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									       Training program on                       machine. Once the machine is designed and
                                                 manufactured without due consideration for
                                                 noise levels, further reduction may be
                                                 possible in a very few cases- using band-aid
      Machinery Noise                            techniques like enclosures, etc. They are not
                                                 always effective and may prove to be quite

       April 28-29, 2009
                                                 The course begins with the presentation
                                                 of basic principles and measurement of
                                                 noise. The basic principles are then
     Venue: IIT Bombay,                          extended to practical systems that are
                                                 generally used in industrial environment
          Mumbai                                 and those, which generally pose noise
                                                 problems from the viewpoint of
                                                 customer acceptance. Typical
                                                 machines, which are discussed in this
                                                 course, are: motors, transformers, fans,
            Coordinator                          pumps, gearboxes, compressors, diesel
                                                 engines, HVAC systems, mufflers, etc.
                                                 These form the building blocks of many
       Prof. Dhanesh.N. Manik
                                                 practical systems, which require noise
                                                 reduction. Many practical case studies
                                                 are presented in the course, which help
                                                 appreciate the practical utility of the
Industrial noise control has become very         course. In addition, a simplified acoustic
important from the viewpoint of worker’s         software package, developed using
health and from the viewpoint of reducing        spreadsheets, will be introduced as part
annoyance to workers and neighborhood.           of the course.
Noise is an inevitable by product of any
machinery. However, by applying a judicious      Course highlights
methodology, noise can be significantly
reduced, without affecting the basic                   Fundamentals of noise and its
functioning of     machinery.      The basic            measurement, harmful effects of
strategies for noise control are: (1) To                noise, hearing conservation, etc.
integrate noise reduction in the design                Measurement        of  noise      and
process of a machine by the manufacturer,               instrumentation
(2) To use objective sound rating                      Noise control techniques
characteristic-sound power, of the machine             Materials used for noise reduction.
and locate it from the viewpoint of noise              Design of ducts and mufflers
reduction, (3) Localize noise sources within a         Noise      reduction   of    motors,
machine,      (4) Predict noise levels from             transformers, fans and pumps
machinery even before they are installed.              Noise reduction of gearboxes, diesel
                                                        engines, compressors, etc.
The best way to reduce noise is at the
                                                       Noise reduction of HVAC systems
source. For this to happen, noise reduction
                                                       Practical case studies
should be a part of the design process of the
             Course Schedule
                                                Acoustic Software

  Time    April 28          April 29
                                                A CD-ROM containing EXCEL spreadsheet
  0930-   Basics of Noise   Machinery 1         programs for basic calculations in acoustics
  1100                      (Motors &           will be given as part of the course.
  1100-   Tea               Tea                 Program
  1130                                          April 28-29, 2009
  1130-                                         9.30 hours to 17.30 hours
          Noise             Machinery 2
  1300    Measurement       (Diesel Engines &
                            Gearboxes)          Venue
  1300-   Lunch             Lunch               Guest House, IIT Bombay
  1400-   Case studies on   Case studies on     Registration
  1530    Noise             Noise                      The course fee per participant is
                                                Rs. 8000/-. Those desiring to attend the
  1530-   Tea               Tea                 course can act now by sending the course
  1600                                          fee and details of participants to the
  1600-   Principles of     Machinery 3         convener. Demand draft/Cheque must be
  1730    Noise Control     (Fans, Pumps,       drawn in favour of “The Registrar, IIT
                            Mufflers and        Bombay (CEP account)
                            HVAC systems)

Who can attend?                                 The course strength will be restricted to
                                                40 participants, on a first come first
                                                served basis.
Production Managers, Maintenance
Engineers, Power Plant Engineers,               Last date for receipt of cheque :
Product Design Engineers, Plant                 April 25, 2009
Engineers working in industries
                                                All communication should be addressed to:
manufacturing Electric Motors, Pumps,
Compressors, Air conditioners,                  Prof. Dhanesh N. Manik
Gearboxes, Refrigerators and                    Professor
Automobiles may benefit from this               Mechanical Engineering
course.                                         Indian Institute of Technology
                                                Powai, Bombay 400 076
Lecture Notes
A 250 page lecture notes, prepared              Telephone
using desktop publishing, will be given         022- 2576 7542 (Direct)
as part of the course. Detailed contents        98202-12364 (Cell Phone)
of the lecture notes can be browsed
                                                Fax: 022-25723480
from the website noted below.
                                                Email : 
Lunch and refreshments during the session
will be provided to all participants as part of
the course.


 Subject to availability and prior
intimation, the institute guesthouse can
provide lodging, on payment by actuals.

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