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					May 2007

Entergy New Orleans Exits Bankruptcy                                                          Our Mission
Company Successfully Reduced Hurricane Costs to Customers
                                                                                        The mission of the Entergy
     In a victory for Entergy New Orleans and its customers, a judge’s ruling on      New Orleans Customer Service
May 3 cleared the final hurdle for the company to emerge from Chapter 11                  organization is to provide
bankruptcy.                                                                            exceptional customer service
     Twenty months after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans causing               safely and profitably by
                                                                                         fostering professionalism,
severe damage to ENO’s electric and gas infrastructure, bankruptcy judge Jerry
                                                                                      nurturing positive relationships,
Brown approved the company’s plan of reorganization. Under the plan, all                 communicating effectively,
creditors will be paid in full and the company will retain its work force of 400           unifying our efforts and
employees.                                                                            adapting a self-crucial attitude in
     Entergy New Orleans exited Chapter 11 one day after the judge signed the             servicing our customers.
ruling on May 7 allowing the company to operate out from under the bankruptcy
court’s jurisdiction. The step means ENO can continue providing service to              Customer Service Director
customers and restore its status as a financially viable company and a full-                  Melonie Hall
fledged partner in the community through charitable giving.                                     Region
     This development, coupled with last month’s award of $171.7 million in             Customer Service Manager
Community Development Block Grant funds to ENO, reflects the company’s                        Toni Green
success in reducing the impact of Hurricane Katrina storm costs on customers.
     ENO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 23, 2005, after the       Customer Service Managers
                                                                                           Mike Dupuis, District A
hurricane left 100 percent of the city without power and evacuations caused a
                                                                                           Sarah Sharp, District B
substantial loss of the company’s customers. The company obtained bankruptcy                  Vacant, District C
court approval to receive up to $200 million debtor-in-possession loans from                Lynn Lee, District D
Entergy Corporation to continue operations.                                            Katherine Miller-Harris, District E
     The storm spurred the largest mobilization of resources in Entergy’s history,
resulting in power being restored to New Orleans customers over the course of            For questions about your bill,
the next four months.                                                                 or to report a gas emergency, call:
     Since that time, ENO has worked hard to reduce the cost of the restoration                1-800 ENTERGY
and infrastructure repairs to limit rate increases for customers. That effort has
resulted in the CDBG grant, which is earmarked for costs associated with                    To report an Outage:
rebuilding the catastrophic damage to the ENO electric and gas systems                       1-800-9OUTAGE
caused by Hurricane Katrina and the cost of restoring the system to reliable
operations after the storm – charges that ENO would have been required to
pass on to customers.                                                                         In This Issue
     In addition, Entergy Corp. signed a settlement last month with an affiliate of
the AIG insurance company for $69.5 million. ENO will receive approximately           Page
$53.7 million of the settlement amount for damage to its facilities.                   2 Senior Fest 2007
     “Emerging from bankruptcy along with the awarding of the CDBG grant is
great news for our customers, who have endured so much in the wake of the              3   Recipe of the Month
greatest natural disaster our nation has ever experienced,” said Rod West,                 Personal Evacuation Plans
president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. “It means that storm costs which
would have been passed along in monthly bills will be covered through other            4   New Energy Efficiency
means.                                                                                     Collaborative Formed
     “While this is great news, we must recognize that our work is not done.
We have a devastated gas system and we must rebuild it. That work is only                  Energy Tip of the Month
beginning and it too will require hard work and sacrifice, but our goal is to
accomplish it with as little disruption as possible to commerce and our customers.”
Seniors See the Light at Senior Fest 2007
                                          Nearly 600 senior citizens attended the
                                     Entergy New Orleans-sponsored Senior
                                     Fest 2007, where company representatives
                                     educated customers about wise energy use
                                     in the home.
                                          Held on the University of New Orleans
                                     campus on Friday, ENO volunteers handed
                                     out free compact fluorescent light bulbs and
                                     demonstrated the savings they could reap
                                     from using a 15 watt compact fluorescent
                                     bulb compared to a 60 watt incandescent
                                     bulb. More than 435 attendees signed a
Charlie Koehl, metro region senior   pledge to replace an incandescent light           Entergy New Orleans customers enjoyed
mechanic, construction and           bulb in their home with a compact                 Senior Fest 2007. Of the attendees, 438
maintenance, left, and Christell     fluorescent bulb.                                 customers pledged to replace an incandes-
Gray, customer service specialist,                                                     cent light bulb in their home with a compact
center, use a Light Meter Box to         Volunteers also answered questions            fluorescent bulb.
demonstrate to a customer the        and provided information on hurricane
energy savings of a 15 watt          preparation, home safety and weatherization.
compact fluorescent light bulb
compared to a 60 watt incandes-          The volunteers were Sandra Hickman,
cent bulb.                           Charlie Koehl, Lynn Lee, Alvin Garibaldi,
                                     Alex Dunn, Katherine Miller-Harris, Christell
                                     Gray, Toni Green, Emily Voros, Melonie Hall
                                     and Sarah Sharp.
      Hosted by the New Orleans Council On Aging, Senior Fest is held each
year where seniors can socialize and interact with local organizations and
city officials.

