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                      June 2 – 14, 2000
                    Delegate and Company Descriptions

The Honourable Rozy Munir
Minister of Investment & State-Owned Enterprises

The Honourable Rozy Munir is the newly appointed Minister of Investment &
State-Owned Enterprises for the Republic of Indonesia. He is firmly committed to
development of the Indonesian economy and democratization of the country. As
a main player in the President’s economic team he has a strong desire to reach
out to the international business community to encourage new investment and to
facilitate the expansion of existing foreign investment in Indonesia.

Dr. Asril Noer
Special Assistant to Minister Rozy Munir
Ministry of Investment & State-Owned Enterprises

Dr. Asril Noer has worked with the Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia
for most of his career. He has an intimate knowledge of the investment process
in Indonesia and the needs of foreign investors. He currently works very closely
with Minister Rozy Munir to enhance the investment climate in Indonesia and
encourage new investment.

Dr. Soeroso
Deputy Chairman
Ministry of Investment & State-Owned Enterprises

Dr. Soeroso is a Deputy to the Minister responsible for macro-economic issues
related to investment matters.

Mr. K. H. Achmad Sjatari
Member of Parliament, Commission on Investment

Mr. Achmad Sjatari is a member of the Indonesian Parliament, heading up the
Commission on Investment. He is actively involved in new legislation on
investment matters and strongly supports the democratization of Indonesia and
economic development through foreign investment.

Mr. Darmawan Djajusman
Director, International Promotion and Relations
Ministry of Investment & State-Owned Enterprises

Mr. Darmawan is an active player in assisting the Ministry with its foreign
promotion program. With overseas experience in the Indonesian Foreign
Ministry he has an excellent knowledge of the expectations and needs of foreign

Mr. Sutara Martadisastra
President, Indonesia Canada-Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Sutara is a long-time friend of Canada and a strong supporter of the
Indonesia-Canada relationship on all levels. He has been President of the
Indonesia-Canada Chamber of Commerce for the past 4 years and prior to that
he was President of both the Canadian Business Association and the Indonesia-
Canada Business Council. On this Mission he wishes to continue to strengthen
the relationship between the new countries by meeting his established contacts
and creating new ones.

Mr. Sutara is also President of P.T. Budhi Nusa and Vice-President of The
Djajanti Group of Companies which are involved in forestry (plywood, blockboard
and particleboard) and fisheries (frozen shrimp, canned tuna and down-stream
seafood products).        Beyond his role in encouraging Canada-Indonesia
relationships he wishes to meet large fish importers interested in a national
distributorship for his canned tuna product.

Mr. Suryo B. Sulisto
Vice-Chairman, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN)
International Investment, Trade, Industry and Tourism Division

Mr. Suryo has a special interest in developing investment in Indonesia to support
economic development of the country. He visited Canada a number of times as
former Ambassador and Special Envoy for the Republic of Indonesia. On this
Mission he wishes to meet previously established contacts in government and
business circles and to create new mutually beneficial relationships.

Mr. Suryo is Chairman of The Satmarindo Group specializing in engineering,
procurement and construction management services for the energy sector as
well as Chairman of Lirik Petroleum, an oil and gas exploration and production
company. He wishes to meet companies involved in this sector that have an
interest in Indonesia and the vast array of opportunities available.

Mr. Hari Gumuruh Soeparto (Vancouver & Toronto)
President Director
Mr. Rianto Buditjahyono (Toronto & Montreal)
Jl. Kalibata Timur I, No. 36
Kalibata, Jakarta 12740
Tel: 62-21-798-8700
Fax: 62-21-798-8701

P.T. Rekayasa Industri is an engineering, procurement and construction
company specializing in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, power, cement,
mineral and agricultural industries. The firm, based in Jakarta, employees 800
people and their annual sales for 1999 were approximately US$60 Million and in
1998 over US$80 Million. They are looking for a partner to provide technology,
with an interest in collaborating on future R&D efforts. P.T. Rekayasa Industri
can provide a new partnership with highly skilled technical services, market
access and existing networks. The company is currently in the process of
completing a large engineering and construction project for Gulf Indonesia
Resources. Although their main interest for this mission is oil & gas process
engineering and construction expertise but also wish to pursue other sectors in
which they are involved and for which potential partners may have expertise. The
purpose of a new partnership would be to enhance their technological capacity
thus increasing their current market share in Indonesia and the region.

Mr. Dwi Poetranto
Managing Director
Mr. Himawan Imanurofiq (Vancouver Only)
Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat Blok E.4.3, No. 1
Menara DEA. 15th Floor
Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Tel: 62-21-576-0866, 576-0876
Fax: 62-21-576-0966

P.T. Atap Indah is a full scale general insurance company specializing in the
provision of insurance for property (fire insurance), marine, money and other
areas such as construction and liabilities. Their annual sales are approximately
US$3 Million and they currently handle over 5,000 insurance policies. They are
seeking a partner as a joint venture or product licensor to increase their share of
the huge market in Indonesia, especially in providing insurance to multi-national
companies based there. P.T. Atap wishes to share in the equity of a new
partnership but can also provide service certification and market access with an
expectation of business progress and development. They have excellent
relations with government institutions in Indonesia.

Mr. Johnie Mulyadi
President Director
Jalan Muaka Baru, No. 18
Pluit, Jakarta
Tel: 62-21-661-3588
Fax: 62-21-669-2417

P.T. Tirta Raya Mina is large fish processing and exporting company with annual
sales of US$10 Million. With 250 people in their plant, they specialize in high
quality frozen fish such as snapper (fillets and whole), tuna and sword fish
steaks. They are looking for importers of their product as well as companies
interested in partnerships for fish processing/exporting in Indonesia. P.T. Tirta
Raya Mina wishes to expand its current operations and wants to develop
relationships with potential importers of high-quality Indonesian fish.

