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                                                                                                                       ICOR COURSES
After completion of the course the attendee will be able to:
  • Choose an optimum site for mission critical Data Center’s based on
    current and future needs
  • Describe all components important for hi-availability in a Data Center
    and how to effectively setup the Data Center and manage it
                                                                               Data Center
  • Name and apply the various industry standards
  • Describe the various technologies for UPS, fire suppression, cooling,
    monitoring systems, cabling standards etc. and how to choose and
    apply them effectively to enhance the hi-availability of the Data Center
    at minimum cost
  • Create a robust electrical distribution system to avoid costly downtime
  • Enhance cooling capabilities and efficiency in the Data Center by using
    techniques and technologies including new methodologies for
    high-power cooling requirements of the future
  • Design a highly reliable and scalable network architecture and learn
    how to ensure installers use proper testing techniques                     Offered by ICOR as part of
  • Create effective maintenance contracts with equipment suppliers
    ensuring the best “bang for the buck”
                                                                                 the Facility Management
  • Setup effective Data Center monitoring ensuring the right people           Professional Development
    get the right message                                                                        Program
  • Ensure proper security measures, both process and technical are
    in place safeguarding your companies precious information in the
    Data Center
  • Describe the various IT-Service management standards, best
    practices and processes and how to effectively use them leading to
    increased efficiency of operations whilst minimizing risk of downtime
    caused by change
  • And much, much more...

Certified Data Center Professional was developed by EPI, a British origin
company offering an extensive range of infrastructure and infrastructure
management products and services. The Certified Data Center series of
courses are aimed at helping the industry to guarantee standards for
professionals managing mission critical sites.

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Course Description:                                                                    Day 1 Will Cover the Following Topics:
With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-        •   The Data Center, its Importance & Causes for Downtime
critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that
the mission critical Data Center is designed, maintained and operated with             •   Data Center Standards and Best Practices
hi-availability and efficiency in mind. Fact is however that most Data Center’s        •   Building Construction
do not meet the full availability, capacity, safety or efficiency requirements often
demanded. The ever changing technologies put even more pressure on Data                •   Raised Floor/Suspended Ceiling
Center managers along with the ever faster pace at which these changes are             •   Power Infrastructure
required. On top of that, there is a vast number of companies where the Data
Center is a shared responsibility between the IT and Facilities divisions, each        •   Electro Magnetic Fields
having their own values and standards to which they believe a mission critical
site should be designed, maintained and operated.                                      Day 2 Will Cover the Following Topics:
This course will provide anybody involved with Data Center design, maintenance         • Cooling Infrastructure
and operations, valuable lessons which will enable a hi-available, flexible, safe
and efficient mission critical Data Center environment for both new and exist-         • Light Standards
ing sites.                                                                             • Designing a Scalable Network Infrastructure
                                                                                       • Fire Suppression
Certified Data Center Courses
There are three levels of certification for Mission Critical Site                      • Data Center Monitoring
Facilities courses:                                                                    • Operational Security and Safety Practices
CDCP :        Certified Data Center Professional                                       • Labeling

CDCS :        Certified Data Center Specialist

                                                                                       • Documentation
CDCE :        Certified Data Center Expert

                                                                                       • Cleaning
The Certified Data Center Professional course is a two-day course designed             • MTBF/MTTR
to expose participants to the key components of the Data Center. It will ad-           • Maintenance Contracts/OLA
dress how to setup and improve key aspects such as power, cooling, security,
cabling, safety etc. to ensure a hi-available Data Center. It will also address key
                                                                                       • IT Service Management
operations and maintenance aspects.                                                      Based on ITIL/BS15000/ISO/ICE-20000
                                                                                       • EXAM: Certified Data Center Professional
Audience - The primary audience for this course is an IT, Facilities, or Data
Center Operations professional working in and around the Data Center and
having responsibility to achieve and improve hi-availability and manageability of      Certification and Accreditation
the Data Center. Participants who have at least one or two years of actual             Certification exams will be administered at the end of the second day. The
working experience in a Data Center/facilities environment are best suited.            exam is a one-hour, 40 questions, closed book exam. Attendees who pass the
                                                                                       exam will receive the official “Certified Data Center Professional” certificate.
Delivery Structure - An instructor-led course that uses a combination of               This world-wide recognized certificate is accredited by ICOR. 1.4 CEU credits
presentation lectures and question and answer sessions to discuss attendees’           are earned towards ICOR education credit for all members of ICOR who com-
specific needs and issues experienced in their own environment.                        plete the course. These CEU credits can be used toward certification by ICOR.

  For more information about ICOR’s courses, go to www.theicor.org/courseware.html or call 866.SOLVE21 (765.8321)

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