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					    14      Manila Headline ***                                                                                                                             JANUARY 1-13, 2009

Gaviola’s false claim led to TWC finding’s dismissal

    Rene Gaviola

        ontrary to the
        claim made by
        Mr. Rene Gavi-
ola, president and CEO
of OLRA International
College Foundation in                                                                                                       QUEZON CITY-TESDA: The above TESDA document
Houston, before the                                                                                                         states Omnibus International Colleges Foundation has no
Texas Workforce Com-                                                                                                        registered program with the agency.
mission,       OLRA was
operating a school and
teaching a nursing pro-
gram without a certifi-
cate of approval by the
Commission. Gaviola's
false claim that OLRA
was operating only as a
review center for nurs-
es and physical thera-
pists led to the dismiss-
al by the TWC special
hearing department of
the TWC preliminary
finding that OLRA was
operating as a school
in violation of Section
132.151 of the Texas Ed-
ucation Code.
    But Ric Ilanga, presi-
dent and CEO of KRC            TESDA-TARLAC: The above document states what courses OMNIBUS International Col-
Practical School of Nurs-      lege Foundation in Tarlac is allowed to offer.
ing in the Philippines, in-
sists that OLRA is indeed      ola's school, said his wit-   ported on the 10 o'clock       International        College
operating as a school, add-    nesses will also confirm      news of the TV station,        Foundation there. Inqui-
ing he has witnesses who       that OLRA has been ac-        leading later to a full-       ries from such govern-
are willing to testify and     cepting enrolment mostly      blown investigation by the     ment agencies as TESDA
belie Mr. Gaviola's claim.     by African-American stu-      Texas Workforce Commis-        and the Commission on           CHED Letter: The above CHED Letter states that Om-
    "How could Gaviola         dents some whom had ex-       sion. The Commission is-       Higher Education (CHED)         nibus International Colleges Foundation has no authority
make such a claim when         pressed doubt about OL-       sued a report on its find-     confirm this.                   from CHED to offer degree programs.
his office in Houston is       RA's true status and made     ings, among them that               In reply to Ilanga's in-
equipped with beds and         known their intention to      OLRA was operating as a        quiry, CHED'S Region IV         Houston & Elsewhere              happen again. My friend
                                                                                                                                                             also talked to Gaviola and
other equipment for nurs-      leave.                        "career school and teach-      director Amelia Biglete         Ric Ilanga
ing skills training and a                                                                                                                                    explained that he was
                                   The OLRA case broke       ing a nursing program          said in a letter that Omni-
bunch of computer cubi-                                                                                                     From page 4                      present when I gave the
                               open after a crew from the    without a certificate of ap-   bus International College
cles for his on-line nursing                                                                                                balance during that time of      instruction to my son and
                               TV station Channel 11, on     proval from the TWC"           Foundation doesn't have
students," Ilanga said.                                                                                                     our meeting at the Bellaire      the incident was simply
                               complaint by a former stu-        Meanwhile, in the          any authority from this
    Ilanga, who apparent-                                                                                                   restaurant was $1,900.00.        nothing but an honest mis-
                               dent, "visited" the offices   Philippines Gaviola is also    office to offer degree pro-
ly has seen the relevant                                                                                                    The meeting ended with           take by a 19 year old boy
                               of OLRA on Gessner.           running unto roadblocks        grams. Ilanga had asked
physical aspects of Gavi-                                                                                                   Gaviola paying us a partial      trying to learn the trade of
                                   The incident was re-      regarding his Omnibus           SEE Gaviola, page 32           payment check of $450.00,        running a business.
                                                                                                                            payable to Manila Head-               I thought the incident
                                                                                                                            line. When we returned           was already settled but to
                                                                                                                            to our office, I noticed that    my surprise, I received
                                                                                                                            Mr. Gaviola has written a        a call from the detective
                                                                                                                            note on the memo of his          of the Harris County’’s
                                                                                                                            check stating the words          Sheriff Department. We
                                                                                                                            “Balance $450.00”. I think       immediately went to the
                                                                                                                            this is a cheap attempt by       sheriff’s office with my son
                                                                                                                            Mr. Gaviola to get out of        and my friend who volun-
                                                                                                                            his obligation to pay the        teered to testify as witness
                                                                                                                            balance of $1,450.00 after       to the whole incident. Af-
                                                                                                                            paying $450.00. In front of      ter thorough explanation
                                                                                                                            my friend I instructed my        of the situation, the detec-
                                                                                                                            son to change the amount         tive and the district at-
                                                                                                                            on the memo portion of the       torney finally decided and
                                                                                                                            check to reflect the correct     declared the case filed by
                                                                                                                            balance of $1,450.00. I          Gaviola to be a NO CASE.
                                                                                                                            turned over the check to                What I don’t under-
                                                                                                                            my son because as presi-         stand is why Gaviola still
                                                                                                                            dent, he was already in          came out with a full page
                                                                                                                            charge of operation and          announcement in a tab-
                                                                                                                            the bank account for Ma-         loid paper accusing me of
                                                                                                                            nila Headline is under his       committing a crime when
                                                                                                                            name.                            he knew very well that my
                                                                                                                                       After that, I did     handwriting was not found
                                                                                                                            not know what happened           on the check and that the
                                                                                                                            anymore until the day I          case has already been
                                                                                                                            received a call from Gavi-       dismissed by the district
                                                                                                                            ola informing me of the          attorney. Maybe, it’s just
                                                                                                                            mistake. I immediately           his way of getting back at
                                                                                                                            apologized to him and            us for the expose’ that we
                                                                                                                            promised that it will not                     See page 32
JANUARY 1-13, 2009                                                                               *** Manila Headline       15

                        An Open Letter
        his letter is in response to Rene Gaviola’s paid advertisement that was recently placed in a full page article
        together with my picture on it.

