Comprehension Questions for “The Most Dangerous Game” by dfhercbml


									  Comprehension Questions for “The Most Dangerous Game”

 The answers to the following questions can be found in the text:
  a) In which sea has Connell set Ship-Trap island?
  b) How is Zaroff able to finance his life style?
  c) If Rainsford wins the hunt what does Zaroff promise him?
  d) What happened to Lazarus?
  e) Where does Rainsford spend the first night of his hunt?
  f) How many acres did Zaroff's father have in the Crimea?
  g) Why does Zaroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins?

In your own words:
  a) Complete the Attribute Web on the back for Rainsford or Zaroff
  b) Use the attribute web to write a character sketch
  c) Describe Zaroff's dining room.

Draw a map of Ship-Trap Island as described in the story. Label areas
and buildings

What caused Rainsford to believe Zaroff knew he was hiding in the
tree? Do you think he was right? Give reasons.

How does Zaroff stock his island with 'game'?

What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the story?

Inspite of being hurt, Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on his 'Malay
mancatcher', why?

How do we know Rainsford is an exceptionally fit man?

Do you agree that hunting is the 'best sport in the world'?

Do you agree with Zaroff that 'instinct is no match for reason'?

Why has Zaroff chosen an island for his sport?

To what extent does the author use descriptions of Zaroff's looks to
define his character?

Do you think Rainsford's attitude towards hunting changes through the

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