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                   Dhangar – Politically Deprived Community
Dhangar Community is one of the single largest communities of India. Population of Dhangar
(Shepherd) community is around 11 percent. Though culturally/ socially/ professionally one
community, Shepherds of India are known by different names across the country as Dhangar in
Maharashtra, Kuruba in Karnatka, Rabari, Maldhari and Bharwad in Rajasthan and Gujarat,
Gaddi, Bakarwal in HP and J& K, Meshshavak in Bengal, Kurumban /Aad-iduan in Tamilnadu,
Andhara Pradesh and Kerala, Gowala in Tripura and Pal, Gadaria, Dhangar in UP and MP;
Kuruma in Andhra Paradesh; Gaderia, Pal in Haryana and Punjab respectively. Dhangars are
present in large numbers in UP, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, AP, J&K, Karnataka, Himachal
Pradesh apart from Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, total 56 Assembly constituencies along with Solapur, Madha, Baramati, Sangli,
Nanded, Hingoli, Parbhani, Yawatmal and Hatkanangale Loksabha Constituencies has Dhangar
community in majority but the Dhangar community which can influence the result of at least 60
MLA and 9 MP constituencies had virtually no political participation in Lokasabha 2009. Not a
single ticket had been awarded to Dhangar Commuinity either by Congress, BJP, Shivsena or
by NCP, to the Dhangars, whoever boasts of their lineage from famous Holkar, dynasty and the
great ruler like Devi Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore. During last 60 years of Indian democratic
History, only one MP from Dhangar of Maharashtra has been able to reach to Parliament in
Delhi. Ganpatrao Deshmukh of Peasents & Workers Party (9 times MLA) and Haridas Bhade of
Bharatiy Republican Party-Bahujan Mahasangh are only 2 sitting MLAs from Dhangar
community. Ramesh Shendge (NCP) and Prakash Shendge (BJP) are only 2 MLCs from the
community. Anna Dhange of NCP and Prakash Shendge of BJP were willing to contest from
Sangli Constituency. Popatarao Gawade of NCP from Shirur, K P Zargad of NCP from Jalna,
Haribhau Shelke of Congress from Parbhani were willing to contest from there respective party,
but none of them got ticket from their respective party or from part of alliances. Jan Suraj Party
of Vinay Kore contested Priti Shinde, daughter of EX-IGP Madhukar Shinde from Nanded. BSP
contested Journalist Dilip Edatkar from Yevotmal, BRP-BMS contested Madhavrao Naik from
Hingoli and Sanjay Kokare fromNorth East Mumbai. Rashtriya Sámaj Paksha contested total 12
Dhangars, Maharashtra-10 Karnataka-1 and Gujarat-1. Former Minister Anandrao Deokate who
opted to vacate his MLA seat for the then Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, was denied ticket
of Loksabha and Smt. Ujwalatai Shinde wife of Sushil Kumar Shinde was allowed to contest
instead of Deokate from Solapur. Smt. Ujwalatai Shinde was defeated due to the vote shared by
RSP candidate. Due to delimitations Solapur is converted as reserve seat and only option for
Anandrao Devkate is permanently closed. In Maharashtra also Established Political Parties
have not groomed or allowed growing single leader at national level from Dhangar community of
15 million populations. On state level there are very few leaders who are deprived of even MLA
ship by the established political parties. Anna Dange, the Senior Dhangar leader formed
Lokrajya Party, but he had to tender his resignation from the party formed by himself and had to
join NCP. By this way and by that way, Dhangar larger by population and rulers by legacy, have
been gradually eliminated from politics in Maharashtra.

In Karnataka there were two MPs in last Parliament, K Virupakshappa of Congress from
Koppal and Vijay Shankar of BJP from Mysore. Congress has put H.Vishwenath-Dhangar
against sitting MP Vijay Shankar-Kuruba of BJP. H Viswanath of Congress won the election
sending Vijay Shankar of BJP in political wilderness. Thus Dhangar MP reduced to 1 from 2. It
could well be a conspiracy. Karnataka RSP state president Basavraj Neelgar in one of the Press
Conference expressed to contest Belgaum Loksabha election along with 11 other seats in
Karnataka. The great nationalist and revolutionary freedom fighter Sangoli Rayanna of Dhangar

