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									                          ENROLLMENT FORM
            Complete and forward with deposit to:                                         The following will also be members of my / our party:
                        CRAIG TRAVEL
                                                                                          Name(s)                                              Date of Birth
       1092 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4P 2M6                                       SAME AS PASSPORT                                     DD/MM/YYYY
           Tel: (416) 484-0926 / Fax: (416) 484-8143
                   Toll Free: 1-800-387-8890                                              Name(s)                                             Date of Birth
                                                                                          SAME AS PASSPORT                                    DD/MM/YYYY
                Website: www.craigtravel.com
                 Email: info@craigtravel.com                                              Address

    These tours are available exclusively from Craig Travel                               City                                       Province
              and cannot be booked elsewhere                                              Postal Code                                Tel (       )

I/We desire reservations on the following tour/cruise:                                    Email

                                                                                          Please confirm my/our air reservations from:
Departure Date
                                                                                          □ Toronto            □ Montreal            □ St John’s              □ Calgary
                                                                                          □ Ottawa             □ Halifax             □ Winnipeg               □ Edmonton
Name(s)                                              Date of Birth
SAME AS PASSPORT                                     DD/MM/YYYY                           □ Windsor            □ Saint John          □ Regina                 □ Vancouver
Address                                                                                   □ London             □ Moncton             □ Saskatoon              □ Victoria
City                                         Province                                     □ Other (please specify)
Postal Code                                  Tel (       )
                                                                                          Have you travelled with us before?                               Yes         No
Email address
                                                                                          Senior citizen? (60+ years)                                      Yes         No
Enclosed is $              deposit (amount of deposit required is                         Smoker?                                                          Yes         No
noted on individual brochures) to hold my reservation.

Make cheque payable to Craig Travel or complete the Credit                                HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
Card Authorization form below. Statement of balance due will be                           □ Share twin-bedded room (included in basic tour cost)
sent with confirmation of reservation. The deposit includes the
cost of comprehensive insurance. If you feel that you have                                □ Share double room (one large bed) (included in basic tour cost)
adequate alternate coverage, please discuss this with our agent                           □ Individual requesting to share twin room
at time of booking.
                                                                                          □ Single room               □ Triple room                  □ Quad room
I hereby authorize Craig Travel to charge the following to my
credit card, as defined below:
                                                                                          CRUISE ACCOMMODATION (if applicable)
Visa               MasterCard                           Expiry Date            /          (See individual brochures for categories available)
Amount of charge                                                                          □ Basic cabin (included in tour cost)
Credit Card #                                                                             □ Superior cabin*
Name on Card                                                                              □ Single cabin* (where available)
Signature                                                                                 □ Individual requesting to share twin cabin (where available)
                                                                                          *Please specify category                            □ Inside           □ Outside

TO RESERVE your place on this tour or cruise, simply complete the above form              BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE on most products is limited to one checked suitcase per person
and send it with your deposit (the amount of the deposit is shown on each tour            plus a complimentary flight bag (provided by Craig Travel).
brochure). Craig Travel will accept payments by cheque or credit card (VISA or            SINGLE ROOMS are available in very limited numbers on most tours and cruises at the
MASTERCARD only) for deposit and/or final payments. Reservations may be made              supplements noted in the individual brochures.
by telephone but this enrollment form must also be completed, signed and sent to          SHARING ACCOMMODATION Individuals travelling alone may request to share during
our office. When completing the form, please be sure to indicate your chosen tour,        the tour. In most cases we are able to find a suitable travelling companion. Should this
the departure date, and the city where you will join the tour.                            prove impossible the individual would be responsible for paying the single supplement.
SPACE IS LIMITED Please be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.                    SMOKING In accordance with the wishes of our tour members, smoking will not be
FINAL PAYMENT is generally due at least two months prior to departure (in some            allowed on the touring coach.
cases earlier). On confirmation we will send an invoice showing final payment due         CHURCH SERVICES will be arranged for the benefit of our members where the itinerary
date. If making final payment by credit card, please advise us in ample time and          and local conditions permit.
ensure that you have adequate credit on your credit card. Craig Travel reserves the       A TOUR LEADER will accompany all groups provided we have a minimum of 20 tour
right to pass credit charges to third parties (e.g. airlines, cruise lines and tour       participants. In addition, on most foreign tours, groups will be met and escorted by a
operators). On receipt of final payment, final tour documentation will be sent to         professional tour manager or guide.
reach you about two weeks prior to your departure.                                        TOUR COSTS in all our brochures are listed in Canadian Dollars. Prices are based on
CANCELLATION CHARGES will vary between products and will apply from 90 days               costs effective on the date noted in the brochure and are subject to change due to airfare
prior to departure or earlier. Detailed information is available on request.              increases, changes in the exchange rate or other factors beyond our control. Rates are
COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE The cost of insurance is included in your tour cost               per person and based on two persons sharing a room in hotels (and/or two persons
and deposit and it will be applied at the time cancellation penalties begin (90 days or   sharing a minimum cabin during the cruise) as noted in the individual brochures.
more prior to departure). This insurance carries restrictions for clients with pre-       NOT INCLUDED in tour costs: meals except as noted, passport and visa expenses
existing medical conditions. Full details of the insurance coverage and penalties         (except as noted), alcohol and other beverages unless included in meal cost, telephone
associated with each product are available on request and will be provided on             calls, laundry and other items of a personal nature. On cruises, shore excursions are not
receipt of your deposit. In any event, once purchased, the cost of this insurance is      included except as specially noted in the tour brochures. Supplements for single rooms or
non-refundable.                                                                           upgraded accommodation are noted in the individual brochures or available on request.

