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					           Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

How to Arrange an “Event” with OCDF?
      OCDF makes it easy for any group to host an informational workshop without breaking a
non-profit groups budget. We know volunteer-run adoption support groups are under-funded
and under-staffed, and we can help you develop an effective, inexpensive, educational
presentation in 7 simple steps:

1) Choose an OCDF Workshop or Speaker Topic or consider having a Chinese Culture Day or
Culture Camp Weekend!

Here are a few popular suggestions for topics for adoptive families:
      “Returning to China with your Adopted Child”
      “What’s in an Orphanage File?”
      “Walking Down the Village Path – Meeting Birthparents in China”
      “Living in China with your Adopted Child”
      “The Status of Orphanages in China”
      “AIDS in China and how it’s impacting Children”
      “Forming a Multicultural Family”
      We have many other topics and several speakers to select from!

Chinese Culture Day or Culture Camp Weekends:
       Half-day, full-day or weekend events can be arranged through OCDF. We can work with
you to host Chinese culture speakers, crafts programs and culture workshops for kids/parents.
These activities are family friendly. OCDF has craft kits and instructors for over 40 artisan-
designed and traditional Chinese crafts for kids and adults including Chinese musical instruments
and dance. These come with handouts, CDs, and supplies. These are also wonderful for heritage
days and birthday parties!
       OCDF also will provide in-service training programs for classroom teachers, home-
schoolers, and parents related to 40 different Chinese Culture theme activity books designed for k-
8 children being published this year.

Visit the OCDF website for information about us or contact Jane Liedtke

2) Decide on a Venue
       Look for low-priced or free community space for your workshop. Schools, churches, civic
centers, clubs (particularly service organizations), adoption agencies, library meeting rooms, and
office conference centers are common choices. Check with your membership to find personal

                       Our Chinese Daughters Foundation (OCDF)
                       109 W. Monroe St., Bloomington, IL 61701 USA or
              199 Chaoyangmennei, Richland Court 105 & 112, Beijing 100010 China
                  Telephone in USA: 309-829-8202 in China: 011-8610-8403-4979
            Our Chinese Daughters Foundation
connections to inexpensive rooms. OCDF is a non-profit foundation, which sometimes lowers
space rental fees. Ideally, you want your venue to be easily accessible, centrally located, and have
adequate parking.
       How much room do you need? Base your decision on these factors: Figure out how many
families are in your group. Decide if you are going to be selling “Marketplace” merchandise on
tables (and how many tables). Will you be providing child-care for workshop attendees and
shoppers, and will you need an additional room for this service (away from where the speaker
will be)? Will you be having a craft room for kids (and how much space do you need for that)?

3) Finance Your Workshop AND Make Money for Your Group!
Funding Ideas:
        Organize OCDF Marketplace Shopping for the day of your event, and use your profits to
pay your workshop expenses. Marketplace Fundraising is popular throughout the country, and
consists of high quality items purchased directly from vendors in China (lots of great stuff you
will not find in other catalogs!). It is an excellent place to stock up on gifts, classroom presentation
souvenirs, craft kits, and inexpensive goody bag/party favors. OCDF can send you merchandise
to sell or we can be a vendor at your workshop, and your group will retain 10% of the sales
income. When your organization has a big holiday or adoption-related event scheduled, we are
able to send staff from throughout the US to assist in the China marketplace. The merchandise is
priced intentionally lower than other vendors because we are a non-profit organization, and wish
to only cover costs of bringing the merchandise to you.
        Visit and click on our newsletters or catalog (such as Fall 2006, Winter 2007)
for an idea of some of the items available for the Marketplace that your membership/participants
could purchase. OCDF will pay the shipping to your event location (to the home of a volunteer
typically) and your organization pays for the return of the merchandise to OCDF. We can help
you estimate based on attendance how many tables and therefore how many boxes of
merchandise are needed.
        Team up with an adoption agency (or another International Adoption parent support
group) to co-sponsor OCDF to speak. Our topics are universal and although we are China-based
adoptive parents, our information and ideas are very relevant to parents of adopted children from
all other countries as well.
        Schedule us to speak as part of another FCC or local adoption event, where admission fees
would cover any OCDF speaker’s cost. Culture Day, adoption conferences or workshops, speaker
forums, and adoption agency open-houses are options. Mini-grants are sometimes available from
adoption organizations.

4) Publicity
      We will help you design an easy PR campaign to bring in workshop attendees and
Marketplace shoppers. OCDF can supply you with brochures, pre-written emails to send to your
membership, a format for promotional flyers, and free hand-out examples for download or

                        Our Chinese Daughters Foundation (OCDF)
                       109 W. Monroe St., Bloomington, IL 61701 USA or
              199 Chaoyangmennei, Richland Court 105 & 112, Beijing 100010 China
                  Telephone in USA: 309-829-8202 in China: 011-8610-8403-4979
           Our Chinese Daughters Foundation
copying. We suggest that you set a workshop date that gives you plenty of time to advertise (3 to 6
months out), and that you send an immediate “save-the-date” email or newsletter blurb to all
potential attendees and local adoption agencies. Consider opening the event up to the community
and post in community events sections of church/temple newsletters or town newspapers.

5) Volunteers
       OCDF can give you an estimate on the number of volunteers needed for your event, based
on the number of families in your group and whom you are targeting your workshop toward. A
couple of volunteers can work a small event with 4-6 tables, while 8-12 parents are utilized for a
large event that is including a big Marketplace.
       Waiting Families are a great source of volunteer energy, and we encourage groups to
actively seek their participation.
       A wonderful added benefit to working an event: volunteers receive 10% off of the
Marketplace merchandise when they work a half-day or 2-3 hour shift, or do set-up or pack-up.

6) Flexibility
       Sometimes OCDF can work with you so that speaker costs are reduced or there are no costs
for the speaker! OCDF wants to visit places off the beaten path as well as large adoption groups.
We know it’s hard to sponsor speaker travel costs for example. If we have an OCDF joint event –
where OCDF has a 1-2 day event with Chinese Culture Camp or Craft Programs or can promote
our OCDF China Tour programs through the event, we can consider waiving the speaker’s fee. If
your FCC group volunteers, without 10% off for the volunteers, we can also consider no speaker’s
fee. We will work with YOU to make the program a win-win and success. Our goal is to be
supportive of your group but also cover our costs as a non-profit organization.

7) Contact OCDF for our Event Planning Form!
       If you or your group has been thinking of sponsoring a workshop and you would like more
detailed information about OCDF’s 7 simple steps, please email Amy Witzig or
call 309-829-8202 (EST) and leave a message. Amy would be happy to talk with you about pulling
together a worthwhile experience for your families, and answer any of your Workshop or
Marketplace questions.

                       Our Chinese Daughters Foundation (OCDF)
                       109 W. Monroe St., Bloomington, IL 61701 USA or
              199 Chaoyangmennei, Richland Court 105 & 112, Beijing 100010 China
                  Telephone in USA: 309-829-8202 in China: 011-8610-8403-4979

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