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Full Name:              [Click here and type name, in block letters]
Educational Status:     3rd year (sophomore) undergraduate – Computer Science and Engg.

                                     ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
Examination     Year    Percentage             Institution                          Subjects taken
Class XII

Class X

Current CPI (Cumulative Performance Index):     [Click here & type Current CPI]

Professional courses completed / currently in progress
1. CS210 – Data Structures                               2. CS220 – Computer Organization
3. CS245 – Introduction to Algorithms                    4. CS301 – Discrete Mathematics
5. CS330 – Operating Systems                             6. CS350 – Principles of Programming Languages
7. CS355 – Programming Tools & Techniques

Professional courses likely to be taken next semester (completed before summer 2002)
1. CS335 – Principles of Compiler Design &               2. CS340 – Theory of Computation
Translating Systems
3. CS315 - Principles of Database Systems                4. [D-EL you might take]

                                     PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN

[Give a title and short description of each project. Don't go overboard!!!]

                                     POST-GRADUATION PLANS

[Briefly mention your plans after graduating - study - if so what/work etc.]
                                       PERSONAL DETAILS
Contact Information:
        IITK Address:           [Click here and type Room No/Hall N]
        email address:          [Click here and type email addr]
       Permanent address:       [Address line 1]
                                [Address line 2]
                                [Address line 3]
       Phone Number:            [Click here and type permanent phone number]
Date of Birth:           [Click here and type] Nationality:   [India??]   Sex:   [Male/Female]