Mr. Djamaluddin
President Director
Jalan P. Jayakarta, No. 105G
Jakarta 10730
Tel: 62-21-890-0222
Fax: 62-21-890-1588

P.T. Gunung Raja Paksi is well-established manufacturer of steel (ou) pipe and
steel plate products. With over 30 years of experience and 1000 employees,
based in Bakasi (near Jakarta), their annual production volume is 300,000 metric
tons and sales of US$90 Million. P.T. Gunung Raja Paksi is looking for a joint-
venture partner who can provide new technology and marketing expertise. The
firm can provide 50% of the financing for a new joint venture as well as
specialized processes such as “skin pass”. They have extensive internal
logistical capabilities with numerous cranes and transporting vehicles and an
thorough knowledge of local laws, regulations and permitting requirements. They
will also bring a new partnership an established market and distribution network.
P.T. Gunung Raja Paksi want to increase their efficiency to meet global demand
as a world-class producer of high-end steel products.

Mr. Suhadi
President Director
Mr. Achmad Kusoy Z.
Corporate Operations & Development Manager
Jalan Taman Anggrek
Kemanggisan Jaya, West Jakarta
Tel: 62-21-548-0211
Fax: 62-21-548-0607

P. T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja is a large-scale fertilizer and petrochemical products
manufacturer. With over 5,300 employees and 40 years of experience they
produce ammonia-urea as well as ammonium sulphate and phosphate fertilizer
with capabilities in process engineering, plant operations, commissioning and
start-up and maintenance. With almost US$1 billion in sales volume for the
group they are dedicated to providing first-class services and products to
Indonesia and world markets. P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja wishes to find importer
agents or distributorship partner as well as looking for a joint-venture partner to
expand their business in Indonesia and globally. They have various international
accreditations including ISO-9002 (product quality) and ISO-14001
(environmental responsibility). They are willing to share in the financing required
for a new joint-venture company and provide access to their existing markets as
well as the engineering and technical skills needed to start a new venture.

Mr. Omay K. Wiraatmadja
President Director
Mr. Mochamad Djaenudin
Production Director
Mr. Hasanuddin Thoyieb
Corporate Secretary
Jalan Bangka Raya No. 107
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: 62-21-7179-3227
Fax: 62-21-7179-0964

P.T. Pupuk Iskandar Muda, with more than 25 years of experience, is a large
producer of urea fertilizer. With 1,152 employees located in their head office in
Jakarta and the plant in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, their production volume is 600,000
tons with annual sales of US$40 to $45 Million. They sell 40% of their production
to Indonesian markets and 60% to international Markets. P.T. Pupuk Iskandar
Muda wishes to set up a new factory to produce chemicals for water treatment
and are looking for a partner to share in the equity requirements and provide
collaboration on R&D requirements. They can provide equity, plant location,
operators, workers, raw materials and market access for a new joint-venture
company.     On this mission they hope to find a company interested in
commencing a full study/survey of their proposed project.

Mr. Rauf Purnama (Toronto & Montreal)
President Director
Mr. Agus Ismail (Toronto & Montreal)
General Manager, Business Development
Mr. Isnadi (Toronto & Montreal)
Jalan Jenderal Akhmad Yani
Gresik 61119, Indonesia
Tel: 62-31-398-2400
Fax: 62-31-398-1722

P.T. Petrokimia Gresik, with 28 years of experience and 3,986 employees, is a
large-scale producer of fertilizer products. Annually they produce 400,000 tons of
urea, 650,000 tons of ammonium sulphate, 1 million tons of SP-36, 300,000 tons
of NPK. They also produce non-fertilizer products: 440,000 tons of cement
retarder and 12,600 tons of aluminium fluoride. They are looking for new
technology and licensing in order to strengthen their industrial structure and
expand their product derivatives. P.T. Petrokimia can provide a new partnership
with investment funds in return for technology, equity share, joint operations and
off-take of the product. Their main interest is in diversifying the company’s
product line for local and international markets.

Mr. Rudy Tanoesoedibyo
Executive Director
Jalan Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 54-55
Bapindo Plaza II, 5th Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: 62-21-527-6928
Fax: 62-21-527-6922

P.T. Bhakti Investama is an investment banking firm operating in Jakarta for the
past 9 years. The Bhakti Group of Companies is also involved in multi-media,
information technology, cellular communications and cigarette manufacturing and
has a combined business volume of US$70 Million with over 13,000 employees.
Mr. Rudy wishes to meet investment banking firms, venture capital firms and
other finance companies to provide them with excellent investment opportunities
in the large Indonesian market. They are looking for a partner to provide strategic
and financial capabilities, both of which they can also offer to a new partnership.

Mr. Ismeth Abdullah
Mr. Jusuf Domi
Deputy Chairman
BIDA Building, Batam Centre
Batam, Indonesia
Tel: 62-778-462-047
Fax: 62-778-462-259

The Batam Industrial Development Authority is the Indonesian Government body
responsible for the development and investment in the Special Industrial Zones
of Batam, Rempang and Galang Islands strategically located 20 kilometers
southeast of Singapore. They wish to attract private foreign direct investment as
well as partners for infrastructure and tourism development in order to continue
developing this area. They have over 1500 employees and can provide attractive
incentives, modern facilities and infrastructure, streamlined investment
procedures and overall competitive investment costs. The area attracted 73 new
projects worth US$261 million in 1999, adding to the accumulated private
investment of US$5.3 billion in this Special Zone. To date they have assisted
more than 400 foreign companies and 9,000 domestic companies with their
investments in Batam.