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									                        Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership
                              29 January 2009 at 6.30pm
                                     Civic Offices
Attendees: (as per attendance sheets received after meeting)

                Chief Inspector Sian Lockley                     Hertfordshire Constabulary
                Jaqueline Townsend                               Resident
                PC Curran                                        Hertfordshire Constabulary
                PC Cross                                         Hertfordshire Constabulary
                Stuart Nagler                                    Hertfordshire Police Authority
                Kevin Fenton                                     Neighbourhood Watch
                Brian Conbeer                                    William Sutton Homes
                John Godfrey                                     Potters Bar CRG Chair
                John Howley                                      Aldenham Parish Council
                Rosamund Gray                                    Radlett & Aldenham Good Neighbours
                Cllr Ian Dempster                                South Mimms Parish Council
                Cllr Martin Saunders                             Hertfordshire County Council
                Peter Cargill                                    Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue
                Trevor Brown                                     Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue
                Barry Pryke                                      Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue
                Mark Cheshire                                    Hertfordshire County Council
                Ian Markwell                                     Hertfordshire County Council
                Cllr Silver                                      Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr David                                       Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Wayne                                       Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Batten                                      Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Butler                                      Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Harrison                                    Hertsmere Borough Council
                Dennis Sandor                                    Neighbourhood Watch
                Robert Gamble                                    Resident
                Cllr Gamble                                      Hertsmere Borough Council
                Leo Neita                                        Metropolitan Housing
                Amy Jeffrey                                      Hertfordshire Constabulary
                Sue Taylor                                       Hertfordshire Constabulary
                Cllr Donne (Chairman)                            Hertsmere Borough Council
                Valerie Kane                                     Hertsmere Borough Council
                Loran Kingston (Minutes)                         Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Bright                                      Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Parnell                                     Hertsmere Borough Council

    1. Welcome and apologies
         The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the Mayor of Hertsmere,
         Cllr Sandra Parnell and Leader of the Council, Cllr Bright for their attendance at the

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                Cllr Pat Strack                                  Hertsmere Borough Council
                Cllr Di Hoeksma                                  Hertsmere Borough Council
                Roy Hotchkiss                                    Bushey Churches Together
                Cllr Metcalf                                     Hertfordshire County Council
                Estelle Samuelson                                Aldenham Parish Council
                Brenda Griffiths                                 Hertfordshire Police Authority
                Bonnie Joyce

    2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 27 October 2008 at
       6.30pm and Matters Arising
         The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.

         Cllr Batten did give her apologies at the previous meeting, however this was not
         recorded in the minutes.

    3. CDRP Champions
         The Leader of the Council, Cllr Morris Bright told the group he was delighted to be here
         on this occasion and see the champions receiving their awards for the contribution and
         commitment they have given to Hertsmere’s CDRP.

         The Leader of the Council informed the group that the 2008 residents survey has now
         been completed and the results from the survey are very positive. 1000 residents were
         surveyed on their life style, services and the local area.
         In 2002 fear of crime was the highest factor with 22% of residents concerned with this.
         In 2005 this reduced by 50% to 15% and in 2008 it has reduced further to 13%.

         This clearly shows that the work that the Crime & Disorder Partnership is doing is having
         an affected on the fear of crime, the Leader offered his thanks to all the agencies

         The Mayor of Hertsmere, Cllr Sandra Parnell was introduced to proceed with the awards

         Hertsmere CDRP relies heavily on its partner agencies to work together to make
         Hertsmere a safer place to live and work. Occasionally individuals within those agencies
         give a little bit extra. It is those individuals who we wish to recognise this evening.

         Andy Chittenden served as a police officer with Hertfordshire Constabulary for many
         years and was extremely pro-active within the Partnership. He worked with
         Hertfordshire Highways addressing such issues as street lighting and traffic
         management. He was instrumental in setting up CARM the Campaign for Off Road

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         Unfortunately Andy is unable to join us this evening, however, we will present his award
         to him at the next CDRP meeting on 20 April 2009.