community was hanged by British Government on 26th January 1831. The RSP had organized
Samaj Sangam Rally in Karnataka in the Month of December 2008 and celebrated
FIGHTER in Nandgad of Belgaum. By taking in notice of it and to stop Dhangars moving
toward RSP, the congress announced the candidateship of Amar Singh Patil from Belgaum but
at the same time snatched ticket from sitting Koppal MP K. Virupakshappa. In a similar back
ground during 2004 ex-MP Amar Singh Patil was denied the ticket, this time K. Virupakshappa
was denied ticket by Congress from Koppal.            BJP and JD(S) did not give any fresh
candidateship to Kuruba / Dhangar. In comparison to its population, Dhangar / Kuruba
community has been kept ignored and deprived politically in Karnataka. Karnataka has
comparatively more Dhangar / Kuruba leaders than there are in Maharashtra and else where in
India. But in 2008, MLAs were reduced to 6 from 14. H. M Ravanna, H. Vishwanath and many
other Dhangar MLAs in last assembly were reduced this time. Ex-Dy.CM Siddhamaiah had
greater influence while he was with JD(S). He was the main builder of the JD(S). HD
Devegauda could become Prime Minister due to Siddramaiah but when Siddhramaiah showed
an ambition to become Chief Minister, he was therefore ousted from JD(S). He formed his own
party, tested NCP/BSP and lastly joined congress. Old congressmen, by all their means tried to
setback Siddharamaiah politically. They rumoured that Siddhramaiah may join BJP but he
remained in Congress only. Not to allow state President Ship or leadership of opposition in
Karnataka assembly the congressmen played every trick which they could do. This is a clear
evidence of political neglect of Dhangar / Kurubas in Karnataka. At last Dharamsingh and
Kharage were sent to parliament in Delhi and Siddharamaiah was upgraded to leader of
Congress opposition him duty and responsibility both, to take congress to power which lost in
last party shouldering decade. If he is able to get power, he will have to fight tooth and nail to
get Chief Minster ship, no doubt about it. But Congress history says he will not allowed getting
it. Only he may be instrumental to take Congress to power which was/is instrumental to deprive
and destroy (mainly politically) Dhangar and many other communities.

In Uttar Pradesh S P Singh Baghel, 3 times MP from Jalesar was sitting MP of Samajwadi
Party. He had to quit the party and was compelled to join BSP, due to gross neglect by
Samajwadi Party. He contested Lokasabha 25009 from BSP and lost against Akhilesh Yadav
son of Mulayamsingh Yadav in Firozabad. Ex-BSP MP, Raja Ram Pal from UP who was
trapped in bribery case and had to resign from MP ship, contested and got elected from
Akbarpur on behalf of Congress. Bandaru Dattatray from Andhra Pradesh contested and lost
from Sikandarabad on behalf of BJP. Gujarat and Rajasthan has been having only one or two
MLAs only. Sagar Raika of Rabari-Dhangar was MP from Rajasthan. Dhangar leaders, here or
elsewhere, are facing a definite neglect by the respective party leader ships. Andhra Pradesh
Vidhansabha election was also declared along with Loksabha, from where Dhangar community
candidature share was BJP-5, TDP-2, Congress-1, Praja Rajyam Party-2, and 1 independent
and 2 were elected. Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir has sizable population (25-40%) of
Gaddi, Bakkarwal and Gujjar, but seems no political leader from this area also.

In India Dhangars have fragmented social identity due to bearing different names in different
parts of India. Dhangars throughout India have Broken Political Identity due to different Political
Nomenclature. Dhangars in majority part of India are in OBC list. Dhangars of extreme north
India and in some parts of India are in ST list. Dhangars of central-north India are in SC list. As
a result Dhangars are kept away from socio-economic power as well as from political power.
Political participation of this community which has got a legacy of rulers and is mainly a pastoral
community is grossly and dangerously negligible. Looking at population percentage, Dhangars
should have at least 54 MPs in Parliament. But there were only 3 MPs from largest Dhangar
community in the last Parliament of 543+2 (and now only 2 MPs) throughout India. In Loksabha

