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									            Bill a non-profi
About Center isWilsont, Center                 Hours of Operation
                                                                                                   Bill Wilson Center
Bill Wilson
community-based is a nonprofit,
Bill Wilson Centeragency located in Santa      Monday
                                                                                                   counseling • housing • education • advocacy
community-based agency providing to the
Clara, and has been providing services         12:00 - 5:00   Drop-In Center Hours
Santa Clara County community since
services to Santa Clara County since 1973.
                                                                                                       Drop-In Center
1973. Bill Wilson Center’s mission is to
Bill Wilson Center’s mission is to support     12:00 - 5:00   Drop-In Center Hours
support and strengthen the community           5:30 - 8:00    Women’s Group & Men’s Group
and strengthen the community by serving                                                                   for Homeless Youth
youth and youth and families through
by servingfamilies, through counseling,        Wednesday
counseling, housing, education, and            12:00 - 5:00   Drop-In Center Hours
housing, education, and advocacy. Each year    5:30 - 8:00    Movie Night
advocacy. Each year Bill Wilson Center
Bill Wilson Center serves over 8,000 clients
serves more than 10,000 clients through        Thursday
through the following programs:                12:00 - 5:00   Drop-In Center Hours
the following programs:
                                               5:30 - 8:00    Independent Living Skills Training
• Family & Individual Counseling
•   Family & Individual Counseling
    Homeless Youth Drop-in Center              Friday
•                                              12:00 - 3:00   Drop-In Center Hours
•   Runaway and Homeless Program
    Independent Living Skills Youth Shelter
•   Homeless Youth Drop-In Center
    Peer Educator Program                      Saturday
•   Transitional Housing Program               12:00 - 6:00   Drop-In Center Hours
•   Contact Cares
•   Centre for Living with Dying
•   Quetzal House                              Showers
•   Independent Living Skills Program          9:15 - 11:45   Daily
•   Restorative Justice Program
•   School Outreach Counseling
•   Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter         Washers/Dryers
•   Contact Cares
                                               Available daily as needed
•   Safe Place
    Quetzal House
•   School Outreach Counseling
    Restorative Justice Program
•   Safe Place
    Transitional Housing Program
•   Peer Program
    Centre for Living With Dying
• Para Las Familias Visitation Center

             Bill Wilson Center
 3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050
             Bill Wilson Center                     Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth
   P.O. Box 210 A, Santa Clara, CA 95052
3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050                    693 South 2nd Street
phone: (408) 243-0222•• fax: (408) 246-5752
    T: (408) 243-0222 F: (408) 246-5752                     San Jose, CA 95112
    email:                          T: (408) 925-0231
About the Program
The Drop-In Center in downtown San                  Services                                           • Case Management
Jose is a community-based resource for                                                                   Client centered and focused on assessment,
                                                    Services at the Drop-In Center are available for
homeless and at-risk youth. The Drop-In                                                                  prevention, and assisting clients in accessing
                                                    homeless youth between the ages of 12 and 22.
                                                                                                         resources according to individual need.
Center provides basic necessities such as
                                                    The Center is a place where young people           • Outreach
food, clothing, and personal hygiene items,         can feel safe, begin to form bonds with caring       Outreach workers provide support services
as well as comprehensive services including         adults, and access essential resources for their     directly for high-risk youth and young adults
                                                    overall well-being, including:                       living on the streets including safer sex materials
counseling, living skills training, job readiness                                                        and education, advocacy, brief assessment, and
training, housing assistance, health education
                                                    Basics                                               linkage to resources.
                                                    • Food
(including HIV prevention), and links to other        Meals and snacks are available.                  • Employment Counseling Services
                                                                                                         Employment counselor on staff to assist youth
community services. The program’s primary           • Clothing and Personal Hygiene                      with job placement, career counseling, and job
goal is to get homeless youth off the street          Clothes, including underwear and socks, as         readiness.
                                                      well as personal care items, such as deoderant
and into safe and permanent housing.                  and shampoo are provided.                        • Health/Education Services
                                                                                                         Access to free HIV testing, health care, and
                                                    • Recreational Activities                            weekly educational workshops providing
                                                      Activities such as games, arts and crafts, and     education on topics such as independent living
                                                      field trips.                                        skills and anger management.

                                                                                                       • Computer Training Services
                                                    • Safer Sex Materials
   Estimates of the                                                                                      Access to computer lab and computer training.
                                                      Family planning and safer sex information
number of homeless                                    and materials are available.
     youth in the                                                                                      Community Collaboration
United States range
between 500,000 and                                 • Lockers                                          The Drop-In Center is linked to local agencies
  2,000,000. In 2001,                                 Storage for personal belongings.                 that provide additional support, including:
the U.S. Conference
  of Mayors’ survey                                 • Access to phone, computers, and email            • Gardner Health Services
 of homelessness in                                                                                      A fully equipped mobile medical van is
 27 cities found that                               • Access to showers, and washer and dryer            available weekly.
 children under the
age of 18 accounted                                 Support Services                                   • Santa Clara County Office of Public Health
   for 25.3% of the                                                                                      Mobile unit provides free HIV/STI testing.
   urban homeless                                   • Information and Referral
     population.                                      Referrals are available community-wide for a     • Planned Parenthood
 (U.S. Conference of                                  variety of support services, such as housing,      Provides comprehensive reproductive and
    Mayors, 2001)                                     substance abuse treatment, and employment          complementary health care and sex education
                                                      counseling and services.                           services.

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