         Hertsmere’s CCTV Control Room team are pleased to present their first ‘CCTV Police
         Officer of the Year Award’ to Scott Curran.

         This award is given in recognition of the tremendous help, support and assistance given
         by Scott to all staff in the Control Room.

         Scott works for Hertfordshire Constabulary on Hertsmere’s Intervention Team and
         responds to incidents that the Control Room has initiated with enthusiasm and efficiency.

         The Control Room team values the working relationship they have with Scott and hope
         to have more CCTV successes during 2009.

         PC Scott Curran accepted the tankard as a token of their appreciation.

         BARRY PRYKE

         Barry has recently retired from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service after completing
         some 30 years.

         Barry has worked at Borehamwood and Potters Bar Fire Stations as Commander and
         has contributed to many of the partnership activities we have run over the years.

         He was one of the ‘founding members’ of the Environmental Action Day planning group
         set up in 2004 and we were fortunate to have him lead on many of the early events.

         His tremendous support and sense of humour will be missed by the Partnership – we
         wish him well in his retirement.

         Barry Pryke accepted the plaque as a token of the CDRP’s extreme thanks.


         Stuart Nagler has been involved with Hertsmere’s CDRP from almost the beginning of
         its inception and has been an integral part of its growth and expansion.

         He has represented the Police Authority at a strategic level for many years and has
         regularly engaged in our Crime Reduction Groups, having a slot on each of the five
         groups agendas.

         He has participated in many of our initiatives from environmental action days to

         His commitment and enthusiasm will be greatly missed by the partnership but we wish
         him every success with his role as Chair of Hertfordshire Police Authority.

         Stuart Nagler accepted the plaque as a token of the CDRP’s thanks.

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    4. Hertfordshire Police Authority
         Stuart Nagler updated the group with the current operational issues, in the absence of
         Brenda Griffiths.

         All crime across the county is down by 4% and the current detection rate is 32.7%
         against a target of 30%.

         9 of the 10 CDRP’s have had an increase in burglary dwellings compared to the same
         period to last year. Shoplifting offences have also increased and it is possible that the
         current credit crunch is a contributing factor of this.

         There are issues regarding the release of offenders from prisons. Currently Hertfordshire
         Constabulary are not being made aware of when offenders are being released from

         Vehicle crime is down by 10% across the county.

         The powers that a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) has are being reviewed
         and there is a possibility that PCSO’s will have the power to detain criminals. There are
         issues around this, as it would take PCSO’s away from being a visible presence.

         The Policing Plan will be launched at the end of March 2009. There will be a single
         target performance, which will look at how crime and anti social behaviour issues are
         being dealt with by the partnership (CDRP).

         Due to the budget falling, police forces across the country are merging to deliver
         services. Hertfordshire Constabulary have collaborated with Bedfordshire to jointly
         deliver 8-10 services already, e.g Professional Standards, Search & Rescue and SOCO.

    5. Crime Statistics Update

         Sian Lockley talked the group through a presentation. Please see attached.

         Burglary Dwelling offences have increased, but the constabulary have done lots of work
         around this issue and before Christmas a number of prolific offenders were arrested and
         are currently in prison.

         In Bushey this week there were 8 burglaries, but two offenders have been arrested,
         charged and are currently in custody. There are dedicated burglary patrols being done
         by officers.

    6. Partnership Activity
         Valerie Kane updated the group with the recent partnership activity and talked the group
         through a presentation. Please see attached.

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         Amy Jeffrey and Sue Taylor talked the group through a presentation on Halloween, the
         initiatives that were run and the results of the analysis that was done. Please see

    7. Safer Schools Partnership – how this works in Hertsmere
         Sue Taylor talked the group through a presentation. Please see attached.

