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Date of Entry: November 8, 2000
National Holiday: May 17, 1814
Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister: Jens Stoltenberg
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jonas Gahr Støre
Minister of International Development: Erik Solheim
Current Permanent Observer: Ambassador Wegger Chr. Strommen
(October 4, 2007)
State Secretary for International Development: Håkon Arald Gulbrandsen
Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for Regional Affairs and
Development (hereunder Latin America Section): Aud Marit Wiig
Director General for The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD):
Poul Engberg-Pedersen.
Cooperation with the OAS: Donor to the OAS; contributes approximately US$1,782,361
annually Areas of Cooperation: Electoral Observation Missions, Special Mission in Haiti,
Demining, Missions to Strengthen Democracy, Conflict resolution, Protecting Human Rights
Areas of Cooperation: Strengthening Multidimensional Security (AICMA); Protecting
Human Rights (IACHR); Promoting Democracy (DECO)

                         2003           2004           2005          2006            2007        2008

    Population         4,564,900     4,591,950      4,623,300      4,660,100       4,627,926   4,660,539
    GDP (current         225            259            302            335             351        456
  US$) (in billions)
  GDP per capita        38,551         39,805         40,597        41,446          43,518      59,300
      GDP, PPP           195            208            220            233             244        275
  international $)
     (in billions)
   Inflation, GDP          3             5              9              7              0.8        3.8
  deflator (annual
 GDP          growth       1             4              3              3               6         2.6
Source: WDI Online
Cash Contributions 1999-2008

                                                                                NORWAY CASH CONTRIBUTIONS 1999 - 2008
 Year            Norway               All P.O.s          %
1999                1,687,166            8,055,934     20.9%
2000                  294,396            9,515,678      3.1%            2,400,000
2001                1,662,000            6,923,000     24.0%
2002                2,443,679            8,460,084     28.9%
2003                1,866,488          12,125,944      15.4%            1,600,000
2004                2,550,263          11,908,651      21.4%
2005                                                                    1,200,000
                    2,112,651          11,650,039      18.1%
2006                1,765,092          19,080,470       9.3%             800,000
2007                 1,659,517         20,298,894       8.2%
2008                   728,697         25,825,002       2.8%
Total               16,041,252        133,843,696                              0
US$                                                    12.0%                        1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Foreign Expenditure by Areas

                Year                 Total Bilateral            Bilateral Assistance
                                     Development                to Latin America
                                     Assistance*                and the Caribbean*

                2003                 NOK 9,645,726,606          NOK 533,067,244
                                     $ 1,361,929,093            $ 75,266,447
                2004                 NOK 9,561,699,203          NOK 610,058,208
                                     $ 1,419239328              $ 90,550,705
                2005                 NOK 1,917,104,056          NOK 581,261,143
                                     $ 1,849,046,401            $ 90,187,919

US$ currency based on The National Bank of Norway’s annual average exchange rates
* Bilateral development assistance includes multi-bi assistance. Source 2003-2005: NORAD statistics

Contributions to the OAS

               Year                     Area                   Cash Contributions                    In-Kind
          1999                                               US$1,687,166
          2000              Unit for the Promotion of        US$294,396
                            Democracy (UPD)
          2001              UPD- Electoral observation       US$40,000
                            mission, Nicaragua

                            UPD- Electoral observation       US$25,000
                            mission, Peru

                            UPD- PROPAZ II                   US$167,000

                            UPD- Policy management,          US$274,000

                            UPD- Demining Project            US$1,156,000
          2002              UPD- Technical Assistance        US$412,221
       Plan Guatemala

       UPD- EOM Nicaragua 2002        US$9,895

       UPD- PROPAZ Foundation         US$134,588

       UPD- Central American          US$273,081

       UPD- Political Management      US$457,917

       UPD- Demining Program          US$1,045,072

       Peace Fund- General Fund       US$52,539

       Special Mission in Haiti       US$58,366
2003   UPD- Elections 2003,           US$433,860

       UPD- EOM Guatemala             US$69,371

       UPD- Political Management      US$546,443

       UPD- Demining Program          US$670,558

       Special Mission in Haiti       US$146,256
2004   Inter-American Children’s      US$3,000
       Institute- Family and Rights

       UPD- Demining program          US$1,262,802

       Department of Democratic       US$1,284,461
       and Political Affairs
2005   Office of Summit Follow-       US$39,749
       up- Declaration on the
       Rights of Indigenous