Election 2009 population of 11 crore plus Dhangars got only 36 candidatures from all over India.
124 years old Indian National Congress had given only 2 seats to Dhangars, the largest
Hindu/Indian community of 11 crore plus population. Like wise BJP and BSP had given 2 each
seats to Dhangar community. But RSP of 5 years had given total 12 seats to Dhangars.
Established political parties so far have not groomed a single leader at national level from the
population of 11 crore plus Dhangars or have not allowed growing any leader in India. State
level leaders are also few and cornered by so called Dominant leaders and parties.
Siddharamaiah of Karnataka and Anna Dange of Maharashtra are the examples. Siddaramaiah
from Karnataka tried to form separate party, but at last joined Congress. Anna Dange from
Maharashtra formed Lokrajya Party then resigned fro his own formed party and joined NCP.
Rajaram Pal from Uttar Pradesh formed party; at last also he joined Congress. Thus Dhangar is
politically deprived most community in India. The Dhangars who were rulers of erstwhile India
like Maurya, Hoysala, Pal, Pallava and Holkars, are now almost eliminated from the polity of

In existing parliament which is SUPREME HOUSE OF INDIA there are only 2 MPs from
Dhangar Community,viz; H M Vishwnath from Karnataka, Rajaram Pal from UP. So far no
president, no PM, no Central Minister, no CM, no Governor, no Chief Justice, no Secretary, no
Speaker, from 110 million Dhangar community in so called DEMORATIC, REPUBLIC INDIA.
That is why no thinkers, no writers, no economists, no industrialists, no artists, no journalists, no
leaders has emerged from Dhangar community, NO TALK ABOUT IT. Root Cause of these all
NO`s is in Politically Deprived ness. Dhangars were rulers. They have their own identity with
culture, belief and god. But today Dhangar community is identified as MOST BACKWARD
community. Dhangars are pushed backward educationally, professionally, economically and
socially. Dhangars of India in general is aware and worried about educational, professional,
economical BACWARDNESS but not concuious and worried about POLITICAL
DEPRIVEDNESS. History of the world belongs to the communities, those who have political
power. Due to the lack of political consciousness many communities have vanished from the
world. Dhangars of India will be vanished if they do not realize and act upon it in time. So for
political deprived ness Dhangars should worry most and political power towards Dhangars
should move fast. When Dhangars having glorious HISTORY and sizable population are on
the way of vanishing from the GEOGRAPHY due to political deprived ness then what can
be future of other smaller politically and otherwise deprived communities of India?
Dhangar or other deprived communities are not from ruling class but they being ruled.
That is main the reason of the problems they are facing! So who is ruling class of India?

      Mahadeo Jankar - Path Finder…and RSP a Pathway to Political Power…

Mahadeo Jagannath Jankar born on 19th April 1968, at Wadhe, district Satara in Maharastra in
a Dhangar - Shepherd family. His Father name is Mr. Jagannath Jankar & Mother is Mrs.
Gunabai Jagannath Jankar. Originally, he is a resident of Palsawade village of Man Tehsil
which is near Wadhe village where Mahadeo Jankar was born in a field while their parents were
doing sheep herding. After getting primary education in Palsawade, Mahadeo Jankar did his
secondary education from Devapur and went on to do his BEfrom Walchand College, in Sangli
district of Maharashtra. In college days he started public life as a student leader. He began his
social life in early 1988. At the age of 22 on the occasion of Shirloba Yatra in Phaltan, Mahadeo
Jankar took pledge that “I will remain unmarried and will not make money or wealth for
myself during my life time and shall strive for bringing Political Awarness and Power to
Dhangar and equivalent Deprived Communities of India”. B K Kokre Bachelor of Engineer
formed Yashwant Sena (In the name of GREAT YASHWANTRAO HOLKAR) and started the

battle against economical, social, and political injustice faced by Dhangar community. Bapu
Kokre started his struggle from Baramati-Pune initially for the cause against Sharad Pawar and
Y B Chavan of Congress, who were mainly instrumental to sabotage the Dhangar community
politically and socially. B K Kokre‟s movement started spreading in western Maharashtra.
Dhangar community which used to once rule India but had almost disappeared from so ciao-
political front came to life due to B K Kokre‟s Yashwant Sena movement. Sharad Pawar was
sabotaging the movement started by B K Kokre. It seems Dhangar community could not protect
and save B K Kokre. He was compelled to surrender to Pawar and to congress. After
surrendering Kokre might had felt like he lost his soul. B K KOKRE died physically on 28th
January 2005. Meanwhile the leadership of Yashwant Sena was crowned to Mahadeo Jankar.
Pawar and congressmen played all tricks to sabotage and finish Mahadeo Jankar but it failed.