               Entergy Wins 2007 Climate Protection Award from the EPA
     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this month recognized Entergy Corporation and 30 other individuals,
organizations and companies from around the world for outstanding efforts to protect the Earth's climate and
stratospheric ozone layer.
    The 31 recipients, who also include world customs inspectors, skin cancer prevention experts, an international bank,
a reverend, and director and actor Robert Redford, were honored by the EPA for demonstrating "ingenuity, leadership
and public purpose by improving their environmental performance and encouraging others to do the same."
    "I'm proud that our employees are making Entergy a leader in the national conversation about climate change,
one of the defining issues of our time," said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J. Wayne Leonard. "This EPA award
highlights the importance of preparation and planning so we are not faced with either-or decisions because we have
allowed the time to run out, not because we lack the means or creativity to accomplish both. Great companies find a
way to reach their financial goals without borrowing against the future. Nowhere is that more important than the
sustainability of our climate and the rights of future generations that cannot speak for themselves today."
     Entergy was the only utility company among 17 Climate Protection Award winners, who collectively purchased more
than 250 million kilowatt hours of green power. They also generated wind and solar power on-site, increased energy
efficiency, introduced new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, and slashed the use of
potent non-CO2 greenhouse gases. The other winners received the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for helping
to eliminate the use of ozone depleting substances in the agriculture and aviation sectors, and in medical inhalers.
    Entergy was the first utility in the nation to commit publicly to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and has led
the utility sector since. For example, Entergy established an internal Environmental Initiatives Fund, in which to date it
has invested nearly $15 million to complete 61 internal reduction projects that will achieve 6.2 million tons of CO2
emission reductions by 2010.
                                         One of Our Favorites
                      From Our “Woodstoves to Microwaves” Cookbook*
                                           Crawfish Jambalaya
                      1 ½ cups diced ham                         2 cups rice
                      3 or 4 cups crawfish meat plus fat         1 quart consomme, heated
                      2 tablespoons olive oil                    4 small tomatoes or 1 can (16-17 oz), finely
                      1 ½ tablespoons butter                        chopped
                      2 large onions, minced                     1 green pepper, chopped
                      2 cloves garlic, minced                    Cayenne
                      1 bay leaf                                 ½ cup sherry wine
                      Salt and Pepper                            ¼ cup dry red wine

Saute’ ham and crawfish in oil and cook slowly until heated. Add butter, onion, garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper
and rice. Saute’ until rice is brown. Add consomme’, tomatoes, green pepper and cayenne. Carefully stir
mixture; cover and simmer until rice is tender, about 25-30 minutes. Add sherry and wine. Do not stir.
Cook 5-10 minutes to heat thoroughly, Remove bay leaves. Yield: 8 servings.
*These recipes have been in use for a long period of time. They were developed and tested when home appliances
were not as efficient and powerful as they are today. Cooking times and temperature suggestions may have to be
altered to provide optimum results.

