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Baltimore to host the 55th annual electronics technology conference…

      Energy-efficient electronics, 3D memory structures, graphene-based
   semiconductors and advanced bioelectronic technology to be highlighted at
             2009 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting
BALTIMORE, MD (September 15, 2009) -- The annual IEEE International Electron Devices
Meeting (IEDM) returns to the U.S. East Coast this December. The world’s best scientists and
engineers in the field of electronics will showcase their work in a program of papers, panels,
special sessions, Short Courses and other events that will spotlight more leading work in more
areas of the field than any other conference. The range of topics includes:
     Energy-efficient technologies, such as light-powered retinal implants and solar cells
        made from inexpensive organic materials
     The next generation of technology for mainstream computer chips -- a fully featured 32-
        nm technology platform
     Nanoscale transistors and three-dimensional memories
     One-atom-thick graphene -- the ultimate way to decrease the size of electronic systems?
     A continuing focus on device/circuit interactions

        The IEDM is the world’s premier forum for the presentation of applied research in
microelectronic, nanoelectronic and bioelectronic devices. The 55th annual conference will be
held at the Hilton Baltimore on December 7-9, 2009 preceded by a day of Short Courses on
Sunday, Dec. 6. Although the conference usually alternates between San Francisco, CA and
Washington, D.C., it will be held in Baltimore this year because of extensive renovations at the
usual venue, where it will return in 2011. Some 215 papers will be presented by researchers from
corporations, universities and government labs worldwide.

        “The topics to be discussed at this year’s IEDM highlight a broad range of exciting
potential uses for micro and nanoelectronic technologies, including energy-efficiency, alternative
energy, environmental, health and infrastructure applications,” said Dr. Veena Misra, IEDM
2009 Publicity Chair and Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at
North Carolina State University. “It’s often been said that the IEDM technical program is a sort
of crystal ball, because the advanced technologies it features are the basis of products that will be
on the market in three-to-five years. As electronic systems become more pervasive, that has
never been more true.”
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Special Session on Technology and Circuit Interdependence
        Because circuits and technology are becoming increasingly interdependent as electronic
systems become more sophisticated, for several years the IEDM has held a special session with
invited participants who address aspects of that relationship. This year’s edition, “Confluence of
Technology and Design: Design Issues on 32/22 nm and Beyond,” will be held Tuesday
afternoon, Dec. 8. The session will bring together design experts from different application areas
to discuss key issues in the development of advanced CMOS technology.

Emerging Technologies Session -- Graphene Nanoelectronics
       This year’s Emerging Technologies session will feature invited talks from leading experts
on graphene nanoelectronics. Graphene, sometimes described as an unrolled carbon nanotube, is
a one-atom-thick sheet of bonded carbon atoms with exceptional electronic, thermal and
mechanical properties that give it great potential for electronics applications.

Plenary Presentations
      IEDM 2009 will open with three plenary talks, which are:
    “New Perspectives from Micro and Nanotechnologies in Healthcare and Diagnosis,” by
      Jean Chabbal of CEA-LETI-MINATEC;
    “Printed Organic Transistors: Toward Ambient Electronics,” by Takao Someya, of the
      University of Tokyo;
    “Technology Trends and Future Requirements,” by John Chen of nVidia Corp.

Evening Panel Sessions
        On Tuesday evening, December 8 at 8 p.m., the IEDM will offer attendees two evening
panel discussions. These are less-formal events and audience participation is encouraged, with
the goal of fostering an open and vigorous exchange of ideas. One panel is on the topic
“Managing Innovation: An Oxymoron?” while the other will explore “Technology Elements for
the 15 nm Node.”

Short Courses
        The IEDM offers two day-long short courses held the Sunday before the meeting
officially begins. They give attendees the opportunity to learn about emerging new areas and
important developments, and to benefit from direct contact with expert lecturers. They also
include more general introductory material. Advance registration is required.
        This year’s courses on Sunday, December 6 are “Low Power/Low Energy Circuits: From
Device to System Aspects” and “Scaling Challenges: Device Architectures, New Materials, and
Process Technologies.”

Luncheon Presentation
       The IEDM Luncheon presentation on Tuesday, December 8 will be given by Pushkar
Apte, Vice President of Technology Programs for the Semiconductor Industry Association.

Further information
      For registration and other information, interested persons should visit the IEDM 2009
home page at www.ieee-iedm.org. Or contact:

Phyllis Mahoney, Conference Manager          telephone (301) 527-0900
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Widerkehr & Associates                        fax: (301) 527-0994
19803 Laurel Valley Place                     e-mail: iedm@his.com
Montgomery Village, MD 20886

About the IEEE
        IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.), the world's largest technical
professional association, is commemorating its 125th anniversary in 2009 by "Celebrating 125
Years of Engineering the Future" around the globe. Through its more than 375,000 members in
160 countries, IEEE is a leading authority on a wide variety of areas ranging from aerospace
systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and
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