  Once again, the right to just and fair report is being abridged supposedly to mislead the public, break my integrity
  and honesty as a businessman as well as being a journalist.
         I would like to emphasize that taking money from somebody else even an attempt to take it without having
  to work for it is not my cup of tea since all my businesses grow because of my perseverance, honesty and hard work
  and this has earned the respect of my co businessman and is the root of my success for over the years now. I believe
  that these three elements help me achieved my success and that a report of tampering or altering a check will never
  be in line of my business.
         And so, I would like to appeal to my fellow businessmen and readers that never allow money to buy our integ-
  rity and belief especially when we never know what really happened in that particular issue or incident.
  	      	For	the	benefit	of	everybody	my	picture	was	placed	on	a	full	page	paid	advertisement	on	a	local	tabloid	and	he	
  made it appear that I am a criminal who committed a crime of tampering a check posted with a warning announce-
  ment. He did it without thinking that I was not even involved nor was it my own handwriting.

  What really happened is this…
  Sometime in July 2008, I invited a common friend for a lunch meeting with Gaviola at a Chinese restaurant in Bel-
  laire Chinatown. The main purpose of our meeting was to collect money from Mr.Gaviola. He owed Manila Headline
  a total amount of $2,400.00 which was already overdue for about two years.
  	       The	first	payment	of	$500.00	was	received	around	one	year	after	the	ad	was	placed	and	made	so	the	balance	
  during	that	time	of	our	meeting	at	the	Bellaire	restaurant	was	$1,900.00.	The	meeting	ended	with	Gaviola	paying	
  us	a	partial	payment	check	of	$450.00,	payable	to	Manila	Headline	and	so	he	still	owes	us	a	total	of	$1,450.00.When	
  we	returned	to	our	office	with	my	friend,	I	noticed	that	Rene	Gaviola	has	written	a	note	on	the	memo	of	his	check	
  stating	the	words	"Balance	$450.00".	Obviously,	I	think	this	was	a	cheap	attempt	by	Mr.	Gaviola	to	get	out	of	his	
  obligation	to	pay	the	balance	of	$1,450.00	after	paying	$450.00.	In	front	of	my	friend,	I	instructed	my	son	to	change	
  the	amount	on	the	memo	portion	of	the	check	to	reflect	the	correct	balance	of	$1,450.00.	I	turned	over	the	check	to	
  my son because as the president, he was already in charge of the operation and the bank account for Manila Head-
  line is under his name.
          After that, I did not know what happened anymore until the day I received a call from Gaviola informing me
  of the mistake. I immediately apologized to him and promised that it will not happen again. My friend also talked to
  Gaviola and explained that he was present when I gave the instruction to my son and the incident was simply noth-
  ing	but	an	honest	mistake	of	a	19	year	old	boy	trying	to	learn	the	trade	of	running	a	business.								
          I thought the incident was already settled but to my surprise, I received a call from the detective of the Harris
  County’s	Sheriff	Department.	We	immediately	went	to	the	sheriff’s	office	with	my	friend	who	volunteered	to	testify	
  as witness to the whole incident. After thorough explanation of the situation, the detective and the district attorney
  finally	decided	and	declared	the	case	filed	by	Gaviola	to	be	a	‘No Case’.
  	       What	I	don’t	understand	is	why	Gaviola	still	came	out	with	a	full	page	announcement	in	a	tabloid	paper	ac-
  cusing me of committing a crime when he knew very well that my handwriting was not found on the check and that
  the case has already been dismissed by the district attorney. Maybe, its Gaviola’s way of getting even for the expose
  that we made earlier about a well documented under the table activities owned and operated by Gaviola. Or maybe,
  this	is	one	way	of	getting	out	of	his	financial	obligation	to	the	Manila	Headline.		He	even	threatened	me	of	death	
  through an e-mail sent directly by him telling me to “repent and reconcile at least before your last breath”.
          And now, I am thinking that in spite of all the hardships and integrity you have built and earned over the past
  years, Mr. Rene Gaviola, paying a full page advertisement can clash all of these in just one day.
          Dear Public, in behalf of the shabby act of Mr. Gaviola, since New year means New Life, I will be the one who
  will take charge of the action though I must admit it is just an honest mistake and has been found by the detective
  and the district attorney to be a No Case, and with no intention to tamper nor alter any check especially for a small
  amount that will never make me richer from where I am now and will affect my integrity as a businessman. Again,
  I would like to reiterate that I have been cleared and has been proved innocent contradicting Gaviola’s report on a
  local tabloid. And I think being innocent is much important now than any paid advertisement.
          To the public: I hope I have enlightened you regarding the said issue. May this New Year brings light and jus-
  tice to everybody because I believe that “The truth shall always prevail” no matter how much money you have.

                                                                                                              Ric Ilanga