance                                                     Practice                          Maximum participation is 08
20        18.12.2009             Group dance                                            Group wise
Name of the House                        House master.
SHELLY                                   MrG.Rajasekhar
TENNYSON                                 Mrs.K.Rasheeda Bi
BROWNING                                 Mr.C.Venugopal
ARNOLD                                   Mrs.Shaik Jahera
Main points:- 1. Each child can participate in four events of selection items.
               2. Calligraphy, Essay Writing, Drawing and Memory Retention test are Compulsory for all students.
                  3. Class – I Group - A : classes - II and Class – III are Group –B, classes – IV and V are group- C
Note: - Parents are invited to witness the programme. Extend your co-operation for effective participation of your ward. Get the doubts clarified with the House Masters concerned regarding CCA
CCA in-charges:
M.D.Venkateswarlu, PRT
                                                   TENTATIVE C.C.A.ACTIVITIEFOR THE YEAR 2009-2010
                                                                (SECONDARY SECTION)

Sl.No.       Date                             Item                                 Remarks
01        04.04.2009   Division of Houses & selection of House captains.    Open to all
02        18.04.2009   Solo song & English Calligraphy                      Group -ABCD
03        25.04.2009   English Elocution                                    Group -ABCD
04        27.06.2009   Hindi elocution                                      Group -ABCD
05        04.07.2009   English skit                                         Group -ABCD
06        18.07.2009   Hindi skit                                           Group -ABCD
07        25.07.2009   English debate                                       Group -ABCD
08        01.08.2009   Rangoli                                              Group -ABCD
09        22.08.2009   Hindi Debate                                         Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
10        29.08.2009   Sales appeal                                         Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
11        03.10.2009   Group song in Hindi only                             Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
12        24.10.2009   Maths & science Quiz                                 Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
13        07.11.2009   Flower exhibition                                    Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
14        05.12.2009   Vegetable carving                                    Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
15        19.12.2009   Group Dance                                          Group –ABCD Sr.&     Jr.
                                                                BULLETEN   BOARD DISPLAY

June                            Current Affairs & Elections

October                         Festivals
                                                                   Display on or before 7th of
January                         Plant and animal life              every month

CCA in-charge:    Mrs.Neena Dey, TGT (English)
                  Mr.B.Kailas Shridhar,TGT (Hindi) Associate &
                  Mrs.Manjulath, TGT ( Associate.

                                              SECONDARY SECTION HOUSE MASTER/ASSOCIATE HOUSEMESTERS

HOUSE                  HOUSE MASTER                       ASSOCIATE HOUSE MASTER

SHELLY           Aditya Roy (TGT) Sanskrit part-time
                                                          Mr.B.V.Ramakrishna, WET

TENNYSON         Mrs.Manjulatha, TGT (So.St)              Computer Instructor

ARNOLD           Mr.V.V.Satyanarayana, TGT (Maths)        Mr.D.V.Ramudu, Lib

BNROWNING        Mrs.Triveni Gudi,TGT (Sci)               Mr.G.Sekhar Reddy, PET