       DDPA- Conflict Resolution      US$542,205
       Program Guatemala

       DDPA- Electoral                US$107,159
       Observation Mission
       Venezuela 2005

       DDPA- Political                US$542,081
       Management Guatemala

       DDPA- Special Mission          US$157,376
       Strengthening Democracy in
       Department of                  US$506,969
       Multidimensional Security
       (DMS)- Demining

       DMS- Demining PADCA            US$214,136

       Executive Secretariat for      US$976
       Integral Development-
       Special Ports Program

       Inter-American Children’s      US$2,000
       Institute- Children’s Rights
2006   Political Affairs (PA)-        US$301,643
       MAPP Colombia

       PA- Crisis Prevention and      US$267,320
       Specialized Missions

       PA- Promotion of               US$504,771
       Democracy Guatemala

       PA- Promotion of               US$30,460
       Democracy MOE 2006

       PA- Promotion of               US$18,602
       Democracy MOE 2006 Peru

       PA- Promotion of               US$3,398
       Democracy MOE 2006
       Regional Peru

       Multidimensional Security-     US$638,898
       Department of Prevention of
       Threats against Public
       Security. Demining
2007   SM - Demining                  US$785,792
       AP – Electoral                 US$159,753
       Observation Mission
       AP – Electoral                 US$105,967
       Observation Mission
       AP – Electoral                 US$19,480
       Observation Mission
       AP – International             US$52,480
       Forensic Commission
       AP – Conflict Resolution       US$21,271
       AP – Democratic Values         US$514,774
                       and Good Governance
         2008          Support to Ecuador Mine      US$150,000
                       Clearance Operations

                       Peru Mine Clearance          US$150,000

                       Nicaragua Mine               US$300,000
                       Clearance Operations

                       MAPP - Continued Staff       US$90,000
                       Salary Support

                       OAS Electoral                US$30,000
                       Observation Mission
                       (OAS/EOM) Recall
                       Referendum in Bolivia
         Total                                      US$16,051,252

International Development Cooperation Program of Norway
 Fight to end poverty
 Debt relief for the poorest developing countries
 Support of private sector development
 Fight against corruption
 Support for democracy
 Peace building, human rights and humanitarian assistance
 Women and gender issues
 Environment and sustainable development
 Good governance, including fight against corruption
 Oil and energy

International actors Norway works with through the Program
 The main partners in Latin America are Guatemala and Nicaragua
 31 International Organizations
 Multilateral organizations including the UN (ECLAC, UNDP, UNICEF), development banks (World
   Bank, IDA), and other civil organizations (Amnesty International, ICRC)

Bilateral Aid to Priority Countries
Norway has 7 main partner countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and
Zambia, as well as 17 other partner countries: Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Nigeria,
South-Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Timor-L’este, Guatemala, Nicaragua
and the Palestinian Area.

Involvement in Latin America
 Norway is one of the leading contributors in UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and in 2003,
   contributed a total of US$85,180,000. On average, 10% of the total contribution amount is allocated to
   Latin America and Caribbean
 Norway is extending cooperation with South America as of 2007, with special focus on Bolivia, Brazil,
   the Andes region and the Amazonas. Key priorities are management of national resources (Oil for
   Development Program), democratic institutions and participation, environment, indigenous peoples’
   rights, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Objectives and Areas of Responsibility
Norway’s foreign policy is to defend Norwegian interests and values, and at the same time contribute to
international solidarity and cooperation through:
 Eradicating poverty by following the UN Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the
proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day by 2015.
 International Development to improve human rights
 Increasing strategies for debt relief
 Focus on democratic development
 Assistance in peace and reconciliation processes
 Humanitarian relief

The Norwegian Agency for Development Assistance, NORAD, Objectives and Responsibility
Norad is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norad is reorganized as from 2004,
and seek to:
 Contribute to effective management of development funds and ensure that the Norwegian development
   cooperation has high quality and is evaluated.
 Be the center of expertise for evaluation, quality assurance and dissemination of the results of
   Norwegian Development Cooperation, jointly with partners in Norway, in developing countries and the
   international community.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

The Norwegian Agency for Development Assistance (NORAD)

Aid Harmonization

World Bank

United Nations

Department of International Affairs/Organization of American States

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