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(This letter is to be given to employees who previously received notices of temporary in lieu of
furlough participation.)

TO:            List names of affected clerical unit employees

FROM:          Manager/Supervisor/Department Head

RE:            Rescission of Temporary Layoff Notice
               Holiday Closure and Temporary Layoffs

The University and Coalition of University Employees (CUE) reached and agreement with
respect to temporary layoffs of Clerical unit employees during Fiscal year 2009-10 and the
scheduled campus closure days. As a result I am rescinding the notice of temporary layoff
issued to you on _______ (date) and am informing you that your position will be subject to
Temporary Layoff in accordance with the agreement.

Number of Days of Temporary Layoff. The agreement terms call for employees to have their
salaries reduced and receive furlough days in accordance with the following chart:

               Annual Full Time       Days of Temporary         Corresponding
               Salary Amount a/o      Layoff                    Percentage
               January 2009                                     Reduction in Salary
               40, 000 and below      11                        4%
               40001 -50,000          13                        5%
               50,001 and above       16                        6%

Employees in part-time positions or positions partially covered by the Temporary Layoff
program will be subject to a proportionate layoff. For example, an employee who has a 75%
appointment and earns $33,000 per year ($44,000 full-time equivalent) is within Salary Band 2
that allots 13 temporary layoff days and a 5% reduction. So the employee will be temporarily
laid off 9.75 days (13 days x 75%). Please not that employees with a current appointment of
50% or greater who currently have medical benefits will maintain benefits at current levels.

Pay Reduction for Temporary Layoff Days. Your monthly earnings will be reduced for a 12
month period by the percentage identified in the chart above. The commencement of the
reduction in pay is dependent on programming. The pay reductions will begin either in January
2010 (pay issued February 2010) and end December 31, 2010 or begin February 2010 (pay
issued March 2010) and end January 31, 2011. You will be notified of the definite dates as soon
as the information is available. Again, reductions for part-time employees will be allocated
proportionately. If you wish to opt to have your pay reduced during the specific month in which
your temporary layoff days occur, please see the OPT OUT section below.

Use of Temporary Layoff Days. The campus will be closed for business for the period
December 23, 2009 through January 6, 2010 and again on March 22 through 26, 2010.
December 23, 28, 29, and 30, 2009, January 4, 5, and 6, 2010, and March 22, 23, 24, and 25,
2010, will be closure days. Your temporary layoff days will be allocated to cover the closure
days identified. If you have more than 11 temporary layoff days, you are expected to schedule
the remaining days in consultation with your supervisor using the same methodology your
department uses for scheduling of vacation. All temporary layoff days must be used by
December 31, 2010 or January 31, 2011, depending on the implementation date of the program.
You can choose to opt out of using your temporary layoff days for the closure days cited above.
If you do so, you will need to follow the procedures described in the OPT Out section below and
you will need to use vacation leave and/or accrued compensatory leave time in order to cover the
closure days.

OPT OUT Options. Clerical Unit employees can opt to use their Temporary Layoff days at
times other than the Campus Closure. Clerical employees can also choose to have their pay
reduced at the time they are on temporary layoff rather than having the pay reduction spread over
a twelve-month period. If you elect either of these options, you must submit your election in
writing to you supervisor using the form found at the following web site address:

A.     Opt Out of Using Temporary Layoff Days During Closure. If you choose to opt out
       of using your Temporary Layoff days during the Campus Closure, you will need schedule
       alternate temporary layoff days prior to December 31, 2010 at a time that is agreeable to
       you and your supervisor. If you choose this option, you will need to complete and submit
       the form found at the following web site address:
       temp-layoff.htm. The form must be received by your supervisor by December 22, 2009.
       In addition, you will need to use vacation leave, compensatory time off, or leave without
       pay for the campus closure days.

B.     Opt Out of 12 Month Pay Reduction Program. If you opt out of the 12-month pay
       reduction program described above, your pay will be reduced when you take the
       temporary layoff days. For example, if you choose this option, your March pay (paid in
       April) will reflect a reduction for four days of pay. If you choose this option, you will
       need to complete and submit the form found at the following web site address: The form must be received by your
       supervisor by December 22, 2009.

Unless you complete and submit the Opt Out forms as described above, your temporary layoff
days will be allocated to cover the Campus Closure period, and your pay will be reduced over a
12-month period.

Please see me immediately if you have any questions.

Cc:    CUE local e.g. CUE
       2510 Channing Way, Suite #1
       Berkeley, CA 94704
       FAX 510-841-0268

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