                                       What you can expect on a Craig Travel Tour or Cruise
                                                     Fully Inclusive Pricing
FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION                                                  addition, the coverage provides for medical expenses, baggage
We carefully select our hotels to offer you first class or deluxe          protection, accident and flight insurance.
hotels in each area that we visit. Where these categories are not
available, we will use the best available hotels.                          A CAREFULLY PLANNED ITINERARY
                                                                           Each tour is carefully planned with you and the destination in mind.
FULLY ESCORTED TOUR PROGRAMS                                               Where possible, we avoid those early starts and long days, we
Our tours are planned so that they will be escorted from Canada by         include sightseeing and admission charges, and we leave you
a well travelled, experienced tour leader, as specified in each of our     enough free time for personal relaxation, exploration, and shopping.
brochures. In addition, where required on foreign tours, you will be       Where possible, we include two or three night stays in areas of
met by professional English-speaking tour managers and/or guides.          special interest.
Together they will take care of all troublesome details of travel,
ensuring a carefree and pleasant holiday.                                  EXCEPTIONAL VALUE
                                                                           Because we arrange the tour and offer it directly to you, we can
TOP QUALITY TRANSPORTATION                                                 offer you excellent value for your travel dollar. In addition, only the
Generally you will fly on regularly scheduled air carriers. Coach          best available group or advance purchase airfares are used.
travel will be on the best available and most suitable coaches in
each area visited. We carefully select the cruise lines that we use,       TRAVEL AT THE BEST TIMES
thus ensuring you the highest quality of service, cuisine and              In offering only one or two departures, we carefully select the best
accommodation.                                                             time of year to visit each area. We also select dates that offer the
                                                                           best seasonal airfares and hotel rates.
You know from our brochure just exactly what your tour cost will be,       PRE-TOUR INFORMATION
and what it includes.                                                      Prior to joining the tour you will receive a package of pre-tour
                                                                           information. While the amount and type of information will vary
MOST MEALS INCLUDED                                                        from tour to tour, it will likely contain climate and clothing
Generally, at least half of your meals are included in your tour cost.     suggestions, shopping tips, a suggested reading list and facts
The included meals are shown on each tour itinerary.                       about the countries that you will visit. In addition, we will advise
                                                                           you about any health requirements and will assist you in obtaining
ALL GRATUITIES ARE INCLUDED                                                any visas or tourist cards required. Needless to say we are willing
Tips for porters, waiters, even for your tour manager and coach            and able to answer any questions that you may have about your
driver, in fact, tips for all services included in the tour will be        tour or your destination.
handled by your tour leader, leaving you free to thoroughly enjoy
your trip. On cruises, tips for cabin and dining staff are always          CONGENIAL TRAVEL GROUP
included.                                                                  On our tours you will travel with a friendly group of people with
                                                                           similar interests and backgrounds.
These include airport taxes, port taxes, hotel and government              LIMITED GROUP SIZE
taxes.                                                                     Most of our tours are planned for a membership of between 20-40
                                                                           guests. Cruise groups may vary in size.
Group members joining from Southern Ontario will be provided with          A CHOICE OF FLIGHT BAG OR LUGGAGE STRAP will be
airport transfers, where available. All other group members will be        provided with our compliments for you to use on the tour.
provided with an equivalent value (a bonus credit or overnight hotel
accommodations as needed).                                                 EFFECTIVE Sept 1, 2008, all new bookings will be subject to an
                                                                           Administration Fee of $50 pp which will apply from date of deposit
COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE IS INCLUDED to protect your                        until the date penalties apply – this fee will not be covered by
funds on deposit if you are forced to cancel for medical reasons. In       insurance.

RESPONSIBILITY Craig Canadian Group Travel Ltd and its tour              control, or for any loss or damage resulting from improper or
operators (herein called the Companies) act only as agents for           insufficient passports, visas, or other documents, and that neither the
the hotels, airlines, bus companies, railroads, cruise lines or          Companies nor any of its affiliated companies shall be or become
owners or contractors providing accommodations, transportation           liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained
or other services, and all coupons, exchange orders, contracts,          or incurred by the tour participants as a result of any of the foregoing
and tickets issued by the Companies are issued subject to any            causes. Airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act,
and all tariffs, terms and conditions under which any                    omission, or event, during the time the passengers are not on board
accommodations, transportation or any other                services      their aircraft.
whatsoever are provided by such hotels, airlines, bus companies,         Craig Canadian Group Travel Ltd operates under the business name
railroads, steamship lines or owners or contractors and, by the          Craig Travel, Craig Tours, Craig Cruises, Christian Tours and Travel
acceptance of such coupons, exchange orders, receipts,                   and Bibleland Journeys. It is not in any way affiliated with, nor is it an
contracts and tickets, the tour participants agree to the foregoing      agent or representative of, the Anglican Journal, the Presbyterian
and also agree that neither the Companies nor any of their               Record or the United Church Observer (herein called the
affiliates shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss,        Publications). The Publications do not assume any responsibility for
injury or damage to person, property or otherwise in connection          the financing, arranging or conducting of these tours, nor liability for
with any accommodations, transportation or other services or             damages or financial loss to person or property that might occur in
resulting directly or indirectly, from acts of God, dangers incident     connection with these tours however arising, whether by negligence
to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of           or otherwise.
governments or other authorities, de jure or de facto, wars,             Craig Canadian Group Travel Ltd (Craig Travel) is a retail travel
whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes,       agency licensed under the Ontario Government Ministry of Consumer
riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or             and Commercial Relations, Travel Industry Act 1975. Registration No
customs regulations, delays or cancellations of or changes in            1498987. Funds on deposit are protected by the compensation fund
itinerary or schedules or from causes beyond the Companies’              as defined by the Ontario Travel Industry Act 1975.


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