; Etobicoke Collegiate Institute School Council Meeting
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Etobicoke Collegiate Institute School Council Meeting


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									                                  Etobicoke Collegiate Institute School Council Meeting
                                                  September 24, 2002
                                                         7:30 pm

Chairperson: Kathy Lloyd

Kathy welcomed new and returning parents and introduced Mr. Ellis, Ms. Hutzul, Mr. McKenzie and Mrs. Hooke.

Students from the SAC, Athletic and Music Councils introduced themselves and explained their leadership roles within the

The minutes from the May 2002 meeting were unavailable tonight but Kathy will ask Janet Marecheaux, past chair, if she has
a copy of those minutes. If so, they can be presented at the October meeting.

Kathy Lloyd explained that all parents of ECI students are automatically members of the School Council. There are 10 parents
who have indicated their willingness to be on the executive. Others are welcome to put their names forward to serve on the

Election of the chairperson for the current year was held. Diane Crocker nominated Kathy Lloyd for a second term. Terry Clark
seconded the nomination. There were no other nominations. Kathy Lloyd will be the chairperson for this year.

Student Council Report:
       Chris Spiering summarized activities undertaken by the Student Council, including Grade 9 barbeque I orientation the
        week before school began. This week is Grade 9 week with many events geared to the Grade 9 students.
       There will be a Halloween Dance November 1.
       The new special events committee will be having older students involved to promote activities among the younger
       Coming up is the United Way Stair Climb and later the Christmas Breakfast, which will include feeder schools.
        Parental help and guidance is welcomed.
       The athletic council is planning to generate lots of school spirit through numerous activities.

Kathy asked that any parents who are able to assist these students contact her.

Student Trustee Report;
Janelle Khan, an ECI student, is also one of the student trustees to the Toronto District School Board. She explained that she
has a symbolic vote at Board meetings. She summarized recent events surrounding the Board’s take over by Paul Christie at
the recommendation of Al Rosen once it was clear that the Board would not pass a balanced budget. Now trustees have no say
in budgetary matters but still do have an advocacy role and may express their opinions to the Director. They can still be
involved with matters such as expulsions. Due to the take over of the Board, there is a hiring freeze.

Ron Ellis handed out a copy of the official role of the T. D.S.B. Trustees

Staff Report: Peggy Hooke
       The staff of E C I began the school year with their main focus being on their students.
       The school lost one Vice Principal for this year.
       The school year got off to a smooth start.
       Peggy mentioned White Pine Leadership Camp, which promotes student leadership. Mr. Van Dyke was introduced
        as the staff member responsible for this program.
       The new teacher appraisal system is a cause of some concern.
       The teachers’ contract expired August 31. She feels that if the Board offers a contract that is perceived to be decent
        and humane, it would be accepted.

Chair’s Report:
   1. Again our thanks to Jan Marecheaux, the outgoing chair, for her dedication in the last number of years. At the end of
         June, we collected some money and purchased a thank you gift on behalf of all the parents.
   2. Please sign in on the lime green sheet - we communicate through email so leave that if you want School Council
   3. Our meeting dates for the year are: October 29, 2002, November 26, 2002, January 28, 2003, February 25, 2003,
         March 24, 2003, April 29, 2003, May 27, 2003 (the last Tuesday of the month).
   4    Time: 7:00 for executive in the principal’s office and 7:30 pm for the general meeting. Phone messages are sent to
         each child’s home prior to the meetings and it is noted on the board in front of the school.
   5. Parent to Parent Newsletter - is published several times each year - sent home with report cards. Sue Petkovsek has
         agreed to help put this together
   6. Web Site -School Council has a spot on the ECI website - minutes of meetings, dates of upcoming council meetings
         and any pertinent information
   7. If you have an item that you would like to see on our agenda, please call me at 416-239-1898 or email me at
       8.   Grade 9 parents’ night is on Thursday, Sept 26th and I will be attending to encourage the new parents to attend our
       9.   Have a list of the new roles and responsibilities of Trustees. Helen Kalitsis went to Donna Cansfield’s most recent
            ward meeting and reported that Donna was still playing an active role in the community and was speaking on a variety
            of media venues to explain the current circumstances surrounding the TDSB’s take over. Cansfield is concerned
            about governance of school boards. Her ward meeting dates can be found on the TDSB web site.

Principal’s Report

1. School Population (Ellis)
    1520 student bodies. 1502 (Full Time Equivalent)
    Average class sizes
     New staff, timetable adjustments
2. Double Cohort Evaluation (Ellis)
    Two streams- OSS and OSIS with varying evaluation requirements, yet only 10 exam days, some split classes and
     universities that value the new grade 12 program equal with the old OAC program
3. Attendance Policy (Hutzul)
     Proctors and the phone system help to keep the homes informed
     Consequences for non attendance- see policy
4. WhIte Pine (McKenzie)
    Another spectacular experience.
    Larger than usual because of the double cohort and accommodating the kids who are graduating.
5. Home Work Policy (Hutzul)
    See the student agenda page
6. Facilities (Ellis)
     Outside sign, freezer, painting, washrooms- delays due to shortage of maintenance workers
7. EQAO (McKenzie)
    October 23 and 24 all morning
    All other classes will begin at 12:30 to attend 4 shortened classes
     Results are improved from one year ago
    Mr. McKenzie asked for parent volunteers to assist in preparation of the EQAO literacy test materials.
8. AlternatIve Programs (Ellis)
     SWIS- School-Within-A-School

Mrs. Hooke mentioned that there was school-wide involvement in preparing students for this literacy test. Students must pass
the literacy test before they can receive their diploma.

A parent asked if there were sufficient Guidance Councilors during this year of the double cohort to allow for the preparation of
Grade 11 students. Mr. Ellis said that much of the information for senior students could be conveyed in assembly format.
allowing the councilors to have time for additional personal contacts.
All students may attend the Ontario University Fair www.ouf.ca which is coming up September 27-29 at the Metro Convention
Centre. It is an annual event. Colleges have a separate fair of their own. (See www.ocas.on.ca for details).
Out of province universities will be presenting at the Colony Hotel on Sunday.
Students and parents should consult the following web sites for useful information:
                            www.ouac.on.ca (Info booklet on-line)
                            www.cou.on.ca (Communicat on-line)

A parent asked if the format of Parents’ Night could be reconsidered, as it was hectic and difficult to get around the building.
The possibility of using student monitors to cut off interviews at the appropriate time was suggested

Ms. Hutzul requested help with commencement on Friday November 8, 2002. Kathy recorded names of parents able to help.
Ms. Hutzul also asked for two parents to sit on a committee to decide on the format of commencement for the double cohort
since it is such a large group. Larry Faseruk and Kathy Lloyd volunteered.

Ms. Hutzul handed out information about Advanced Placement course and explained what they were.
75 Reunion Report:
Larry Faseruk summarized some of the events surrounding the 75”' reunion plans. This will begin on May 7” with Opus.
Other events include a brunch on Sept 10th for staff, past and present, an open house and a gala dinner at the Old Mill (about
$100 per person). Mrs. Hooke said that Prefects would certainly be willing to help. Check school website for updates.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm. Thanks to Penny Young for taking the minutes.

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