    8. Questions and Answers
         At the invitation of the Chairman, questions were put and responses given as follows:

         Agenda item 4 – Police Authority
         Cllr Butler stated that last year Hertsmere lost police officers to the Metropolitan Police
         (MET) and wanted to know if there was a reason why.
         Stuart Nagler explained that this was a problem as the Met pay more money and give
         free travel allowance, although some officers do return to Hertfordshire as the quality of
         life is better.

         Cllr Saunders questioned whether or not the Police Authority will be able to afford
         PCSO’s in next years budget.
         Stuart Nagler informed the group that at present there are no concerns, especially as
         some local authorities fund PCSO’s for their areas.

         Cllr Bright questioned whether the cost of council tax should go up or whether the
         money should come from the Government with regards to the decrease in the budget.
         He also wanted to know how successful the new crime mapping system is and whether
         it was updated on a regular basis.
         Stuart Nagler explained that there had been a 2.96% increase from central government
         but still relied on central grants and specific grants like Safer Stronger Communities
         Fund (SSCF).
         Stuart Nagler told the group that the crime mapping is good news and it is the
         responsibility of the CDRP’s to respond and deal with issues.
         Sian Lockley added that there are pro’s and con’s to the mapping as there is no context
         around the figures.

         Agenda Item 5 – Crime Statistics

         Dennis Sandor commented on the crime mapping and wanted to know why his ward
         was not on the map, why it did not show any of the hot spot areas and that it looks like
         crime is increasing.
         Sian Lockley explained that the crime mapping is a Home Office requirement and that
         crime is down in Hertsmere.

         Jacqueline Townsend questioned why the local residents don’t know who or how many
         sex offenders live in the local area and if there are any areas they are not allowed in.
         Sian Lockley informed the group that she as the Chief Inspector for Hertsmere knows
         who and how many sex offenders there are in Hertsmere.

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         Cllr Butler wanted to know if anything could be done to reduce violent crimes.
         Sian Lockley informed the group that there has been 16 serious violent crimes this year
         and most of them have been committed by people that know each other and young
         people on young people. There is not a gang culture here in Hertsmere, its normally
         people who know each other offending together in loose gatherings.

         Cllr Butler questioned what was done about adults who use drugs in licensed premises.
         Sian Lockley informed the group that itemiser events are regularly carried out and this
         helps to identify where drugs are being used.

         Cllr David stated that she was pleased to see that there were 88.2% user satisfaction for
         racist incidents in Hertsmere. She also asked if Hertsmere suffered a high number of
         burglaries due to the location whereby it’s on the boarder of the Met and all the main
         motorways that are easily accessible to and from Hertsmere.
         Sian Lockley told the group that monthly meetings are held with the Met where
         intelligence is shared and discussed. Automatic Number Plate Recogniser (ANPR)
         technology is here in Hertsmere, and several joint initiatives have been done in
         conjunction with the Met police as a number of offenders travel into Hertsmere to
         commit crime.

         Agenda Item 7 – Safer Schools Partnership

         John Godfrey questioned whether there are issues funding diversionary activities.
         Sue Taylor explained that the funding is normally from the Extended Schools
         Co-ordinators (ESCO’s), the CDRP and the local schools.

    9. Any Other Business
         Cllr Batten wanted to say well done, as there were several examples of good
         partnership working.

         John Godfrey asked if it was possible to create a document, which explained what the
         acronyms are that are often used at meetings like these mean.

         ACTION: Loran Kingston to do the above.

         The Chairman thanked every one for attending the meeting and advised the group of
         2009 CDRP meetings.

         Dates of future meetings:
           Wednesday 20 April 2009 at 6.30pm                          Civic Offices, Hertsmere Borough Council
             Monday 13 July 2009 at 6.30pm                            Civic Offices, Hertsmere Borough Council
           Tuesday 27 October 2009 at 6.30pm                          Civic Offices, Hertsmere Borough Council

                         If there is anything you wish to see as an agenda item at a future CDRP,
                                       Please contact Valerie Kane on 020 8207 7801
                                       or email

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