Instructions for Completing the Client Intake Form

Points to be aware as you fill up the forms.

      Make sure that you provide complete, detailed and honest answers for each item
       on the forms. If the item is not applicable to you make sure to mark the item
      There should be no question marks (?) for answers. All questions answered
       "yes" on the Statement of Affairs should have a detailed answer accompanying
       the question.
      When names and addresses are requested, provide detailed information. This in
       very important to make sure notifications are sent to the correct parties.
      It may be helpful to you to obtain a credit report from True Credit at
       http://www.truecredit.com. This report will contain addresses for most of your
       credit and other information that may be helpful when completing these forms.
       Be sure to provide name of creditors. Do not use acronyms or abbreviations.
      Make sure to provide dates when requested. Failure to do so will delay your
       filing as we must have the complete information in order to complete your
      If you are married and your spouse is filling with you, please make a copy of
       these forms and have your spouse complete the extra set, using his/her

   With the completed Client Intake Form you need to provide a copy
   of the following documents:

          Credit Counseling Certification
          Last six months payroll stubs.
          Federal Income tax returns for the past two years
          Titles to all vehicles you own
          Mortgages on real property
          Appraisal on real property, if available
          Life insurance policies
          Bank statements, stock certificates, bonds, savings accounts for the past 6
          Divorce decrees and / or separation agreements
          Lawsuits or other court proceedings filed against you within the last 2 years
          Retirement accounts.
          Credit report.

Note: Failure to provide answers and detail requested on these forms
may delay your case. It is imperative that all you information be
available to complete the petition.

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