Mahadeo Jankar realized that only NATIONAL LEVEL POLITICAL MOVEMENT CAN solve the
problems of Dhangar and other similar communities. Jankar realized that the root cause of
problems of Dhangar and other communities is in POLITICALLY DEPRIVEDNESS. So
Mahadeo Jankar decided to go for POLITICAL POWER ONLY! “Satyamev Jayate” was the
slogan of Satyashodhak Samaj, which was formed in 1873 by Mahatama Jotirao Phule. After it
became the slogan of FREE INDIA. Jotirao Phule is the first MAHATMA of India. Mahatma
Phule is first and true Indian NATIONALIST leader of India and FATHER of MODERN SOCIAL
INDIA. Mahatma Phule said “satte wachuni sakal kala! zalya avakala!, which means “WITHOUT
Jankar took the PATH of PHULEISM. In college days Jankar met V P Singh, then Prime
Minister. “You also can become Prime Minister of India” were the words of VP Singh which still
bells in his mind, Jankar says. Then he met Kanshiram one of the MASTER POLITICIAN AND
GREAT MAN OF THE TIME. „Late Kanshiram is my political GURU‟, says Jankar. „Dr.
Ambedkar the true disciple of Phule said that Political power is Master key to solve the
problems‟ Jankar quotes. Shepherd boy Chandragupt Mourya dreamt the India, to create and
became the first EMPEROR-SAMRAT of India. His grandson Samrat Ashok could build the
largest ever united and developed INDIA, 2000 years before. Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar was
the first Indian lady known for making the welfare state. These are some great men from whom
Jankar was inspired. Mahadeo Jankar started Marathi Monthly YASHWANT NAYAK on 29th
September 1994. Prime aim of Yashwant Nayak was to transform READER community into
WRITER community! And Prime aim of Yashwant Sena was to transform RULED community
into RULER community! Through Yashwant Sena, Jankar organized record break programmes
for socio-political awareness among the deprived community i.e. Dhangar-OBC Pratinidhi
Shodhyatra, IAS-IPS MLA-MP Shodhyatra, Aapla Paksh Shodh-Bodh Yatra, Rashtriya Samaj
Nirman Yatra, Raj Karo Yatra etc. Under the vigil leadership of Mahadeo Jankar, a community
level social movement of Yashwant Sena transformed in a politically Broad Based,
(Geographically and Socially) Mass Based and Cadre Based RASHTRIYA SAMAJ PARTY on
31st May 2003. On 29th August 2003, the party got registered at Delhi. Jankar gave the power
charging, one and unique nomenclature to all deprived Community i.e. RASHTRIY SAMAJ-
NATIONAL COMMUNITY. Under the Banner of Rashtriya Samaj Party, yearly 5 National
Programmes are being held regularly. Mahatma Phule Jayanti at Katgun-Satara on 20th
February, Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar Jayanti on 31st May, at Chondi-Ahmadnagar, Raje
Umaji Naik Jayanti on 7th September, at Bhiwadi-Pune, Sangolli Rayanna Nayak
Rajyabhishek Ceremony on 10th December, at Nandgad-Belgaum,Karnataka and Mahadeo
Jankar Birthday on 19th April as RASHTRIYA SAMAJ DIWAS.

“Deprived Maharashtra has two Prime-Ministerial Candidates –Sharad Pawar and
Mahadeo Jankar” news containing this sort of meaning had appeared in „Business Standard‟
on 22nd March 2009. “RSP marches ahead in SMS campaigning to NCP-BJP”, was the news

