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									                                 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

         The AGM began with the main issues that had been brought up in the ECM, held in
Santiago de Chile from 21-22 Mar 06; the participation of police and civilians, fundraising and
sponsorship, the structure of the committees, the frequency of ECM during the conference and
the voting procedure. The theme for the 13 Annual Conference was also considered and it was
decided that it should be “Peacekeeping Doctrine and Research: Implications for Training
and Education. The President then highlighted the main issues raised during the week’s
conference. Firstly, there needs to be a clear set of guidelines with regard to CIMIC training.
Secondly, the conduct of the courses needs to be regulated though it was stressed that pursuing
training recognition should continue. Lastly, it was deemed necessary to schedule the ITS briefing
towards the early part of the conference.

       Mr Jonas Alberoth gave a short brief on the IAPTC Conference 2007, to be held in
Stockholm, Sweden.

        After thanking Mr Jonas Alberoth, the President shared some of the decisions taken by
the Executive Committee when it met in March 2006 to discuss and organise this conference and
decisions taken to improve the programme and organisation.

        The President mentioned that the Centre for UN Peacekeeping was now running and
maintaining a website for IAPTC. He invited suggestions and feedback so as to ensure that the
website would always be up to date. The website also has weblinks to most of the IAPTC training
centres around the world. The IAPTC website is also the best suited for exchange of information.
Participants can easily access information about the Conference as well as register their

         After discussion at the ECM in March, the President said that it was decided that the
Articles of Association would remain unchanged. It was agreed that the current committee
structure would be kept and time for introductions would be incorporated in order to encourage
bilateral communication throughout the conference. It was felt that the concept of having
discussions in well-balanced, multifunctional groups needed to be continued and experimented
further. Therefore, sub-committees were set up to collate questions and outcomes for the Multi-
Functional Committees.

         Fundraising, voting procedure and participation by police and civilian institutions
were the main issues discussed for IAPTC 2006. IAPTC is unable to fund participants from
countries who are unable to self-fund. The Executive Committee welcomed the voluntary
sponsorship of individuals by neighbouring countries or interested agencies or bilateral
agreements. It was decided that IAPTC would continue to adhere to the current voting
procedure of one vote per individual rather than implement a ‘one vote per institution’
procedure. In the endeavour to seek higher participation by non-military agencies, the Executive
Committee agreed that it was necessary to make the content of the conference suitably attractive
to police and civilian participants. They identified relevant agencies and sent them an introduction
about IAPTC to encourage their attendance.

        At the IAPTC Conference 2006 it was decided that an official registration procedure
would be initiated making all conference participants members of the IAPTC, further widening the
database. Feedback was sought on the Ideas Bazaar to ascertain whether it remains a useful
forum for participants to share their thoughts, the house unanimously agreed that it was a good

        During the four-day conference, in addition to the existing three Executive Committee
Meetings, the Committee met daily, for about half and hour, at the end of each day to take stock
of the programme. The President thanked the host, CECOPAC, for agreeing to publish the
conference proceedings initially on their website in French as well as English.
        The 13 IAPTC Conference will be hosted by the Folke Bernadotte Academy in
Sweden. Finally, the African Peace Support Training Association (APSTA) was selected as
the host for the 14 IAPTC conference in 2008.

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