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Step by Step:
Annual Appraisal (Supervisor)

Before You Begin: Disregard any talk about Army values.
Employee Self-Assessment. Prior to rating an employee in the Performance Appraisal
Application (PAA), you need to transfer the appraisal to the employee for input of the self-
assessment, and when they are done, they will transfer the appraisal to you. See the “Annual
Appraisal Step by Step Guide for Employees,” at http://www.chra.army.mil/NSPS-training/how-

No Performance Plan. If you have an employee who needs to be rated for the current
performance cycle and does not have a performance plan established in the PAA, you need to
establish that plan first before you can do any rating. For this initial rating cycle only, no higher
level approval or employee acknowledgement of the performance plans is required. See the
“Create Perf Plan and Interim Review” step-by-step guide to assist in setting up the plan (same
link as above) (you do not need to do the interim review part, and you will need to follow the
instructions for creating a plan from scratch).

Recommended Shares and Distribution. The wing will most likely be using standard formulas
for awarding shares based on total ratings, and for determining the distribution of a payout
between a salary increase and a bonus. These formulas will be applied during the pay pool
process. However, if you have information or know of reasons for overriding the standard
calculations, you should include this information with your recommended ratings. For example,
if an employee is retiring after the payout, you should so indicate so that any payout is awarded
as a bonus rather than a salary increase. There is a “Comments to Approvers” block that is
available during the process of submitting the ratings to the higher level reviewer which can be
used for this purpose.


 You may want to ask your employees to email you a copy of their self-assessments. The
  window for reading the employee self-assessment in the appraisal tool is very small. If so, the
  employees should name their assessment so you can distinguish between them (e.g., Wert-
  Oct06.doc) – not something generic like “Assessment.”
 You may want to compose your assessment of the employee’s performance in Microsoft Word
  prior to entering it into the appraisal form (you can copy and paste it in, plus you have access
  to the Word Count function in Word which will tell you how many characters your assessment
 Be succinct when writing your assessment of the employee’s performance. The PAA has room
  for about 8000 characters for your assessment.

Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv                1                                     30 Oct 2006

 The “Component Use” section of the appraisal form becomes available when you are preparing
 to transfer the appraisal to the higher level reviewer.

Reviewing the Employee’s Self-Assessment and Entering your Assessment
Perform the steps below after the employee has entered their self-assessment and returned the
appraisal to you.

Starting at the “Performance Management as Rating Official” screen (the screen displayed when
you first log into the Performance Appraisal Application):

 Step                                            Action
  1      Find the employee from the list of “Plans / Appraisals in Progress.” You may need
         to advance to the next screen (appraisals are listed 5 per screen, alphabetically by last
   2     Click the Appraise icon (the pencil).

   3     Click the <Update Plan / Appraisal> button.

   4     Scroll down the screen until you see the job objectives, the employee’s self-
         assessment, and the block for the Rating Official Assessment. You can review the
         employee’s self-assessment here.

Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv               2                                    30 Oct 2006

   5    Enter your assessment, either by typing it into the Rating Official Assessment block,
        or by copying and pasting it from a Word document (or other source).

Rating the Employee

 Step                                             Action
  1     To rate the job objectives, start by clicking the <Update Details> icon (the pencil)
        next to the first job objective.

   2    Scroll down to the “Job Objective Rating” block and use the drop-down menu or type
        in the rating (1 to 5). (To view the criteria for each rating level, click the “Show Job
        Objective Rating” link just below.)

Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv             3                                    30 Oct 2006

   3     Scroll down to the “Contributing Factor Impact” block and use the drop-down menu
         to enter a +1 or -1 if the contributing factors are being used to adjust the rating. If
         you are not adjusting the rating, you can leave this blank (it will default to “0,” no
         impact). The adjusted rating will be calculated automatically.

   4     Click the <Apply and Update Next> button when you are ready to rate the next
         objective and repeat steps 2-4.

   5     When you are done rating all the objectives, click the <Apply> button.

Transferring the Appraisal to the Higher Level Reviewer
After rating the job objectives and clicking the <Apply> button, you are on the “Rating Official
Review” screen. You will now transfer the appraisal to the higher level reviewer, normally your

 Step                                      Action
  1      Click the <Submit Recommended Ratings> button (at the top or bottom of the

Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv              4                                    30 Oct 2006

   2    Scroll down on the “Submit Recommended Ratings” screen. You will see all your
        job objective ratings, adjustments, and the weighted ratings (calculated by the
        system). Enter your “Army values” points in the Component Unique Information

   3    Click the <Continue> button (at the top or bottom of the screen). (The <Save and
        Continue> button is useful if you are pausing in this section to do something else, but
        is not otherwise needed.)

Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv             5                                   30 Oct 2006

   4     On the “Give Recommended Ratings: Review” screen, scroll down to the bottom of
         the screen. Check that the name of the higher level reviewer is correct. (If not, see
         the “Problems” section below.) Also, enter any comments that you want to pass
         along (e.g., override standard calculations for assigning numbers of shares and/or
         distribution of the payout).

   5     Click the <Submit> button.
   6     Click the <Yes> button on the Warning screen that displays. The warning indicates
         that you cannot make changes to the appraisal after this step. (You will be able to
         make changes if so directed by the Pay Pool Panel after the panel meets.)

If you have technical problems with the application, contact your servicing CPO for assistance:

Here are some step-by-step guides that we’ve found to be extremely useful. We hope they help.

Refer to other step-by-step guides and how-to videos for instructions on other tasks you may
need to do within this application. The complete list is at:


Annual Appraisal Step Guide – Supv             6                                    30 Oct 2006

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