QA for accessing Bankruptcy Link by gregory1


									Q&A for accessing Bankruptcy Link

1). When using Apple Computers (iMac, PowerMac) why can I not connect to
Bankruptcy Link? Even though Apple is using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple
Operating System cannot interpret the DHTML from Bankruptcy Link. The fix is to
uncheck the box that says view DHTML.

2). When using Netscape Communicator why can I not right click and print?
Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only browser that will let you right click and print.
Netscape does not give you the option to right click and print. The only option you have
is to download the most current Netscape browser 6.2 which will give you the option to
save screen as word document and print.

3). What is the recommended browser for using Bankruptcy Link?
The recommended browser for Bankruptcy Link is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2

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