given by Sakal newspaper and “NCP has leaders but no workers where as RSP has SHIVAJI
style GANIMI KAWA workers, Jankar of RSP may win putting behind Pawar of NCP and
Deshmukh of BJP”, was the news given by PUDHARI one of leading Marathi Daily. These are
the news which proves that Mahadeo Jankar had posed a serious and bitter challenge to NCP‟s
President Sharad Pawar by contesting against him from Loksabha Constituency of Madha. In
one of the full packed press conference in Mumbai, Mahadeo Jankar had expressed his
intentions to claim for Prime Ministership for the first time. Whereas Sharad Pawar initially and
first time was in the race for the post of Prime Minister at the time when Late Prime Minister
Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated, but P V Narsimharao won the race surprisingly. Since then
Prime Minister ship is eluding Sharad Pawar. He went on stating that “My Party is small, I have
not that much power (strength)”, but his desire for Prime Minster ship remained not unknown.
He tried to make the use of the sentiments of Maratha- Maharashtra to get the Prime Minister
ship. As Madha was Dhangar populated Pawar promised ST status to Dhangars. Besides he
tried to use the sentiments of “Deprived Maharashtra” also. Mahadeo Jankar put the challenge
first time through Loksabha 2009 and claiming to be a PM before UPA-NDA talking of taking
“Deprived Communities of India” to the Political Power through VOTE POWER by Rashtriya
Samaj Party. Dhangars OBCs, Tribals, Dalits, Minorities as well as deprived Marathas of
Madha organized in support to Mahadeo Jankar with noticeable vigor and as such the election
campaign of Sharad Pawar seemed to be in air. RSP contested total 33 seats all over India,
viz; Maharashtra-29, Assam-2, Karanataka-1, Gujarat-1 and social sharing was OBC-17, SC-7,
Tribals-2, Minority-3, Brahmin-1, Maratha-1, Jain-1 and Thakur-1. Mahadeo Jankar is the only
Dhangar leader who is working hard to be a National leader crossing over caste and state limit.
Then it was being said and believed that if Mahadeo Jankar who had clearly and virtually set his
aim by great sacrifice in personal life wins Madha Loksabha seat, it would not be
SURPRISE/CHAMATKAR. „I lost Madha election not the BATTLE” says Mahadeo Jankar. “I
will take deprived communities to political power soon and sure” decisively and firmly Jankar
                                Dhangar the base of RSP…

On this back ground, if some one who declares that “I shall become Prime Minister and I will
take deprived communities to political power soon and sure” by forming his own political outfit
Rashtriya Samaj Party and directly challenges a powerful politician like Sharad Pawar, he is
Mahadev Jankar. He has evoked great curiosity not only in Maharashtra but in entire Nation.
Mahadeo Jankar is the only Dhangar leader who is working hard to be a National leader
crossing over caste and state limit. As Jankar is from Dhangar, which is one of the largest and
all India spread community. He is getting the advantage of making the Dhangar as base of the
RSP. Now a days RSP is criticized as Dhangar Party. But Jansagh-BJP is Brahmin caste based
Party. Congress was Brahmin based party now owned by upper caste and upper class. BSP is
SC based party. So RSP is Dhangar-OBC-ST based party. Without BASE nothing can be
constructed so also POLITICAL PARTY. Thus Dhangars associated with RSP are playing one
of the important ROLES putting IDEAL before all INDIAN DEPRIVED COMMUNITIES, politically
or otherwise. Dhangars is the largest community spread all over India. Dhangars are known for
brotherhood ness within the community and beyond the community. Dhangars have political
legacy throughout India. Dhangars have all natural resources for being BASE and FORCE to
build the POLITICAL PARTY. Under the strong WILLPOWER and LEADERSHP of Mahadeo
Jankar, Dhangars of Maharshtra are playing the initial ROLE. This is probity and responsibility
of Dhangars than the privilege. This important ROLE has to be understood by Dhangars of all
India first, as well as by all Deprived Communities and especially politically Deprived
Communities of India. This seems illustrative but it is briefest political story of Dhangars. Each
and every political deprived community of India has the similar or same story. Dhangars here is
sample picture of total picture, of politically deprived communities of India.

                     Swaraj of Rashtriya Samaj – Why and How?

British overthrowing Indians from power, started to rule India. India was being ruled by
National Communities like Koli, Dhangar, Gond, Matang, Mahar, Ramoshi, etc. Then came
Mughals / British and others to rule India. So it was struggle between Rashtriya Samaj and
foreign intruders. But to erase this fact propaganda of fake Swaraj Movement between
British and Congrssman was made by congressmen and British both. British founded
congress was fighting for the welfare of upper strata of Indian society. In the pre Mughal /
pre British India there were several small states/ local governments which were prominently
belonging to Koli, Dhangar, Ramoshi, Bedar, Rajgond, Matang, Maharor like wise national
communities i.e. Rashtriya Samaj. This is real history of India. Though in hide, it is
happened history of India. Details/ profess are deliberately kept hidden or destroyed by the
enemy rulers of Rashtriya Samaj. But still there are some national heroes in the minds of
Indians especially in the Minds of national communities. Raj Umaji Naik (Ramoshi-Bedar),
Raghoji Bhangre (Koli-Walmiki), Sangolli Rayanna (Dhangar-Kuruba), Birsa Munda and
many others are the National Heroes who fought and died for Swaraj of India and Indians.
Brtish left the India but sons of soil, sons of the great National heroes have been kept away
from the political power. Ramoshi, Koli, Dhangar, Gond Mahar Matang, Nishad, Mali,
Bhandari, Agri,Yadav, Kunbi, Rajbhar, likewise thousands castes and communities
comprise more than 50% India‟s population. These are the national communities i.e.
Rashtriya Samaj. Rashtriya Samaj once ruler once became politically deprived communities
throughout India. These castes and communities have been pushed backward from all
political centers of India. Congress and other political parties played important role in doing
so. There are thousands communities who has not entered in Supreme house of India i.e.
Parliament. Politically deprived Rashtriya Samaj needs Political Empowerment to stand with
the communities now ruling India. Rashtriya Samaj needs educational, economical and
social empowerment. This can be done through political empowerment only. Empowerment
of national communities is empowerment of nation India. So Swaraj of Rashtriya Samaj is
Swaraj of India in real sense.

