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                        Introduction to Why Read? Essay
As we discussed yesterday in class, we will be starting an essay entitled Why Read next
week in class. In this essay you will be required to incorporate the following

1. Your own personal experiences and opinions
2. Information from essays read in class
3. Information from interview with an adult

Today you will be reading several essays in which the author discusses their personal
experiences with reading. Underline anything that you think you might be able to use in
your paper. Decide which category of Why Read the passage you read fits into.


A. Why read at school/work-What types of things read and why people need reading?

B. Why read to be social- What types of reading materials help you be social with other
people, was there ever a time you or one of the authors felt out of the loop socially
because of reading?

C. Why do people read personally- What types of things do people read for fun? How
do you feel about reading? And how does reading help further your personal goals?

Here are example from “My Back Pages” by Greg Sarris:
“I was never a natural reader, if there is such a thing.” (page 23) –Personal

“I was forced to read The Old Man and the Sea…” (page 23) -School

“Stories, stories, stories….And I was a pretty good story teller, too…I told others the
stories I had heard as well as those I had just plain made up” (page 24) - Social

“I started reading seriously during my junior year in high school, not because I wanted to.
I was forced to. I wanted to get rich” (page 24) - Work and Personal

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