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In the Penal Colony by tyndale


									In the Penal Colony
“Who would we be, if we continued to ignore the injustice?”

Canada, 2005, 24 minutes
English / Color / super16mm

based on the short story by Franz Kafka
Director/Producer: Sibel Guvenc
Cinematography by: Tico Poulakakis
Editor: Sibel Guvenc
Composers: Sevgi Karacasulu, Sibel Guvenc
Production Designer: Mark Gabriel
Sound by: Dwayne Newman
Production Company: Kybele Films

                                                       ‘In the penal colony’, a twenty-four
                                                minute drama based on the short story by
                                                Franz Kafka, portrays the dark stage of
                                                human history; the inhumanity and injustice
                                                created by human kind.
                                                       The film is narrated through the eyes
                                                of a woman explorer; a third figure who is
Accepting an invitation to a                    positioned between the Law and the
Penal Colony to investigate its                 Condemned.
justice system, a woman                                 ‘In the Penal Colony’ is about guilt
explorer is asked to witness the                and punishment in a malfunctioning system
execution of a soldier. She                     where things are not just and freedom is not
confronts an officer who                        free and everyone is a victim.
demonstrates her the apparatus,                        The film introduces the style of
an instrument used to inflict                   'Mystical Realism'.
capital punishment. Her silent
disapproval of the system brings                Sibel Guvenc, B.Sc., B.F.A.
a surprising and climactic
outcome for the future of the                   Toronto based, filmmaker and visual artist,
officer, the prisoner and the                   Sibel Guvenc started filmmaking at Ontario
colony.                                         College of Art and Design with her short films
1 min. TRAILER and DVD available                ‘Ecce Homo’, ‘Stigma’, ‘Dead and Alive’ and
at ‘In the Penal Colony’ web page               ‘Palette’ which screened at international
                                                festivals. Her films have been awarded for
                                                proficiency in film, for two consecutive years
                                                by William F.White in Toronto. Sibel Guvenc
                                                is currently working on her first feature film
                                                ‘Eyes of Dreams’, a drama/mystery while
                                                developing the feature film ‘Broken Eggs’, a
                                                drama/sci-fi/fantasy. Sibel Guvenc was born
                                                in 1973 in Turkey.

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