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									China 2008 Mission
Application Form
This application form must be completed by each company wishing to participate in the China 2008 Mission. The information
collected will be used by the mission organizers to facilitate coordination and planning of events in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Unless otherwise indicated, all fields must be completed. For additional information about this initiative, simply click on or write to You may also phone 905.888.1273 x331.

Section 1: Company co-ordinates
Company name:

Mailing address:

Address 2:

Town/city:                                                   Province:                                    Postal code:

Website:                                                                 Main email address:

Telephone:                                                               Fax:

Section 2: Company description
Check each item that best describe your company or organization:

   Medical Technology / Biotech/Pharma Manufacturer; Health IT              OEM Manufacturer

   Biomedical Products or Software – Distribution                           Professional and/or Business Services

   Sales                                                                    Other: Please provide details in the comments box below
Use this box to explain how the activities of your company or organization go beyond the categories listed here.

Company profile: Describe your technology, products, services, etc.
A description of 50 to 250 words is required.

Previous experience in China: please be sure to mention activities and regions involved.

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Section 3: Company objectives for the mission
Check each item that best describe what your company is seeking to accomplish during this trip:
Gather market and country knowledge                                  Meet OEM manufacturer(s) / supplier(s)

Seek manufacturing or R&D partner(s)                                    Seek Distributor(s)

Seek manufacturing or distribution facilities                           Do direct sales or promote the company

Other: Please provide details in the box below.

Section 4: Co-ordinates of mission participants
Primary company delegate:                                              Second company delegate:

First name:                                                            First name:

Last name:                                                             Last name:

Position:                                                              Position:

Phone:                                                                 Phone:

Email:                                                                 Email:

Fax:                                                                   Fax:
Third company delegate:                                                Fourth company delegate:

First name:                                                            First name:

Last name:                                                             Last name:

Position:                                                              Position:

Phone:                                                                 Phone:

Email:                                                                 Email:

Fax:                                                                   Fax:

Section 5: Fee schedule and level of participation
As outlined below, the basic registration fee for the China 2008 Mission is $500.00 per delegate. This fee is made possible because of cost-
sharing on the part of LSB (the Life Science Branch of Industry Canada) and DFAIT (the Department of Foreign Affairs and Inte rnational
Trade). Other fees are involved. These fees depend on your level of involvement as indicated by the choices you make below.

   Basic (minimum company participation required) $500.00 per company/organization delegate

   Personal (minimum admission fee for walking the CMEF) $250.00 per delegate

   Promotional: includes putting company literature on display at the Canadian Pavilion at CMEF: $350.00 per company

   Exhibitional: Includes sharing space within the Canadian Pavilion at CMEF: $500.00 per company
Each participating enterprise is required to make an initial $500.00 deposit upon registering for the Mission.

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Section 6: Individual preferences and special options
Some companies or organizations may have requirements that vary significantly from those of other participants in the group. For this
reason, some tailoring of the Mission is possible. Please use the following options to indicate your preferences.

   We require contact information regarding additional booth furnishings and services
We will be making a deviation from the mission itinerary (provide details, such as dates, locations, etc. )

   We are interested in hiring a translator to accompany company staff and want more info on costs and availability .

  We are interested in participating in the Shenzhen business meeting and site visits to be held off the CMEF site.
Comments: Please use the box below to include information, comments or questions likely to be of use to mission organizers.

Section 7: Submission terms and conditions
I acknowledge that, by completing this registration form, I/my company/organization are responsible for the registration costs required by
the various selected options, including a basic $500 fee per delegate as well as a minimum of $250 per company delegate for attendance at
the CMEF. Such fees are payable by the due date provided by the organizers as shown in the posted fee schedule. Furthermore, I also
agree to be responsible for my own valid passports, business visas and other items not covered by the aforementioned fee schedule, such
as, but not limited to: air and ground travel, meals, translators, hotels, etc. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all costs or
consequences arising from any declared/undeclared deviation from the mission itinerary. I acknowledge that I am directly responsible for
immediately informing mission organizers of any changes to the information submitted between now and the start of the mission on April 11,
2008. In addition, I acknowledge that the organizers reserve the rights to amend or change the trip itinerary as circumstance s require.

Acknowledged and agreed.

Section 8: Credit card payment information
Date of payment (dd/mm/yy):
                                                         Card used : Visa               MasterCard

Name on credit card:
                                                                                              (A $500.00 mininum is required)

Card number:                                                                                  Card expiration date (mm/yy):

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