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									       Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Lease of Commercial Plot (C-54) in "G" Block of
                         Bandra Kurla Complex held on 13/3/2007.

S.No          Queries raised by prospective bidders                        MMRDA’s Reply
  1.     Whether the permissible BUA of 9500 sq.m.             No
         includes TDR?
 2.      Is separate TDR available?                            No
 3.      Does the premium rate include cost of TDR?            No
 4.     Is a Joint Venture between a Corporate Developer       Not permissible
        and an individual who can enter into contract
 5.     We refer to the clause of a joint venture under the    These falls under the        category       of
        category of corporate developers where in it is        "Corporate Developer".
        mentioned that joint venture between not more
        than 3 companies will be permitted. However the
        said companies need to be registered under
        Companies Act 1956.
                                                               Provided he also fulfills the eligibility
        The tender also stipulates under REP that anyone
        who is eligible and competent to enter into contract
        under the Indian Contract Act 1872 can submit the
 6.     Whether a JV of 3 partners out of which 2 are          Not eligible. Please refer clause 13(II) on
        companies registered under Indian Companies Act        page-7 of the bid document.
        1956 and one partner is an individual who is
        eligible and competent to enter into contract under
        the Indian Contract Act 1872.
 7.     As per eligibility criteria, a Corporate Developer     All the conditions of eligibility should be
        should have a turnover of 100 crores and a net         fulfilled.
        worth of 50 crores.
        As per the definition of Corporate Developer, he
        should have done projects worth 100 crores in last
        5 years.
        Are both conditions required to be fulfilled or any
        one of them will suffice?
 8.     Is basement permitted even in view of floods?       Please refer clause 4(A)(i)(e) of
                                                            Development Control Regulations (DCR)
                                                            for Bandra-Kurla Complex         kept at
                                                            Annexure-C of the bid document.
 9.     Whether lifts, staircase are included in FSI        Please    refer     clause-4A(i)(c)   of
        calculations?                                       Development Control Regulation (DCR)
                                                            for Bandra-Kurla Complex kept at
                                                            Annexure-C of the bid document.
 10.    We have purchased Bid Document, but want to bid Bid shall be submitted in the same name,
        as Joint Venture with other corporate developers. under which it is purchased.
        Do we need to purchase another tender in the
        name of Joint Venture Corporate.
 11.    Whether permissible BUA of 9500 sq.m. excludes Please refer Development Control
        Staircase, Car lifts, Balcony area.                 Regulation (DCR) for Bandra-Kurla
                                                            Complex kept at Annexure-C of the bid
 12.    Whether basement will be allowed in view of Please refer Development Control
        Chitale Committee Report.                           Regulation (DCR) for Bandra-Kurla
                                                            Complex kept at Annexure-C of the bid
 13.    Is it possible to load additional TDR on the TDR is not permissible.
        permissible BUA in the Plot?
     If allowed whether same will allowed by paying
     premium to MMRDA or same will have to be
     purchased from open market?
 14. Whether the annual turnover and net worth are Last years balance sheet.
     decided as per the last balance sheet or on the
     basis of last 2-3 years balance sheet?
 15. Can the entire property be transferred?            Please refer clause-5 on page-5 of the bid
 16. Whether the worth of projects done in last 5 years By a Chartered Accountant.
     is certified by an Architect or a Chartered

S.No        Queries raised by prospective bidders                          MMRDA’s Reply
  17. What constitutes the worth of projects done in last     The cost of construction of the projects.
      5 years- the cost incurred or the value of the
  18. Can the premises be transferred for offices             Please refer clause-5 on page-5 of the bid
      carrying out financial activities only?                 document.
  19. In Joint Venture execution of Partnership Deed          All the conditions of the eligibility should
      between partners will fulfill the requirement or need   be fulfilled.
      to fulfill any other requirement?
  20. Is the lessee required to furnish the ULC              Please refer clause-12 on page-6 of the
      Certificate?                                           bid document.
  21. What is the permissible FSI?                           Please refer clause-4 of page-5 of the bid
  22.   Is vehicular access permissible from 45 m road?      No.
  23.   Whether the gates indicated between plots optional Please refer clause–14 kept at
        or permanent?                                        Annexure–E of the bid document.
  24.   Under 'Eligibility' - Item No.2 (page-1 of Bid Please refer para-14 above.
        document), it is mentioned that the minimum
        annual turnover should be 250 crores and
        minimum net worth of 60 crores.             Is this
        requirement as per the last Audited balance sheet
        which has not been specified.
  25.   Under 'Exemptions' - Item No.12 (page-6), the MMRDA would grant the ULC clearance.
        lessee should submit the ULC Clearance at the
        time of execution of the deed. Please clarify if the
        MMRDA would help the Lessee to obtain ULC
  26.   Should the plot be used for construction of Office Office purpose only.
        space only or for any other purpose. If the Lessee
        happens to be a developer, should he construct a
        building for office purpose only or any other
        commercial purpose.
  27.   What will happen after the expiry of Lease Period Please refer Clause 3 (o) of the Form-D
        of 80 Years?                                         kept at Annexure-B of the bid document.

