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					       What is a ServingMinds?
A multimedia Contact Center based in Nepal. ServingMinds is
one of the first Multimedia Contact Center in Asia, setup to do
outsourced business in English speaking countries such as North
America, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
What is a Multimedia Contact Center?

  It is a contact point between a company and its
  customer. Besides phone, today’s contact center
  use web-integrated services such as e-mail, chat,
  VoIP, video conferencing, URL push, co-
  browsing, IVR, and fax to interact with customers.
  Contact center is used for the purpose of sales,
  marketing, customer service, technical support
  and for other specialized business activity.
           Why do companies outsource Contact Center activities?

            •Core competency
            •Quality of manpower
            •New and Changing Technology/internet

                                                           Direct link to satellite
                                                           through rooftop dish

        USA                           Europe earth


Phone                                                                            Fax      Phone

        customers                                                                agents
How does ServingMinds response to these issues?
 •   Cost
      – 40 to 60% less
 •   Retention
      – very high retention rate
 •   Quality manpower
      – availability of graduates
 •   New/changing technology
      – easy access to new technology and software technicians
 Problems we faced and solutions we had

          Problem                       Solution
Marketing/contact in target   Internet marketing / consultants
market                        / wholesalers
Quality                       Training / ISO / Six sigma /

Experience                    Contract with experienced
                              manager / process manager
Country brand                 Association with international
            Present Situation

• Local Jobs
  – Nepal Levers, Thompson Nepal, McCann-Erickson
• Wholesalers/Consultants
  – US, UK, and Australia