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					Project 1: Introduction to the Atlas
20 points Hurt, World Regional, Fall 2008 Name_________________________ Class Days/Time________________

The answers can be found in the atlas. Please put the page number by the answer. All answers are worth one point. The assignment is due Friday, September 5 at the beginning of class. Late papers will have points deducted at a rate of five per day. Use the table of contents as a starting point for each question and ask me if you get stuck. 1. What city is the headquarters of the European Union (EU)?

2. The Nazca tectonic plate is currently moving in which direction?

3. Russia contains what percent of the world’s land area? (write as a percentage or a fraction)

4. Edmond, Oklahoma is in which climatic region?

5. Which foreign country is located closest to Baghdad, Iraq?

6. Which two continents have the world’s highest population density?

7. Where is the leading lead ore producing district in the continental U.S.?

8. What non-Romance language is spoken in Spain?

9. Most oil leaving the Persian Gulf is shipped to which three continents?

10. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline connects what two bodies of water?

11. The Massif Central is located which direction from Paris, France?

12. All islands in the Hudson Bay lie within which Canadian Territory?

13. Which country has the largest population in the world?

14. Which major city lies upon the southern tip of Vancouver Island?

15. The highest population density is on which Hawaiian island?

16. Which interstate would you take to travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Butte, Montana?

17. The section of the English Channel between Dover, England and Calais, France is named what?

18. Which four African countries were politically independent in 1950?

19. The majority of Australia receives how many inches of precipitation?

20. What city is located at 54.10 N, 4.24 W?

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