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					                                           School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program
   Social Studies                                           Melissa W. Bell

                                    GRADE 5 RIGBY: VOLUME 1

                                 Issue B: NIGHTTIME NOTEBOOK


         Who had a position of authority in “Fairy Tales in the Dark’? Where did this
          person get the authority?
         In “All in a Night’s Work”, did the flight attendant exercise authority? If so,
         Based on the story “Day and Night”, do you think animals exercise authority or
          power without authority over other animals? Explain your answer.
         What positions of authority were described in “The Moonlit Road to Freedom”?
              o What was the purpose of each position of authority?
              o Was each position necessary? Why or why not?


         In “Fairy Tales in the Dark’, what were Lisa’s responsibilities?
              o What were the responsibilities taken on by Lisa’s mother?
         Based on the story “All in a Night’s Work”, what are some responsibilities taken
          on by people who work at night?
              o What are the benefits of taking on these responsibilities? What are the
         In “Day and Night”, what responsibility did Eagle take on?
              o What might have happened if Eagle had not taken on this responsibility?
         In “The Moonlit Road to Freedom”, what responsibilities were taken on by the
              o Use the Intellectual Tools Chart on p. 33 in your text to evaluate their
                  decision to take on these responsibilities.


         Can you find an example of distributive justice in “All in a Night’s Work”? If so,
          explain the example you found.
         What type of justice played a role in “Day and Night”? Discuss how this type of
          justice was illustrated.
         What were some wrongs and injuries England inflicted on the colonists which
          resulted in the need for Paul Revere’s ride for freedom?
              o How serious were these wrongs and injuries?

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                                           School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program
   Social Studies                                           Melissa W. Bell


         What type of privacy played a role in “Fairy Tales in the Dark”? Explain your
         After reading “All in a Night’s Work”, identify some privacy issues involved in
          working the night shift.
         Which type of privacy played a part in “The Moonlit Road to Freedom”?
             o What was the scope of the right to privacy? The limits to the right to


         How do the ideas of freedom of expression and self-interest vs the common good
          relate to “Fairy tales in the Dark”?
         Based on “All in a Night’s Work”, how do public service workers like policemen,
          firemen and medical personnel promote the common good?
         In “Day and Night”, how does Eagle illustrate characteristics of good citizenship
          in the animal world?
         Discuss how Paul Revere’s ride and the actions of Robert Newman illustrate the
          concept of self-interest vs. the common good.

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                                           School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program
   Social Studies                                           Melissa W. Bell

                                 Nighttime Notebook
                                 Narrative Writing Prompt

  Think about a time when you were alone in the dark. Write a paragraph that describes
  where you were, what you were doing and how you felt about the darkness.

Before you write:
    Read the prompt carefully so you understand exactly what you are being
      asked to do.
    Consider topic, task, and audience.
    Think about what you want to write
    Use scratch paper to organize your thoughts. Use strategies like mapping
      or outlining.

As you write:
    Maintain a clear and consistent position or claim.
    Clearly tell a story that includes descriptive details. Include dialogue if
    Use a variety of well-constructed, complete sentences.
    Use a logical organization with an obvious beginning, middle, and end.

After you write:
        Did you support your ideas with specific details?
        Do the point of view and tone of the story remain consistent?
        Check for capitalization, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and
          usage errors.

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