Computer Assignment World Map of Continents and Oceans by dfhercbml


									     Computer Assignment: World Map of Continents and Oceans
     Label the following place names listed below. Be sure to follow the font requirements.
     There is a Gif file in your folder that outlines the continents.

Category                                      Label                                              Font/style
Countries    France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey,               Arial 10, Bold
             Mexico, Malaysia, Austria, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong                          Lower Case
Continent    North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania,                  ARIAL 12, BOLD
             Antarctica                                                                    CAPITAL LETTERS
Ocean        Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Southern                                   ARIAL 12, ITALICS
             (don‟t forget the “O.” for ocean)                                             CAPITAL LETTERS

                                               SAVE FREQUENTLY!!!!
     In Internet Explorer…
     Go to:

     Point to: Reference Maps
     Click on: International Outline
     Click on: World Map
     Click on: View this map as a JPEG
     Right click over the map when it appears
     Select: Save Picture as
     Save this map into a folder on your account.

     In your Geography icon…
     Open: Paint
     Click on: File – Open
     Find the saved JPEG from above and open it.
     Click on: Image – Flip/Rotate
     Select: Rotate by angle and 90 degrees
     Click on: File – Page Setup
     Highlight: Landscape and Fit to 1 by 1
     **(make sure it says 1 by 1)

     Save your new Paint document in your
     geography desktop icon using an appropriate
     Hint – if you make a mistake, just click „undo‟
     under the Edit menu or type Ctrl-Z
     Also, Save the map every couple minutes!!!

     Add Text (Labels) onto the Map…
     Click on: the „A’ symbol on the left side menu
     Highlight the bottom box so you don‟t delete the map as you create labels.

     You now have to create a text box for each label…
     Always place the text box in a blank area of the map that has no lines or anything!

     Once you have created a text box, the Text Toolbar will appear.
     Follow the directions outlined in the chart above before you type the label.

     Move labels around by highlighting this tool
     Surround the label with a box and simply drag it to the correct
     Location…you only have one chance!

     Hint     - Once you have completed a label, you cannot go back and change the spelling or move it
     slightly. You pretty much have to erase it with the eraser tool and write it in again.

     Finish the map:
     Add a north arrow. Search in Google Images under „north arrow‟. Copy and paste a nice one onto your map.
     Erase the title and create a new one using the title of the assignment as a guide.
     Add your name to the bottom right corner.

     Printing your Map
     Always check „Print Preview’ before printing so you don‟t waste paper.

     Colouring your Map
     Use pencil crayons to LIGHTLY outline and shade the 15 countries only…leave the oceans white.

                                                                            What in the World ISN’T Geography?

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