  28. Can the mandatory set back be increased?                Please refer clause-2, 3 and 9 of the
                                                              Architectural Controls kept at Annexure –
      Can the width of Podium be increased?                   E of the bid document.
  29. Can we change Façade level?                             Please refer clause 2,3,4 & 5 of
                                                              Architectural Control kept at Annexure-E
                                                              of the bid document.
  30. Can we construct 3rd Basement?                          The suitable amendment will be carried
                                                              out    with    the   approval     of    the
                                                              Authority/Government and the successful
                                                              bidder will have to pay for additional
                                                              basement area.
  31. What is the maximum permissible height? It is from      Please refer Clause-6(iii) of page-5 of the
      Average Ground Level or Mean Sea Level?                 bid document.
  32. Regarding the connection of Arcade with adjoining       Please refer Clause-4 of Architectural
      plots is there any Architectural control                Controls kept at Annexure - E of the bid
  33. Can a standard rate be fixed for additional             The suitable amendment will be carried
      basement premium?                                       out    with    the   approval     of    the
      Can additional basement more that 50% of the            Authority/Government and the successful
      permissible basement be permitted?                      bidder will have to pay for additional
                                                              basement area.
  34. The eligibility clause where a gross turnover of        Suggestion not accepted.
      Rs.100 crores for last financial year is mandatory
      for the Corporate Developers.
  35. Does MMRDA have any commitment, What is the             Please refer section 45 of the MR&TP
      time limit to grant the Commencement Certificate.       Act, 1966.
  36. Govt. grants additional FSI of 30% for IT users. Will   No.
      that be applicable on this plot?
  37. Can we revise the offer after opening?                  No.
  38. Can a Corporate bidder lease out a part of the 60%      No.
      of built-up area which it cannot transfer for 5         Please refer clause–5 on page-5 of the
      years?                                                  bid document.
  39. For unsuccessful bidder, can the Earnest Money          Please refer clause–18 on page 11 & 12
      be returned within one month instead of 6 months?       of the bid document.

S.No        Queries raised by prospective bidders                            MMRDA’s Reply
  40. Since the bid document clearly specifies that the        Conversion to NA is the responsibility of
      plot, which will be leased to the builder, is to be      the allottee.
      used for a commercial building conversion to NA
      should be in the scope of MMRDA.
  41. Can the bidder submit a Bank Guarantee in place          Payment of EMD should be by way of
      of a Bank Draft for Earnest Money?                       Demand       Draft/Banker's    Cheque/Pay
                                                               Order only.
  42. The 1st installment of premium should also be            The Lease Deed can be executed only
      linked to signing of Lease Deed.                         after receipt of 100% of lease premium.
  43. Completion of construction be linked to physical         The possession of the plot will be given at
      handover of the plot by MMRDA to the bidder and          the time of execution of the Lease Deed,
      the issue of CC.                                         conditions of which will prevail.
  44. Mortgage should not be treated as transfer and           Yes, the suggestion is accepted.
      mortgages for raising finance for the project should
      be exempted from being treated as transfer.
  45. One of the Eligibility criteria, in the Developer       If the accounts for the last year i. e. 2006-
      category, is of minimum Turnover of Rs.100 crore        2007 are not ready then Chartered
      during the last financial year. Would the turnover,     Accountant Certificate may be submitted
      as certified by a Chartered Accountant, for the         along with the Audited accounts. Earlier 2
      financial year 2006-2007 (till 15/3/2007) be            years accounts copy to be enclosed
      considered to meet the said eligibility criteria?       which are submitted to Board of Director,
                                                              Income Tax and other Government
  46.   What is the exact procedure of obtaining statutory Please refer clause-2(a) of the Draft
        Approvals for commencement of work with respect Lease Deed kept at Annexure-B of the bid
        to MMRDA and MCGM?                                    document.
  47.   Who will take the responsibility of demarcating the MMRDA
        extent / boundaries of the said land?
  48.   It was mentioned in the pre-bid meeting that The Airport Authority has indicated the
        Airports Authority of India has restricted the height height of the building in "G" Block to be
        of the buildings in G Block to 48.8 mts. and 48.80 m. However, the Lessee has to
        individual cases have to be referred to AAI for obtain the clearance for their proposed
        clearance. If that be the case:                       building from the Airport Authority
                                                              separately. The delay in submission of
        Whether the lessee has to approach AAI for plans to MMRDA could be condoned.
        clearance or MMRDA will get the proposal cleared However overall 4 years limit for
        by AAI. If the lessee has to approach AAI for completion of the construction will remain
        clearance, whence the 3 months period for unaffected.
        submitting the drawing to MMRDA will commence.
        If there is delay from AAI, will it be condoned?
  49.   As per the clause 5 (User of Land on page-5) of Please refer clause-5 on page-5 of the bid
        the bid document, only 40% of the area can be document.
        sold in the first 5 years and balance after 5 years
        from the date of completion of the building. Is
        there any restriction in letting out the premises? If
        it can be let out, should it to only organizations as
        specified in the Annexure-A of the bid documents
        or it can be let out to any business organization.


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