  Storm Season: Have a Personal Evacuation Plan Ready
     Subtropical Storm Andrea popped up off the East Coast in early May, surprising the
  weather experts who pointed out that hurricane season doesn’t officially begin until June.
      The preseason storm system sent TV meteorologists scurrying to the record books,
  checking to find out if any records had been broken or what, if anything, it means for the
  2007 hurricane season.
      Although Andrea turned out to be a dud, its early arrival served as a timely reminder that in spite of
  modern forecasting technology, weather systems can still act unpredictably and develop quickly. Everyone
  should be prepared in case of an emergency.
       The Gulf Coast is highly susceptible to summer storms. One of the best ways to be prepared is to have
  a personal disaster plan in place.
       Hurricanes Katrina and Rita taught everyone that these storms can cause significant water and/or wind
  damage that may keep people away from their homes for weeks or even months. The time is now to plan
  what families should do in the event of an emergency. A personal disaster plan should include the consider-
  ation that your family may have to evacuate and stay with friends or family for an extended period.
       Among the important considerations to include in a personal disaster plan:
       · Develop an emergency communications plan for family members to stay in contact.
       · Make arrangements for pets early.
       · Get flood insurance far in advance of the storm season.
       · Protect your windows.
       · Teach everyone how to respond after a hurricane.
       · Know what to do when a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning are declared.
       · Know what to put in a disaster supply kit
      Visit the Entergy Storm Center at www.entergy-neworleans.com for pre- and post-hurricane
  preparation and safety tips.
               Entergy New Orleans Launches                                                        Energy
            Energy Efficiency Collaborative Project                                             Management
    Entergy New Orleans announced this month the formation of a new                           Tip of the Month:
energy efficiency collaborative made up of local and national housing and energy
advocates charged with creating an energy efficiency initiative for the city.
     The collaborative intends to announce a working plan in 90 days that will
introduce cost-effective energy efficiency measures and programs that can be
implemented by a broad cross-section of the city’s population. It will also be
charged with finding sustainable revenue sources.
     “It has long been the goal of ENO, the New Orleans City Council, particularly
Council President Oliver Thomas, the Alliance for Affordable Energy and many
other community leaders to create a comprehensive energy efficiency and
conservation program,” said Tracie Boutte, Entergy New Orleans vice president
of regulatory. “Today, we have assembled an impressive and diverse team of                    Tips to Add to your
experts whose knowledge and input will be critical to the success of this effort.”                Laundry List
    Members of the collaborative include the: Alliance for Affordable Energy,
business community, William J. Clinton Foundation, Department of Energy,                    · Clean the lint filter after
Homebuilders Association of Greater New Orleans, Housing and Urban Develop-                   every load to cut down on
ment, Greater New Orleans Foundation, LSU Agricultural Center, New Orleans                    drying time. And remember,
Council on Aging, Total Community Action and ENO.                                             dry full loads of clothes - but
                                                                                              don't overload your dryer.
    One of the key issues facing the group is funding. Seed funding was provided
by the Entergy Charitable Foundation and the Homebuilders Association of                    · Dry loads back-to-back to
Greater New Orleans, but one of the primary goals will be to find sustainable                 take advantage of stored
sources of revenue from government agencies and from private and philanthropic                heat. Also don't overdry
sources.                                                                                      your clothes.
     “In creating this collaborative, ENO felt strongly that this should be an initiative
with the potential to produce concrete results targeted to the rebuilding effort,”          · Make sure there is a
said Boutte.                                                                                  vent from the dryer to the
                                                                                              outside of your house to
    The collaborative will assess energy efficiency needs in New Orleans; identify            allow hot air and moisture
education, training and technical support initiatives; create program designs;                to escape.
design and identify financing and reconstruction program funds; assess financing
and delivery needs and capabilities; and identify potential funding sources.
     The Conservation Services Group, a nonprofit that is nationally a recognized
leader in energy efficiency, will manage the process. CSG will work with a techni-
cal advisory group made up of the Alliance to Save Energy, the City Council
advisors and Henry Consulting.

                                         Did You Know?                                            Entergy Notes
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