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					                              HOW STUFF WORKS

Note the internal links above the photograph...follow those links to
answer the following questions.

A. How Blimps Work

Q1: What is an LTA?

Q2: How is a blimp like/unlike a hot air balloon?

Q3: How is a blimp like other aircraft?

B. How Blimps Work (Inside a Blimp)

Q4: The 'Blimp Diagram' is interactive...choose different parts to determine their

Q5: What is the metric pressure inside the envelope?

Q6: What is the purpose of the 'nose cone battens'?

Q7: What is the purpose of the ballonets?

Q8: What are the two purposes of the Catenary Curtain?

Q9: What is the location and purpose of the rudders and elevators.

Q10: Describe the engines used that provide the thrust to move ahead.
Q11: What do the air scoops, air valves do?

Q12: What is the purpose of the gondola?

C. How a Blimp Flies

Q13: What prompted the end of the use of Hydrogen in airships?

Q14: The blimp on this page is also interactive. Hit the 'vent air' button to lift the blimp.

Q15: Describe positve, negative and neutral buoyancy.

D. Uses of Blimps and Airships

Q16: For what are blimps used?

E. Blimp History

Q17: Historically, for what did the military use blimps?

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