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Remove the oil filler cap and drain bolt from the gear case,
slowly turn he rear wheel and drain the oil.

After the oil is completely drained, install the bolt with a new
sealing washer and tighten it.

TORQUE: 20 N-m (2.0 kgf-m, 14 lbf-ft)

From Riley's VTX site.
http: // www. . htm
NOTE: From Biglarry.
A small note on final drive oil service per service manual. Page
3-18 "Place motorcycle on side stand on a level surface.
Remove the oil filler cap and drain bolt, slowly turn the rear
wheel and drain the oil" page 3-17 level check "place
motorcycle on its side stand on a level surface. Remove the
final drive oil filler cap. check that the oil level is to the
lower edge of the oil filler hole." I've done mine at 600 miles
and saw what I know as normal break in crud. the book says
4.1 oz to fill and on the side stand. That is exactly what
mine took. The "level surface" refers to front wheel and rear
wheel be on same plane, as not to have more oil in front of
case or back of case, to get a true reading. I think if bike is
upright that you may over fill, and then you might see some
oil coming out the vent on the top of case on a hard run.
"Slowly turn the rear wheel" and you will have oil all over your
floor unless you have some one to hold catch pan as you walk
bike, and it is very awkward to roll bike laid over at side
stand angle. LOL I just let mine set on side stand for 1/2hr
with drain bolt out before putting back together. one other
thing it is a bitch to get oil in as there is a inward facing
casing lip and if you try to put in to fast it pours right back
out. I used a small hose into case with funnel on top little
slow but much cleaner. BIGLRY

Fill the final gear case with the recommended oil until it
reaches the lower edge of the hole.
NC Brew recommends AMSOIL GEAR OIL 75W90 PART #

  120 CM 3 (4.1 US oz, 4.2 IMP oz) AFTER DRAINING
  150 CM 3 (5.1 US oz, 5.3 IMP oz) AFTER DISASSEMBLY