Centennial CVI School Minutes

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					                          Centennial CVI School Council
                        Meeting: February 23rd 2009 @ 1900h

Attendance: Teresa Carter, Deb Magahay, Kathryne Stewart, Kelly Martin, Mina Mistry

        Item                                     Details                                 Action
   1. Minutes and           No correspondence
      correspondence        Minutes of previous meeting approved.
   2. Student council       Emma Furfaro absent but e mail of events forwarded
      report                Battle of the Bands final to be held at John F Ross on
                             Thursday Feb 26th, sending band called Solace and grade
                             12 rap duo
                            WOGA is on Friday Feb 27th- day for school to bond
                             between grades, new activity not done before, each grade
                             in different colours and play outdoor games
                            March madness school dance on March 5th
                            Semi - formal date: April 3rd

   3. Grad committee        200 Grade 12’s at Grad sleepover
                            Raised approx 500.00
                            Planning on sending thank you cards to teachers
                            Many bought Grad clothing
                            Prom being scheduled looking at having at Waterloo Inn,
                             Deb to ask committee why not looking into having in
                             Guelph, Theme TBD survey being handed out
                            Also looking into Crème Fashion show and buy ins to
                             raise more money
   4. School                Superintendent, Dave Euale visited Centennial, school      Review
      Improvement            doing good things, school improvements addressed,
      Plan                   Dave to take report back to Ministry of Education

   5. Administration        Centennial has 95% success rate in Literacy             Review
                            PLC now every other Friday, teachers looking at
                             improved practice and results.
                            Deb has asked for course outline from department heads,
                             focus on improvements
                            Deb went to see girls curling finals
                            Production of The Bench by Jennifer Budd took place at
                             Lourdes High School, Deb would like to have this
                             presented to school, address issues of intimidation,
                             homophobia etc.
                            DECA Provincials held on Feb 5-7th in Toronto, 117
                             attended, ½ won awards and 35 students will attend
                        finals in Anaheim California in May. Total 4000kids
                        attended DECA provincials
                       Few staff additions Moffitt re hired for business, new
                        hire also Stephanie Armstrong, Irene Nichol retiring, she
                        was key to bringing DECA to Centennial. Katherine
                        Nelson leaving for a short time. Also hiring Bruce Darby
                        from Australia
                       Next school year to start before Labour day weekend,
                        must have 194 instructional days, final decision will be
                        made at Board Level

6. Fundraising/        Nothing to report update at next meeting.
7. Challenge Day       Still need $775.32 from Scrip for money owing to
                        Principals Account
                       $6265 to be transferred
                       Scotia bank has confirmed they will sponsor again next
                        year, amount to be determined
                       On February 25th Christie Brady and 13 mentors will
                        present High Five to Taylor Evans school
                       Small groupings with mentors to be held in Cafe to help
                        revive challenge day for new semester, hoping for more
                        involvement between mentors and their period 1 class

8. Other Business      Grant approved for Inside-Out (held in May for Grade       Teresa
                        8) to the amount of $225, we were not eligible for
                        certain items, Other schools have received more, need to
                        see what other schools are doing different, also maybe
                        incorporate High Five then re-apply for grant
                       Still having problems with Wireless connections, Deb       Deb
                        met with Rep at board office, update at next meeting.
                       Need approx 8 volunteers for Literacy test being held on
                        April 2nd, need people to ‘scribe’, Teresa looking at      Teresa
                        ‘KidsAbility’ they have job band of volunteers
                       New legislation for Healthy eating initiatives in schools,
                        limit Trans Fats, Centennial has already cut from their
                       ‘Root’ environmentally friendly global out reach project
                        would like to do presentation to school council
9. Adjournment         Meeting concluded at 2020h