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     Week 1               One party contacts DMM Case Management. DMM then contacts other party.

                            DMM sends both parties the DMM pack which includes the relevant client
                        agreement (Borrower or Lender); the Draft Agreement to Mediate; the Pre-Agreed
                        Clauses and a letter encouraging them to review the documents and to take them to
                                                    their advisors if they wish.

      Week 2        If both parties wish to go ahead, each signs the appropriate Debt Management
                    Mediation Client agreement and returns it with the appropriate cheque to Debt
                                                Management Mediation.

                   DMM allocates a Mediator to the case and then contacts the proposed Mediator to
                    ensure no conflict of interest exists. If there is a conflict, or if the mediator is not
                     available within 2 days, the next Mediator on the panel rotation is contacted.

       Week 3                 Mediation begins: all present sign the DMM Agreement to Mediate.
                             Borrower will start by explaining why they are in the mediation, their
                         relationship with the Lender and a short history from when they took out the
                         loan. They may speak, uninterrupted by the Lender’s representative. Lender
                          will then respond to the Borrower and give a short history of their position
                                       uninterrupted by the Borrower until the present.

                       Mediator will facilitate the discussion process, in a neutral and even-handed way,
                                 ensuring that it follows a positive and constructive course.
                                            nt                                               held
                                          me                                                      in              Signed by all parties,
                                                                No Agreement

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                                                                                                                held in escrow by DMM
  Written out by hand by the                                                                                    for 1 week after which if
     Mediator using DMM                                                                                             the parties do not
agreement template, including                                                                                        contact DMM to
   DMM Pre-Agreed clauses.                             Mediation will                                              withdraw from the
 Signed by all present, will be                   terminate. Mediator will                                            agreement, the
  final and binding from that                      inform DMM that the                                            Mediated Agreement
            moment.                                 mediation concluded                                              will be valid and
                                                     without agreement.                                          binding on all parties.

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