     RASHTRIYA SAMAJ - Federation of all Politically Deprived Communities.

It was, and is the constitutional responsibility of every Government of India to assure equal
participation in political power to each and every section of the society. Largely numbered
community like Dhangar or a group of large population is kept deprived of Parliamentary political
process, at such a large scale, it is not only incorrect in view of democracy and sociologically
but it is not in the interest nationally. But due participation in political Power has not been given
to Dhangar community. Like Dhangar, thousands of communities belonging to SCs, STs, OBCs,
and MINORITYs are politically deprived. Even after 60 years no established political party
appears to have any desire and preparedness to allow participation to these deprived
communities in political power. This as a result has created great dissatisfaction among
Dhangar and other deprived communities in Maharashtra and in India. Mahadeo Jankar has
done a national job by forming RSP aiming at political power to Deprived India, communally and
regionally. RSP has been born to bring these deprived communities to their desired destination
that is participation in political power and positions. Through political power Mahadeo Jankar
and RSP wants to emancipate socio-economic problems of deprived Dhangars and other
communities. RASHTRIYA SAMAJ is the New Political Identity and Nomenclature given to all
Politically Deprived Communities of India by RSP and Mahadeo Jankar. Thus the RASHTRIYA
SAMAJ is FEDERATION of all Politically Deprived Communities of India. With the base of few
Dhangars and few other communities RSP is emerging as POLITICAL FORCE in Maharashtra.

If few more Dhangars and Deprived Communities come under the Powerful Shelter of
RASHTRIY SAMAJ, it will become Power undefeatable. Then Congress and BJP will be
rule India, Mahadeo Jankar says. He also says that his contesting of election is not personal but
for the party, society and Nation. Mahadeo Jankar tried to put challenge before Congress and
BJP which has political legacy and its alliance through Loksabha Election 2009. RSP allotted
candidate ship not only to Dhangars, its equivalents but also to Marathas, Minorities, Jain,
Upper Castes, as well. RSP celebrated 6th PARTY FORMATION DAY on 29th August 2009.
Party work is spreading all over India. RSP contested Loksabha 2004, 12 seats in Maharashtra,
1 in Karnataka and Loksabha 2009, 29 seats in Maharashtra, 2 in Assam, 1 each in Gujarat and
Karnataka. Thus with 21years of Social and Political work, on his 41st year of age (On 19th April
2009 was his 41st Birth Day and he started public life at the age of 20) Mahadeo Jankar
challenged, contested and was able to get 98946 votes against Strong Leader like Sharad
Pawar from Madha Loksabha Constituency who was instrumental to end the Yashwat Sena and
B K Kokre. So End of Pawar Era began, it was Nature‟s JUSTICE. In Maharashtra Dhangars
constitute 17 to 18% of the population which is near one and half crores. There are six and half
lacs voters of Dhangar Community in Madha Loksabha constituency itself, of which Mahadeo
Jankar was able to get 70 thousand plus, previously who might have voted for Congress-NCP
or BJP-Sena. Whether Mahadeo Jankar and RSP will be able to bring POLITICAL POWER
to Dhangars, and its equivalents deprived groups/ sections, the time coming will reveal
it. But Mahadeo Jankar is emerging as national leader and RSP is emerging as a political
force which can not be denied now. Slowly but gradually deprived communities of India
are taking form of RASHTRIYA SAMAJ which also can not be stopped now.

(Composed by Sudarshan Akkisagar)
Email id: s_akkisagar@rediffmail.com
Mob: 9870876063, Mumbai.


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