INTRODUCTION TO LTC (LEADERSHIP TRAINING CURRICULUM) I. Purpose A. The purpose of having printed lesson plans for those in leadership training is “providing a track to run on." for both the one receiving and the one giving. There are frustrations with working with a manual or handbook of “how top’s." The leaders can feel like reams of material are being dumped in their laps and it seems so clinical. Perhaps they would like taking notes profusely while thinking their leader has a few "pearls” jotted down that can be casually shared. But they could not “transfer” what they have learned. Notes are sketchy and an eager learner will often want to copy the leader’s resource material or have the session repeated. Encourage note taking on the LTC material, so they can personalize it as they go. The LTC material was designed to: 1. 2. 3. Present practical “how to’s” and goals. Present Scriptural principles for service. Present materials that can be APPLIED at the Bible Study, as well as during the course of daily life. Provide a format to work with.

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There should be freedom to: 1. 2. 3. Add or delete from the material to meet your objectives. Insert personal illustrations that reinforce the point being made. BE CREATIVE!


Approach A. Approach the material, either alone or in a group, by simply walking through it and following any instructions given along the way. It is designed to be read/lead by anyone... even if they have never read it before. In other words, it does not require the leader to spend long hours preparing to teach it. (A few lessons require a leader to work with an answer sheet or trainer sheet before the class.) The material was designed to explain itself. It is not perfect, but it points in the right direction, using the Scriptures as its authority in each subject in the discipling process. Plan your leadership Training Curriculum around your Bible Study’s calendar. Basic lessons on the Holy Spirit and Small Group Dynamics are important. Personal testimony training really encourages growth and, of course, sharing our faith is BASIC! The problem is that we want it ALL AT ONCE! But, we must absorb it a bit at a time, so be patient. There is no magic order. Be sensitive to your leaders and your ministry’s needs.




The Goal


The Goal is not just to get through the material each week. Nor is it to be sure that everyone is applying all that they are hearing right away. The goal is to understand the lesson, what they are being challenged to believe and do.... and then showing them HOW they can apply what they have learned in the context of their Bible Study class and daily living. The leader should be committed to “modeling” as much as possible the application of what is being learned. Leaders have not “arrived”, but they should demonstrate willingness to practice and try to apply as God gives opportunity. The leaders will undoubtedly be growing, grasping and applying at different rates of speed. The key is loving acceptance of where each one IS... encouraging those who ARE applying the material to share and motivate the others and sticking to the standard that WHEN THESE MINISTRY SKILLS ARE USED WITH ANY REGULARITY, WE WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVE AND FRUITFUL IN OUR SERVICE FOR THE LORD. God is looking for sharpened instruments and equipped disciples to bear MUCH fruit, and there are no short cuts! No instant maturity and no instant multiplication ministry is possible. The Christian life is not a 100 yard dash -- IT’S CROSS COUNTRY!





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